Content Based SEO

Last modified on May 26th, 2018 at 1:48 pm

Tips for Content-Based SEO

In this tutorial, we will learn about the content based SEO.

1.  Think deeply before writing your content.

Early thinking always gives you a proper time to decide what kind of content can be helpful in SEO.

2.  Use title based on keyword.

Suppose we are developing the website for web programming.

Bad ApproachGood Approach
<title>T4 website</title><title>web programming for beginners</title>

3.  Use heading and paragraph.

Always use heading and paragraph tags.

Bad ApproachGood Approach
<font size=”3”><b>tutorials</b></font>


4.  Link the contents with other content.

If page 1 is linked to page 2, then at the end of page 1 put a hyperlink of next to move to the next page 2.


5.  Update and add the contents regularly.

Always show the search engine that your website is alive and you are not dead.

6.  Originality and plagiarism of your content.

Website 1 with plagiarism 50 %  and website 2 with 80% plagiarism.

Website 1 has more priority for search engines.

7. Page optimization.

The page size of website 2 is 30 kb and page size of website 1 is 60 KB

Website 2 has more priority for search engines

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