Black Box Testing Solved MCQs questions answers

Let us see the important Black Box Testing Solved MCQs questions answers.

1. What is testing?
A. Finding broken code
B. Evaluating deliverable to find errors
C. A stage of all projects
D. None of the mentioned
Answer: b

2. What is Cyclomatic complexity?
A. Black box testing
B. White-box testing
C. Yellow box testing
D. Green box testing
Answer: b

3. Which chart Lower and upper limits are present in?
A. Run chart
B. Bar chart
C. Control chart
D. None of the mentioned
Answer: a

4. Which methodology Maintenance testing is performed using?
A. Retesting
B. Sanity testing
C. Breadth test and depth test
D. Confirmation testing
Answer: c

5. White Box Techniques are also classified as
A. Design based testing
B. Structural testing
C. Error guessing technique
D. None of the mentioned
Answer: b

6. Exhaustive testing is
A. Always possible
B. Practically possible
C. Impractical but possible
D. Impractical and impossible
Answer: c

7. What is the White box technique?
A. Statement Testing
B. Decision Testing
C. Condition Coverage
D. All of the mentioned
Answer: d

8. What are the various Testing Levels?
A. Unit Testing
B. System Testing
C. Integration Testing
D. All of the mentioned
Answer: d

9. Analysis of Boundary value belong to?
A. White Box Testing
B. Black Box Testing
C. White Box & Black Box Testing
D. None of the mentioned
Answer: b

10. Alpha testing is done at
A. Developer’s end
B. User’s end
C. Developer’s & User’s end
D. None of the mentioned

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