Increase Website Speed with webp Images – SEO

Increase Website Speed with WEBP Images – SEO

Increase Website Speed with WEBP Images.

What is WEBP?

WEBP is a technique to compress the large size images.  WEBP is mostly used on websites. when we write the contents on a website then the WEBPage speed is a web ranking factor in SEO. we can increase website speed by uploading the WEBP images.

WebP image compression for seo
Figure: WebP image compression for SEO

suppose if we upload the JP GRP images on our WEBPage then our WEBPage speed will be low.  if we upload the images as WEBP, then our web page loading speed will be high. WEBP technique compresses images without losing the image quality.  this is the main reason why most of the web developers like web images. Google also loves WEBP images. WEBP images for both useless and Loser compression.  you can select the compression of your choice that how much compression you want. loser compression is also known as irreversible compression.

Advantages of WebP

  1. WebP images occupy less space on the server.
  2. you are website response time improves
  3. when your website opens fastly, which leads to better user satisfaction.
  4. better user satisfaction leads to more page views.
  5. more pages lead to the high revenue.
  6. website speed is a scoring factor in Search Engine Optimisation.  when you are website speed is fast, then, of course, your website ranking will improve.


Problem: WordPress Uploading Error

When you try to upload the WEBP images on WordPress, then it shows the error as “sorry this file type is not permitted for security reasons”.

webp uploading error on WP wordpress
Figure: WebP uploading error on WP WordPress

Solution: WordPress Uploading Error

You need to put the following code in the functions.php file.

Webp display error after uploading the image[Solved]

If we want to see an image (thumbnail) preview when you go Media / Library you have to add this code below in the functions.php file.


List of web browsers that can support WebP?

The following are the browsers that can support WebP images.

  1. Browser – Microsoft Edge 18+
  2. Browser – Firefox 65+
  3. Browser – Google Chrome (desktop) 17+
  4. Browser – Firefox 65+
  5. Browser – Opera 19+
  6. Browser – Google Chrome for Android version 25+
  7. Browser – Microsoft Edge 18+
  8. Browser – Google Chrome (desktop) 23+
  9. Browser – Pale Moon 26+
  10. Browser – Firefox 65+
  11. Browser – Native web browser, Android 4.0+ (ICS)
  12. Browser – Google Chrome for Android version 25+
  13. Browser – Opera 12.10+
  14. Browser – Native web browser, Android 4.2+ (JB-MR1)
  15. Browser – Opera 11.10+
  16. Browser – Google Chrome (desktop and Android) 32+
  17. Browser – Microsoft Edge 18+ and many more.

How to convert JPG and PNG images into WebP?

You can convert the other JPG, PNG or any other images into WebP extension.

Here, let’s see some online sources to convert the image into the WebP.


You can also the same thing in offline tools like adobe photoshop etc.