Disadvantages of the database management system

Advantages, Disadvantages of the database management system

In this tutorial, we will try to learn the “Advantages, Disadvantages of the database management system”.

Disadvantages of the database management system

The database management system is commonly called DBMS. DBMS has a  big list of advantages.  Similarly, there are multiple disadvantages to the database management system.  some of the most common  disadvantages are mentioned below;

Advantages, Disadvantages of database management system DBMS

Expensive technical staff

if you want to maintain a database management system for you are office our organization,  then it’s not that simple task.  you need to hire a well educated and Technical database administrator for maintaining the database management system.


We need to buy expensive hardware, software and highly paid technical database administrator.


database systems are not very easy, database systems are complex.  there are many Complex relationships among tables. Physical schema of the databases are not very easy  to understandable

The extra cost of hardware

We need to buy expensive, Reliable, and efficient storage devices to store the data.


Initially, database size is not a big size but when we store a  large amount of data, then the size of the database increases. A big database can create a lot of problems.  for example when the date of the database increases too much then the delay time of the result of the database queries can be increased.

Database failure

chances of database failure can be very high.

Cost of data conversion

The cost of data conversion is very high. Train staff and train database administrators required for converting the data smoothly.


Database Performance is must required in big organizations to win the market, but in Small organization performance of databases is not ideal.

Advantages of the database management system

There are many advantages of database management system point some of these advantages are mentioned below;

Data sharing is improved with the  DBMS

Data can be very efficiently stored in the DBMS. as we are discussing that data is efficiently stored in DBMS ok, so we can say that data sharing is improved with the help of a database management system.  before database management system it was very tough to share the data.  data sharing was a big problem in the past.  now, the database management system solves this problem.

Data security is improved with DBMS

we can simply store the email addresses and passwords of the users in the database and then we can authenticate a user with the help of those email addresses and passwords point date a skirt is improved with the help of database management systems

Reliable data integration

suppose we have data in different tables are in different databases.  still, we can integrate the data very efficiently and in reliable wa.y

Data redundancy reduction

Data redundancy is minimized with the help of database normalization.

Data inconsistency reduction

Data inconsistency is minimized with the help of of database normalization.

Improve decision making

We can mind the data and get useful results from the data.   these results help us to improve our business.

 Overall increase the productivity of the end user

With the help of database management systems, the overall productivity of the end user is increased abstraction level layers in the database system makes it really easy.