Test case for login page

Test case for login page in tabular form.

Test Case ID TC#1
Test Case Description Verify that a user can successfully log in with valid credentials.
Test Environment Operating System: Windows 8, RAM:2GB

Browser: Google Chrome

Preconditions The application is accessible. A valid user account exists with a username and password.
Test Data Username: [shamil] Password: [shamil123]
Test Steps 1. Open the login page

2. Enter the correct username, and password.

4. Press “Login” button.

Expected Result Successfully logged in

The system should navigate to the user’s dashboard or home page.

The URL in the browser should change to reflect the logged-in state.

Test Data Cleanup No cleanup is required for this test case.
Expected Results The user is successfully logged in, and the application displays the expected content on the screen

The user can show his profile.

Postconditions The user is logged in, and the application is in a consistent state for further testing.
Test Verdict Pass: The user is able to log in successfully. Fail: The login fails, and an appropriate error message is displayed.
Test Case Author Fazal rehman shamil
Date 1 Jan, 2023

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