How to block IP address of a specific network ID on WordPress website?

To block the IP address of a specific network ID on a WordPress website first starts with a basic knowledge of IP addresses to get a clear idea.

An IP address has two parts;

Network ID: first three numbers of the IP address

Host ID: fourth number in the address.

Example of a Network ID and Host ID:

IP address:

Network ID:85.119.11

Host ID: 107

Method 1: By .htaccess file

You can add the following code to your .htaccess file:

<Limit GET POST>

order allow, deny

deny from 185.119.11

allow from all


This will block all IP addresses that start with 185.119.11 from accessing your website.

Method 2: By WordPress plugin

To block an IP address that starts with a specific network ID on WordPress, you can use a plugin following plugins;

  • “Ban IP.”
  • “Block IP”

Both of these plugins allow you to easily block specific IP addresses from accessing your website.

Note: if you make a mistake in the .htaccess file, the website could go down, I will recommend you to always keep a backup of your .htaccess file before any modification in .htaccess.