Factors That Affect the speed of a website

 Factors That Affect the speed of a website

Every web page and files from the Internet basically fetched from a web server and then appears on our computer screen. How much time a web page takes to appear on your screen depends on many factors and speed of a website is one of the factors. The speed of a website is very important because it affects the efficiency of website’s features and performance. These are many factors which can affect the speed of a website. Some of these factors are mentioned below.


Use of unnecessary javascript can decrease the speed of a website. So always try to use the javascript where it is necessary to use.

Flash effects

You can present your message or presentation in simple words and with the help of simple images, then why you are crazy to use the flash effects. Yes, flash effects always give a better look at our website design. But keep in mind that it leads to decrease the speed of a website. So always try to use the flash effects where it is necessary to use.

 Dedicated server

There are two basic types of web servers. One is dedicated server and another is shared server. Dedicated server means that one server is reserved only for your website. Share server means that many websites are there on the shared server. Now, you can understand better that if you use the shared server, then the server is mostly busy and sometimes it can happen that visitor visits your website but server response is “sorry”. So always try to use a dedicated server. But it all depends on your budget.


If we use the images with more quality then it is an important question that what is the size of the image?  If a website contains large size images, then it affects the speed of a website. So always must reduce the size of your images by using the image optimization tools. Many online and offline tools are available for reducing the size of images.

Data buffering in the browser:

New web browsers have the ability to save the content of websites in the cache memory on your computer to re-use. Suppose a user A visits the T4Tutorials.com. First time when he/she visits the site, the visited page will be stored in the cache of the client computer. Now when user A search our website again then he can view our website at relatively high speed. The browser can store the entire content of the website, or save the attachments such as CSS, JavaScript, images, flash.

The location of your server:

If the location of the server is closer to the website visitors, then visitors can access it fast. Because if the server is in other countries, the connection must go through many different open networks, so website visitors consume more time to access.

Browser Compatibility:

Another important factor for website performance is browser compatibility. If the browser cannot read the data, then your desire webpage cannot open or works properly. So always code your website in such a way that all the browsers can easily show the website pages.


Complexity is the most important factor occurs in website speed. If you develop your website by using the complex algorithms and you ignore the simple concepts like modularity etc then it can always lead to decrease the website performance and speed. If your search algorithm is weak then how you can think that your website will give a better experience to visitors.


Latency is a process of how much time it takes for a packet of data to get from one designated point to another. If the process takes more time to transfer the packet from one source to another, then it affects the speed of the website. If the process takes more time to access data from the server then obviously it affects the speed. If you want to overcome this problem then try to reduce the distance between servers and your users.


If Cache-Control is not configured properly, it will be difficult for the browsers to cache the content locally. The wrong configuration of Headers is a factor that always affects the speed of a website.


You use it when you watching a video or movie on YouTube/Yahoo/Dailymotion. You use it when you shop online or buy anything from online stores. You even use it each time you scroll your Facebook pages. CDNs are used on a large scale to improve page speed and to add security to e-commerce sites, media sites, and many more. To keep it simple, a CDN stores copies of your content on servers in multiple locations to reduce the distance between your user and your content.  This concept is also called distributed database concept. In short, you must reduce a distance between users and servers. This can be done by leaving the simple databases and by implementing the distributed database concept.


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