What is Non functional  software Testing?

What is Nonfunctional software Testing?

Non-functional software Testing focus is not on the functionality of the systems. Its focus is on attributes/ properties of the system being developed.

What kind of Nonfunctional software testing can be performed?

What is Load testing?

In load testing, we test the system behavior for increasing system loads (e.g., the number of users that can log in and gets the services from the system.

 What is Performance testing?

In performance testing, we test  the response time and processing of the system being developed

What is Volume testing?

In volume testing, we test the system behavior dependent on the amount of data.

Example: Processing of files with big size.

What is Stress testing?

In Stress testing, we test the system behavior when the system is overloaded.

What is security testing?

In security testing, we test the system against unauthorized and ensure the security.

What is robustness testing?

In robustness testing, we test the System’s response to errors, exception recovery, exception handling, and hardware failure etc.

What is Usability testing?

In Usability testing we test the systems as follows;

  • Ease of use of the system
  • Ease of learning of the system
  • Ease and efficiency of operation
  • Understand-ability of the system inputs and outputs etc.


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