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Solved MCQs on the Independent testing team in Software Testing (MCQ) for SQA Analyst.

_______ is not the benefits of Independent Testing
a. It Detects different defects than a programmer
b. It Can blame the programmer for its poor quality
c. It Can spend the money on a tester training
d. All of these.

e. None of these
Multiple Choice Question Answer: b

Independence is must needed factor in good testing.
a. False
b. True
e. None of these
Multiple Choice Question Answer: a

If we do the Rigorous Testing on the software and no defects detect, can we say that the software is 100% bug-free?
a. No
b. Yes
c. Depends on the tester’s skills
d. Insufficient data
e. None of these
Multiple Choice Question Answer: a

Independent testing team – Software Testing (MCQ) questions and Multiple Choice Question Answers
We require Strict Configuration Management during the Rapid Action Development.
a. False
b. True
c. Partially True
Multiple Choice Question Answer: b

The independent testing team is required because ________
a. The Tester tests the product more thoroughly.
b. The Developer concentrates on the development activity.
c. There will be no clash about the quality of the product.
d. The Tester joins a project once the development is finished.
e. None of these
Multiple Choice Question Answer: a

____________ percentage of the budget must be dedicated to the testing activity to achieve its effectiveness
a. 10-20
b. 5-10
c. 60-70
d. 40-50
e. None of these
Multiple Choice Question Answer: d

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