List Of famous books on software quality assurance

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List Of famous books on software quality assurance

  1. Software Quality Assurance By Claude Y.Laporte and Alain April
  2. Software Testing and Quality Assurance By Dr.Rajiv Chopra
  3. Software Quality Engineering By Jeff Tian
  4. Software Quality Assurance By Daniel Galin
  5. Software Quality Engineering Practices By Ronald kirk kandt
  6. Software Testing and Quality Improvement By William E.Lewis
  7. Mastering Software Quality Assurance By Murali Chemutri
  8. Software Quality Assurance By Solis Tech
  9. Software Quality Engineering By Rishabh Sharma
  10. Software Quality By Alka Jervis and Vern GrandAll
  11. Software Quality Assurance By James Mcmanus
  12. Software Quality Assurance  By Walkinshaw,Neil
  13. Software Quality Assurance By G.Gordon Schulmeyer
  14. Quality Software Management By Gerald M. Weinberg
  15. Software Quality Assurance By Nina S. Godbole
  16. Software Quality Assurance Testing By Antonio Barros
  17. Quality Assurance of Agent Based And Self Managed System By Reiner Dumke
  18. Software Quality AssuranceBy R J Rubey
  19. Software Testing and Quality Assurance By Kshriragar Naik
  20. Software Quality Testing By  Everett
  21. Practical Software Testing By Kine Burnstein
  22. 22. Software Testing and Process By Mauro Pezze
  23. Software Quality Engineering By Linda West Fall
  24. Quality Software Project Management By Robbert Furtell
  25. Quality Assurance Software Managment By Gerald M. Weeinberg
  26. Software Quality Assurance By Watts Humphery
  27. Verification and Validation of Modern Software Intensive System By G. Gordon
  28. Software Quality Assurance By Claude Y. Laporate
  29. Software Testing Quality By Sridhar R. Mallepally
  30. Effective Methods For Quality Testing By William perry

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