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We are going to make it easier for the people to handle and maintain daily living expenses. The user can sign-up and then log in to this app. When user logins, at the top menu bar user will have four options Spending, Transactions, Categories, and Accounts. The user can choose an option.

Pocket Handler Application will manage daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly expenses. It is up to the user that he/she wants to create the summary/report of the transactions daily, weekly or monthly.   There are different categories of expense, the user can select the category of its own choice (Entertainment, Shopping, Travel, Cloths, Eating Out, Fuel, Gifts, General etc.). If the required category is not available then the user can create the new category by their choice and choose from the options given like icon changing and chart color etc.

This application saves data to devise storage. The user can view and sort expense as per daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. This app will show the transactions as bar, pie, and graphs and also this will show us the percentage and amount of money we spent on the (Entertainment category etc.). This application will display graph as per selected view and comparison between daily, weekly, monthly, yearly expenses. The user can generate reports/transactions in PDF file.

Problem Statement

At the instant, there is no proper solution available or we should say offline application which enables a person to manage his/her expenses easily. To do so a person has to keep a log in a diary or in a computer, also all the calculations need to be done by the user which may sometimes result in errors leading to losses.

Users cannot store data without having internet access. These applications are too annoying for the users because of many advertisements.

App Features

  • Passcode
  • Themes
  • Modify Transactions
  • Offline data store
  • Multiple accounts
  • Fully customizable categories
  • Cash flow (Pie/Bar/Graph)
  • Simple/ User-friendly interface
  • Generate reports as PDF file
  • Filter transactions by Day/Month/Year
  • Currency symbol
  • Splash screenTools and Technologies
    • Hardware


    Intel ® Core™ i3-2370 CPU @2.40GHz

    Installed Memory (RAM)

    4.00 GB or above

    System Type

    32/64 bit Operating System

    Client Side

    Android Mobile


    Android Studio

    Database Server

    SQLite Database

    Software Interface

Features of PH

  • Create multiple accounts/budget
  • Delete account
  • Background color
  • Modify Transactions
  • Offline data store
  • Passcode security
  • Selecting budget mode(Weekly/Monthly)
  • Generate Reports as PDF files
  • Fully customizable categories
  • Cash flow (Pie/Bar/Graph)
  • Expenses percentage
  • Carryover
  • Show transaction note
  • Currency Symbol

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