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What is graph?

A graph is a set of nodes and that set must not be empty. The graph contains the following important components.

Start node:  A set of initial nodes and that set must not be empty.

Final node: A set of final nodes and that set must not be empty.

Edges: A set of edges. Edge is a link of one node with another node.

graph software testing
Figure 1: graph

Path : A path is a sequence of nodes.

Edge: Each pair of nodes is an edge

Length: The number of edges represents the length of the graph. Note that only one single node is a path of length 0

Subpath: A smaller subset path of a big superset path is subpath.

Reach: A reach is a subgraph that can be reached from nodes.

reach of a graph in software testing
Figure 2: Reach of a graph

Example of Paths:

Following are some of the paths in the above-mentioned diagram.

[ 0, 3, 7 ], [ 1, 4, 8, 5, 1 ], [ 2, 6, 9 ]

Similarly, there are also some more possible paths in figure 2.

Example of Reach:

Following are some of the reach in the above-mentioned Figure 2.

Reach (0) = { 0, 3, 4, 7, 8, 5, 1, 9 }

This means that if we starts from node 0 then we can reach 3, we can reach,4 and similarly we can reach 7,8,5,1,9


Reach([2,6]) = {2, 6, 9}

This means that if we starts from node 0 and then after 0 if we read 6,  then we can reach 9 only.


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