10 Tools to check the grammar of articles

10 Tools to check the grammar of articles.

1. Ginger:
Ginger is the online tool that is used for check errors in the typed document. It is also available in both paid and free versions. It comes with new updates to improve our grammar. There is a ‘sentence rephrase that help you rephrase a sentence in a more clear way. Other features include the spell checker, error correction, and misused words.

2. Grammarly:
Grammarly is also an online checker tool that is free of charge. It is one of the most widely used tools in the world. It can detect grammar mistakes, spelling errors, wrong sentence construction, as well as plagiarism. Once it is installed it automatically checks the errors for anywhere. Grammarly is the most powerful tool that is used to correct the error in typed work.

3. Paper rater:
The paper rater is a proofreading tool that checks grammar, spelling and word voice. It is available in free and paid versions. It does not have browser extensions, so you cannot download it.
Content is checked on the differences based level such as college, graduate, doctoral level and also based on article type.
If you check plagiarism you want the paid version to check it.

4. After the deadline:
Also known as ‘Polish My Writing’, After the Deadline is also a grammar checker tool that was developed by Automatic Inventions. The tools check your content for mistakes in grammar while it gives you suitable suggestions. once you paste things the error can appear in blue and green lines.

5. Web spellchecker:
It is observed and correct grammatical errors. It is used if you want to get synonyms for some of the words in your article.
Once you open it you will see: grammar, spell checker and thesaurus. Thesaurus is used for synonyms. The great thing is that it will show you synonyms and it gives suggestions.

6. Online correction:
It is a tool that can show the error made in typing and how to correct it and whether spacing is correctly done. It is an easy tool that can use easily to check grammatical error, spell check and correct diction.
Spelling errors are marked with red color, while grammatical errors and diction are marked in green.

7. Gram Mark:
It is online as well as offline grammar checker tool that is free. It checks active voice and passive voice errors in an article run-on sentences and spelling errors with a high level of accuracy.
It does not fix errors related to comma and apostrophes.

8. Verdict:
Most use grammar as the online proof-reader tool, correctness is fully packed with other tools that can do more precisely what it can do more and more. It is the most highly checked grammar tool nowadays.

9. Slick write:
Slick write understands that the readability score is one of the matrices that Google uses to filter search results.
It may not a powerful tool like Grammarly, but it does improve the readability of your contents and it does it well. It has the advanced feature to checked automatically readability index, passive voice index, average paragraph length and estimated length time. It is a handy tool that checks common grammar errors.

10. Language tool:
It is open source proofreading software that checks for any error in your grammar and spelling. It is available in more than 20 languages including the obvious English, French amongst others. It is available for desktop tools and open office tools.


Website: https://essayontime.com.au/grammar-check/

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