Multiple Condition Coverage (MCC) in software testing

Multiple Condition Coverage (MCC) in software testing

According to Multiple Condition Coverage criteria, all combinations of True and False values of conditions must be covered.

What are the conditions in software testing?

Conditions are atomic conditions in expressions.

What are Decisions in software testing?

Decisions are the controls that can control the program flow after evaluating the full expression.

MCC Multiple Condition coverage
MCC Multiple Condition coverage

Example Code with 1 condition

Test Case ID a > 7
1 T
2 T

Example Code with 2 conditions

The total Test cases will be 2n. It means that if we have two conditions than n=2 so 22=4 test cases and if we have three conditions then 23= 8 test cases.

Test Case ID a > 7 b> 40
1 T T
2 T F
3 F T
4 F F

Example Code with 3 conditions

Test Requirements for Multiple Condition Coverage (MCC)

Test Case ID a > 7 b> 40 C==0
1 T T T
2 T T F
3 T F T
4 T F F
5 F T T
6 F T F
7 F F T
8 F F F

Some facts about Multiple Condition Coverage (MCC)

  • MCC= MCC stands for Multiple condition Coverage.
  • MCDC= MCDC stands for Modified Condition Decision Coverage.
  • CDC= CDC stands for Condition Decision Coverage.
  • CC= CC stands for condition Coverage.
  • DC= DC stands for Decision Coverage.