Software testing multiple choice Questions

Software testing multiple-choice Questions

1. Select from which of the following regression testing should be performed.

a) Every week
b) After the software has changed
c) As often as possible
d) When the environment has changed
e) Both option (b,d)

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2. When would the testing have been stopped?

a) When all the tests  run
b) When the  faults have been fixed 
c) When the time completed
d) when all the risk are resolved

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3. non-functional test does not belong to which of the following categories?

a) Performance
b) Usability and Security
c) State level Transition
d) all of the above

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4. Which of the following is a form of functional testing?

a) Security level testing
b) Boundary value analysis
c) Performance testing
d) Usability testing

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5. When reporting faults found to developers, testers should be:

a)  polite and  helpful 
b) Diplomatic
c) sensitive and insisting that a bug is not a “feature” if it should be fixed
d) All of the above

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6.Impact Analysis help to decide which of the following testing describe below.

a) How much regression testing should be done
b) How many more test cases need to written
c) Exit Criteria
d) Different Tools to perform Regression Testing

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7. Select which of the below is not a Fundamental Test Process?

a) Test Planning 
b) Requirement Analysis
c)  implementation and Execution
d) Evaluating test criteria and reporting

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8. Which of the following techniques is NOT a black box technique?

a) Syntax testing
b) Linear Code Sequence and Jump
c)State transition testing 
d) Boundary value analysis

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9. What should be done in the kick off phase of a formal review 

a) Explaining all objective
b) Follow up meetings
c) Fixing defects found 
d) Individual Meeting 

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10. Select Impact Analysis is used in which of the following?

a)User acceptance testing 
b) Component testing
c) Non-functional system testing
d) Maintenance testing

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11.Which of the following is not checked by Statement Coverage 

a) Missing Statements
b) Unused Branches
c) Dead Code
d) Unused Statement

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12.What is used as a measure of code coverage?

a)Test Effectiveness 
b) Trends analysis
c) Defects
d) Time Spent Testing

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Which of the following technique ensures that the impact of risk will be less
a. Risk Avoidance Technique
b. Risk Contingency Technique
c. Risk Mitigation Technique
d. All of the above
e. None of these
MCQ Answer: b

The Effective Risk management plan needs to address which of the following issues
a. Risk avoidance
b. Risk monitoring
c. Risk management and contingency planning
d. All of the above
e. None of these
MCQ Answer: d

The Risk Mitigation and risk monitoring is which Risk Activity?
a. Increasing, Project tracking.
b. Avoidance, Project tracking.
c. Project tracking, Avoidance.
d. Random, Tracking.
e. None of these
MCQ Answer: b

After deployment of a system, a software incorrectly performs one of its main functionality, at that time the one who is going to determine how badly it will hamper the Organization is _____
a. QA Personnel
b. Developer
c. Business Analysis
d. Technical People
e. None of these
MCQ Answer: c

What does the RE represent?
a. Risk Expense
b. Related Expense
c. Risk Evaluation
d. Risk Exposure
e. None of these
MCQ Answer: d

______ is treated as the Regular Expression

  1. |
  2. [ ]
  3. $
  4. { }
  5. None of these

Multiple Choice Question Answer:  b

The RGB and the Pixel Tolerance are related to which of the following?

  1. Image checkpoint
  2. Bitmap checkpoint
  3. All of these
  4. None of these
  5. None of these

Multiple Choice Question Answer:  b

The Parameterization is required when …..?

  1. object hierarchy is changed.
  2. someone Copy, paste, or move an object from a shared object repository to a local object repository.
  3. Both of these.
  4. None of these.
  5. None of these

Multiple Choice Question Answer:  b

A table containing rules ______________ table would be example of Decision Table for retail shopping software .
a. of discount.
b. for interfaces between components.
c. of employee behavior.
d. for combination of input.
e. None of these
Multiple Choice Question Answer: A table containing rules of discount.
Use cases and Decision table – Software Testing (MCQ) questions and Multiple Choice Question Answers
______________ Use Cases are useful.
a. Performance Testing
b. Business Scenarios
c. Static Testing
d. Unit Testing
e. None of these
Multiple Choice Question Answer: Business Scenarios
_____________ is/are parts of State Transition Model.
a. The states that the software may occupy
b. The transition from one state to another
c. The event that cause a transition
d. The action that result from transition
e. All of these
e. None of these
Multiple Choice Question Answer: All of these
When different combination of input requires different combination of actions,_____________ technique is used in such situation.
a. Boundary Value Analysis
b. Equivalence Partition
c. Decision Table
d. Decision Coverage
e. None of these
Multiple Choice Question Answer: Decision Table

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