Factors to test usability of a website

Factors to test usability of a website

Testing is the most important part of a website’s success, without testing you cannot simply make a website visible to users Websites that have a user-friendly design and an easy-to-use interface attracts user satisfaction.I will go over 5 factors that affect usability and things to keep in mind as you create your site.

User tasks :

First of all, you need to test when the user came to your site users accomplish their specific goals and what they are actually looking for. Take note of user tasks and evaluate.


Your website must be attractive to new users so that new users are able to understand easily avoid complexity and provide extra links so that user learn and find it easy. and for complicated tasks provide tutorials and hints ( like where to click for complicated tasks ).


Are there ways to streamline and reduce the time it takes to complete the task? How can the interface be improved to lower errors and repetition?


Your website content is the main thing it should be easy so that users easily understand and read content. if the content is not easily readable then user interface lose interest and it lacks efficiency.


While website testability adds some extra features like add some links, search boxes that help in finding relevant information .you should also ask a question and add rate option to know how much users find your website informative.


A website should be accessible to everyone, including those of us with disabilities that affect how we experience the web. Here is major consideration for when testing accessibility:     

Semantic HTML markup :

Those who use assistive technologies like a screen reader, the quality, and accuracy of the webpage’s structure is important. Are the HTML tags being used correctly?    

Color Choice:

Avoid extra colors because it may affect users with poor vision and color blindness you need to be extra careful while choosing your website’s background color, font, and text size.   

Website Speed:

Your website performance is the most important factor to check website testability avoid plugins.  Website speed usually depends on plugins, evaluate response time it takes to load and create a note of a response time while measuring website speed.

Webpage Response time:

To speed up your website you need to consider optimizing images and use images of small size delivery, reduce the number of plugins it affects web page response time.

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