Test case for mobile application

Test Case ID: 001

Test Opportunities: Mobile Application Testing

Test Case Steps:

  1. Start the application: Open the mobile application.
  2. Login: If there is a login page, login by entering correct information.
  3. Dashboard check: Check for notifications on the application’s dashboard.
  4. Navigation test: Navigate through different pages and functions.
  5. Button and Icon Test: Check where all buttons and icons are and what they do.
  6. Form Field Test: Check whether data is being entered correctly in any form or interactive.
  7. Spatial features test: Tests such as spatial features, GPS, and sessions.
  8. Different device resolution test: Check application performance on different device resolutions.


  • The mobile device should be charged.
  • Internet connection should be active.

Test data:

  • Correct username and password for login.
  • Validation of data in various forms for data entry.

Expected/intended results:

  • The application starts correctly.
  • After logging in, the correct notifications are displayed on the dashboard.
  • Buttons and icons are correct and performing the correct function.
  • Proper navigation of various pages and functions is possible.
  • Data is entered correctly into form fields.
  • Location features, GPS, and sessions are working correctly.
  • The application has a correct display on different device resolutions.

Actual results: [Filling during execution]

Test Status – Pass/Fail: [filling during execution]

Test Case Author: Pr. Dr. Fazal Rehman Shamil

Date: 12 Feb, 2024

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