Test case meaning in software testing

“Test Case” in Software testing has an important meaning that is designed to check a particular function or process in smaller periods or stages. It is full of details covering various important aspects and experimental conditions.

Parts of Test Case:

  1. Test Case ID: This is a unique identification number that identifies each test case.
  2. Test Scenario: Describes which particular process or event is being tested.
  3. Test Steps (Test Steps): Describes what to do during a test case. Each step is short and clear.
  4. Prerequisites: Describes what conditions must exist before a test case can be issued.
  5. Test Data: This briefly describes what data is used during the test case.
  6. Expected/Intended Results: Describes what is expected upon completion of the test case.
  7. Actual Results: This describes what was actually achieved when the test case was executed.
  8. Test Status – Pass/Fail (Test Status – Pass/Fail): This describes whether the result after completing the test case is Pass or not. a>
  9. Test Case Author: Describes who the author of the test case is.
  10. Date: This describes when the test case was created or configured.