Software Performance Testing in software engineering

Software Performance Testing

Software performance determines the performance of the particular system or a device that “how it works”. Software performance testing is the testing or a process in which the reliability and effectiveness of an application are tested.

Software performance testing also determines the validity and scalability of a device under a particular workload. In this, a device is tested under various load conditions such as in terms of effectiveness, responsiveness, speed, validity, and stability.

software performance testing
Figure: software performance testing

Why we need performance testing?

Performance testing of the software is necessary because before using the software it should be tested against its various functions for better performance for example: in speed because without testing the software it may cause the issue of running system slow while different users are accessing the system. It may affect the software reputation. It also tells about fixing the various functions in the system before using it.  

When to use performance Testing?

Performance testing is used when you want to check the performance of your application. It is done to check that whether the application is fast and stable enough to perform its proper functions without the performance bottlenecks.

For example, an application is fast enough to handle the multiple users at the same time without any problem. Secondly, performance testing is used when two applications are going to be compared with each other in order to specify that which application can perform better in terms of speed, stability, and validity.

In the end, the performance testing is done with the objective of determining the parts and configuration of an application that are may responsible for the poor and slow performance of the application.


Load Testing:

Load testing is a type of testing which is usually conducted to measure the response time of an application under the particular workload. It is also used to check that how the application behaves in terms of response time when multiple users are accessing the application. Load testing comes from the nonfunctional testing. It is also called “endurance testing” and “volume testing”.

Stress Testing:

It is a type of testing in which the application is tested under the maximum load which can be applied to the application. It is also used to test the stability of application by applying extreme load beyond its bandwidth capacity. It is also a nonfunctional testing.

Soak Testing:

Soak testing is a non-functional testing technique in which an expected amount of load is applied to a system for a long period of time to check the behavior of the system. It is also performed to detect the memory leaks in the system and monitor memory utilization and other performance problems that can occur in the system.

Spike Testing:

Spike testing involves a testing in which application is tested

under the increasing and decreasing workload conditions. It

is also done to determine that whether the system fails or  

can handle the changes in load.

Configuration Testing:

It is a testing used for determining the effects of configuration changes on the different components of the application and also for the performance and behavior of the application.

Isolation Testing:

In isolation testing each component of the application is tested individually. In this testing, the software is divided into small modules and then it is tested. This testing is very helpful because it will give you perfect and better results without any problem.

Advantages of performance testing:

  • It is used to compare two or more applications in order to check that which application can perform better.
  • It is used to measure the speed of the application under the workload.
  • It can also be used to measure the validity, scalability, stability and response time of the system.
  • It is used to measure that which part of the application may cause the failure in the system.

Disadvantages of performance testing:

It is a time consuming because it will take a long time for testing the software or an application.


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