Indications that Youtube channel is hacked

List of Indications that Youtube channel is hacked

  1. Issues in log in to your account
  2. Receiving of  notifications for actions you didn’t take. For example
    • uploading new videos
    • deleting videos
    • subscribing and like others without your knowledge
    • changing your channel settings.
  1. The channel is publishing  spammy or inappropriate content, and subscribers of your channel have start complaining about your channel content.
  2. Receiving emails from YouTube informing you about changes to your account that you didn’t authorize.
  3. videos or channel information have been changed without your permission.
  4. There are new videos on your channel that you didn’t upload.
  5. The analytics show unusual activity, such as a sudden increment or decrement in views or subscribers.
  6. Messages on your phone to tap yes to login to the youtube is also an indicator that some one is trying to hack your channel.