hreflang tags error in web master tools

hreflang tags error in web master tools

Tell Google about localized versions of your page.

Multiple hreflangs on one page

You can use multiple hreflangs on one page if you want to show that the page is for users in more than one country or area.

For example, if the page targets people who speak US English and Urdu.

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Hreflang’s Effect on Rankings

Yes, its effect the ranking of your web page.

If you use Urdu language in hreflang, then you web page will be ranked in Urdu region on a priority basis.

hreflang tags on wordpress

hreflang tags in wordpress WP

Step 1:

Login to wordpress of your website.

Step 2:

Select appearance

Step 3:

Select themes editor

Step 4:

Select header.php

Step 5:

Edit the code.

Step 6:

Put the following code just before the closing head tag.


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