Which of the following are the simplest NoSQL databases?

(A). Wide-column
(B). Document
(C). Both A and B
(D). None of these
MCQAnswer: Key-value

Examples of SQL database and NoSQL database

NoSQL database Relational database
MongoDB Oracle
Apache CouchDB IBM DB2
Apache HBase IBM DB2
Oracle NoSQL Database Microsoft SQL Server
Apache Cassandra DB Maria DB
Riak PostgreSQL
Objectivity InfiniteGraph

Difference between NoSQL database and SQL database

NoSQL stands for Non-relational or distributed database system. SQL  stands for RELATIONAL DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (RDBMS)
NoSQL databases have dynamic schema SQL databases have a static or fixed or predefined schema
NoSQL databases are ideal for hierarchical data storage. SQL databases are not ideal for hierarchical data storage.
NoSQL databases are not so decent for complex queries SQL databases are ideal for complex queries
NoSQL databases are Horizontally scalable. SQL databases are Vertically Scalable.
NoSQL database Follows consistency, availability, and partition tolerance. SQL database follows atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability.
Examples of NoSQL databases: MongoDB, GraphQL, HBase, Neo4j, Cassandra, etc Examples of SQL databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS-SQL Server, etc

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