Types of Software Testing 

Types of Software Testing 

In testing the program is executed to focus on finding the error (what is the difference between given input and expected output) and then debugs those errors. In Debugging, detect the cause of error and remove this cause so it will not create error next time. Testing of software is an important part of software quality assurance and represents the ultimate review of specification, design and code generation.

There are some techniques of testing the software and provide guidance designing tests and look up the internal logic of components of software and also review the input and output domains of the program to display the error within the program and its performance.

Two basic techniques for testing any software:-

  1. Black Box Testing
  2. White Box Testing

Some other testing techniques:-

  1. Unit Testing
  2. Interface Testing
  3. Integration Testing
  4. Performance Testing

Black Box Testing:

In Black Box testing, only the functionality of the system is checked without any concern about the internal structure or coding of the program. We give the different types of inputs and check the output.

White Box Testing

In this type of testing errors/bugs can be found before they cause. This type of testing is performed with some knowledge of the internal code and structure of the program.

Unit Testing

In this type of testing, whenever a module of our system is finished we test the module individually; it means in Unit testing each function is tested individually.

Interface testing

Interface testing is a testing that verifies whether the application works when two different software is connected. The interface is said to be a software which enables the communication between user and computer.

In this type of testing, we ensure that errors are handled properly or not. If there is any error occurs from the database it returns the message and it should display to the user what is the error.

Integration Testing

When unit testing of all modules is finished, we combine the functions and then test that functions are working properly or not.

Performance Testing

In this type of testing, We test our project using different internet connections at different speeds. In load testing test that if a user performs two or more functions at the same time if the user uses large input data, Simultaneous to DB.

The main focus to measure the response time. In this type of testing, qualitative attributes are tested like reliability and scalability, etc.

Scope of Testing

In our project, first, we perform “unit testing” strategy. In which we test the functionality of each function, when unit testing is performed, we performed “integration testing” where we integrated them all and tested them together.

Test Plan

When we start testing, at first we concentrate on the unit testing of our product’s modules, and whenever we developed any new module we spent some time on that module for unit testing.

This has been done during coding time as well as after the design whenever we use them. When the unit testing is completed. We have to move on to the integration testing and we completed it.