Condition Coverage criteria(CC) in software testing

Condition Coverage criteria(CC) for software testing

According to Condition Coverage (CC) criteria, every condition must be covered. It means that each condition must have at least one True and one False value. Condition coverage and decision coverage have no subsumption relationship.

Important Point: condition coverage testing tests the conditions independently of each other

Condition coverage
Condition coverage

Examples of Condition Coverage Testing

Example 1

Test Cases

TestCaseID A>0 B<7 Final output
1 True Not required True
2 False True True
3 False False False

Example 2

Test Cases

TestCaseID A>0 A+B<7 Final output
1 True True True
2 True False False
3 False Not required False

Example 3

Test Cases

TestCaseID A>0 B<4 A+B<7 Final output
1 True don’t care True True
2 True don’t care False False
3 False True True True
4 False True False False
5 False False Not required False

Example 4

Test Cases

TestCaseID A>0 Final output
1 True True
2 False False