what is Walk-through in software testing

What is Walk-through?

Walk-through is an informal and manual review technique to find the defects, bugs and different kind of ambiguities and problems in the documents.

What are main goals and objectives of walk-through?

There are many objectives of the walkthrough. Some of them are as follows;

  • To improve the product overall
  • To detect the hidden and unseen bugs
  • To evaluate the test cases and documents.
  • Understanding of the review object
  • To discuss the alternative of design
  • To discuss the alternative of implementations
  • Mutual learning


There is no proper plan.Planned meeting.

All meeting members already know their roles.

Started by the authorStarted by the overall project team
The author built a record for defects discussed during the meeting.Recorder built a record for defects discussed during the meeting.
The author presents the overall code.

Other team members try to find the defects and give suggestions

One of the readers presents the product code.

All the team inspects and tries to find the defects.


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