Factors leads to failure of a website, SEO

Factors lead to failure of a website

A website with little or no traffic is a big failure for website owners. Without visitors to your website, how can anyone know that you have the same thing that they are searching for? There are many factors and reasons of failure of a website. A website which is successful and running very efficiently always gets the attention of his visitors. If any website is not getting famous and going down day by day, then there are many factors involves in failure. Some of these factors are mentioned in this post. We also can make our website more and more famous by ignoring or removing these factors from our website. So these factors will help us to make our websites more famous and leads to a good Alexa rank. So let’s discuss the main factors which lead to the failure of a website.


If you are going to download a movie or a picture you want urgently and you have to go from 10 pages to download it then I think that website is also going 100 pages back on google and 1000 feet back on the visit of every visitor. No one wants or likes to go on several pages to download anything or to watch anything. Everyone wants to save time and get things quickly. So too much pagination also a reason for the failure of any website we have to make sure to don’t use too much pagination. Going on the 2nd page is may be ok but if you want the user to go on the 3rd page then it’s not a good decision and it can be also the reason of the failure of any website.


Popups are most annoying on a website. Most of the users get annoyed on popups and leave your website and also never comes back. People also don’t recommend others to use your website. We have to be careful using popups that people don’t get annoyed of them. People don’t tolerate bombarding of popups.  So we have to put popups after some time.

Auto-playing video ads:

If anyone has opened your website to download anything and the user is busy in finding the download link and suddenly he/she listens to a voice saying “Do you want to make your own website”. The user will be shocked and firstly he will look his around then he will open his media player to check is there anything I left playing and after this all he founds that it’s a video advertisement playing on the website where he was searching for a download. Then the user will close your website and definitely, he will never come again on your website ever. We have to avoid this type of ads on our website because most of the people don’t like them. These ads can be the reason for the failure of your website.


I was searching for a movie and went to a movies website. Clicked on movie link it took me on another page and you will never believe me on that page I found a video with the title “This boy from Pakistan is earning more than $30000 per month do you know how he earns that much. Watch this video” I was shocked because what I was finding and what I got on clicking. I closed that website and searched another one to watch that movie. That was an interstitial which turned my mind to visit another website instead of that website. We have to be too much care on putting interstitials because people hate interstitials. This can also be the main reason for the failure of any website.

Loading page slowly:

If a website contents are much heavy and taking time to load or your server is not that much efficient then problems are going to happen. Because users or visitors are paying for their internet and your website is making it slow and also wants user or visitor to wait for you then no one is going to wait even they are free. So we have to make our website as much fast as we can so user don’t wait for it. This reason can also be the one of our website’s failure.

Poor grammar:

Poor grammar does not send the right signals to the visitor. There are literally no excuses. This is about attention to detail, as much as anything. If you’re not bothered about that kind of thing, then what kind of message does it give out? It will put a really bad impression on visitors. Poor grammar can also be the main reason for the failure of any website.

Immediate registration demand:

This is the main reason most of the really good and really well-made website get fail. I was visiting a well-known and famous website and as I entered on that website and after clicking the link a popup appeared asking me to register for that website first, I canceled it and without thinking anything I closed that website. Because I was on that website just to visit and I got started asking me to register. I really hate this and I know everyone also doesn’t like to ask for registration for only visiting any website. We have to put registration only if it is needed. Asking to register every time can also be the reason for the failure of any website.

Badly designed navigation:

Badly designed navigation is the big reason for the failure of your website. Because it’s the main view and the only view which appears first and if it’s not looking good then it doesn’t matter how good website you have designed. It put a really bad impact on visitors and it can also be the main reason for the failure of any website.

Respond to visitors:

In many websites, people do not respond to client queries. Many website owners don’t answer the questions of their users within time.  For example, the user email you to know the price of your product or wants to know other information about product delivery and you don’t email visitor back. The visitor will find some other website to buy the product. So you need to respond professionally and personally answer all of their questions.

Too Much Advertisement:

Website with too many ads and a little content is also a factor for the failure of a website. You must remember the Google Adsense policy that your contents must be more than the ads posted on your website.

Suitable keywords:

Keywords are an important part of how a search engine finds your website. Choose the right keywords. The website owner should spend some time using web-based tools to help in finding what people are actually searching for when using the Internet.

Loading ads for website contents:

This is the evil twin of slow load times. Some publisher’s priorities ads over content (load the ads first and bank the ad money). Some navigation may quickly appear before the whole thing grinds to a halt while we wait for an ad server to kick into life. In this context, a slow ad server adds up to a slow site. It’s something publishers need to keep an eye on.

Lack of contents:

Content needs to add information to the web and that information would be fresh brand-new or different. Content is writing about your specific topic or offering in such a way that it helps your rankings with the major search engine. Always remember that people on the website are looking for information, not you.

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