Spiral Model, advantages and disadvantages of spiral model in software engineering

Spiral Model, advantages and disadvantages of the spiral model in software engineering.

What is a spiral model?

The spiral model is a combination of waterfall, incremental, iterative and prototype model. It is mostly used for big projects where continuous changes are required.

Phases of the spiral model

  1. Planning
  2. Risk analysis
  3. Engineering and Construction
  4. Evaluation
Phase Activities Deliverable
Planning Requirement gathering

Requirement analysis

Requirement specification

Requirement negotiation

Requirement modeling

Requirement Management

Software Requirement Specification document


Risk Analysis Risk identification

Prioritization of risk

Risk reduction (Mitigation)

Risk impact reduction

Risk monitoring


Risk detailed document
Engineering Development



Test cases document, Test report document

Fault report document

Evaluation Initial Validation by stakeholders

Final Validation by customer 

Evaluation report document


What are the advantages of the spiral model?

Ensure risk reduction

Useful for large projects

Changes can be handled in the next iteration/loop.

Most suitable for real-time systems

What are the disadvantages of the spiral model?

Expert required for risk reduction

More costly

 Not suitable for small projects

 Project duration can be infinite because of its spiral behavior.

Project cost can be infinite because of its spiral behavior

 Documentation can be very large

arial, helvetica, sans-serif;”> Not suitable for the projects with low risk

When to use the spiral model?

When the risk is medium or high

When software is to be used in a very sensitive and dangerous environment.

 For real-time systems

 For large projects

 When requirements are not clear

 When changes in the software can be expected at any time.

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