Content writing skills for freelancing on Fiver

Content writing skills for freelancing on Fiver

A content writer combines data, technology, and creativity to generate effective, engaging, and informative content. To become a great content writer, you must have certain skills that make you able to write good content.

What are content writing skills?

Content writing skills enable a writer to write relevant, clear, and consistent content that can engage the target audience. Effective content writing compels the audience to visit your website.

Content writing skills

Following are some basic skills a great content writer needs:

  1. Adaptability

A content writer must adapt his tone and style to each topic. He should focus on the purpose of the content and provide good and valid information to the audience. For example, if you are writing to increase sales then the content will about the qualities of the product. If you are writing on a topic related to scientific research, the content will be different. Adaptability helps to master different writing skills that can add value to the content.

  1. Strong research skills

You can never become a good writer until or unless you can research well. The more you will research, the more you can generate content of good quality. Research increases the credibility and value of the content. Use reliable sources of information online as well as offline like news and educational outlets to increase the quality of content. You can also get information from the experts by interviewing them. To maintain credibility, provide relevant valid, and truthful content to your audience.

  1. Understanding of SEO

As a content writer, you must know about SEO (search engine optimization). You should know about Google’s current algorithm changes. Because if the reader can’t reach your content, it would not effective. So, you must know about SEO- friendly descriptions, titles, and overall content. Your content must be well structured and well-formatted. Additionally, you must know about the headings and subheadings like H1, H2, H3, etc., and tag the image correctly so that Google’s robot can index it and show your website at the top.

  1. Understanding of target audience

Every blog or article is not for everyone. You must know about your target audience. You must know that for whom you are writing and what type of content can resonate with them. You should know the demographic of the target audience. For example, your tone must be according to the race, sex, and age of the people you are interacting with. For this, you can also use analytics tools.

  1. Stay current and ready for change

As a writer, you must be flexible and ready for change and adapt new trends and skills according to the requirement of time. You should stay up to date with current updates and the latest trends. You must be aware of the alteration in the content world. Some people don’t like constant change and say that they have been doing this work for years and know all about it. Rather, the best writers always adapt to good and beneficial changes.

  1. Ability to meet deadlines

To become a good content writer, it is important to manage your time properly and meet deadlines. If you deliver high-quality content on time, you will prove yourself reliable and professional. Good time management will also make you able to decide how many projects you can reject or accept and send them on time. On the other hand, if you deliver your work late, it will be a negative impact on your client and he may not assign you to work in the future. Moreover, you will not have enough time to proof and edit your article properly.

For this, you can keep a calendar to remember your deadlines. Smartphones can also help you in this regard to organize your time. Prioritize your projects so that you can do them promptly.

  1. Communication skills

You must have good communication skills to interact with your clients. If you want to ask something regarding the project, don’t hesitate. Stay in touch with your client and let him know about the project even while working on it. Your client will always remember this courtesy and maybe become your permanent client. Moreover, with good communication skills, you can convey messages to your target audience through your writing.

  1. Editing skill

According to Justice Louis Brandeis, “There is no great writing, only great rewriting.”

Editing makes the writing perfect and error-free. Through editing, you learn discipline patience and a good eye for quality of work. You can correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, omit overused and useless words and make the content precise, concise, and useful. Don’t worry even if you have to spend more time on editing than writing. The important thing is that your writing content must be of high quality.

  1. Staying in demand

To get more job opportunities, you must aware of the latest trends. Improve your profiles, join freelancing communities, polish your skills, keep learning new and demanding things, work on social platforms and markets. This will not only make you able to get more jobs but also you can make valuable contacts. Clients always want to boost their reach. If you offer them to share their content with your contacts, they will surely hire you.

  1. Technical

A content writer must have technical skills like computer literacy. He must know how to use content management systems and word processing efficiently. Additionally, he must know digital collaboration tools as well as analytics tools. Unless or until he won’t have these technical skills, he cannot reach his target.

How to improve content writer skills

Valuable content writing expresses the ability of the writer to convey his message and engage the target audience. Whether the purpose of writing is to spread awareness or increase sales, the following tips will be helpful to improve your skills as a content writer:

  1. Practice writing regularly
  2. Write with a friend
  3. Read online articles and books
  4. Attend writing workshops and join classes


To conclude, we can say that to become a great content writer, you must possess particular skills in order to make your content valuable. You must have the flexibility to change and learn new trends. You must be punctual who can deliver quality work on time. You must know about SEO and analytical tools. If you learn all the above-mentioned skills, you can not only find more projects but also become a great content writer.

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