Test case for password field

Test Case ID: 001

Test Opportunities: Password field

Test Case Steps:

  1. Validation:
    • Verify that the password field is not empty.
    • Enter the correct password and see if it is correct.
  2. Error Test:
    • Enter the wrong password and see if the error is registered correctly.
  3. Term Limitation:
    • Validate Period Restriction Check whether the password has valid period restriction applied or not.
  4. Password Length:
    • Confirm the minimum and maximum password length.
    • Try a longer and shorter password and check if it works.
  5. Importance restriction:
    • If the password has an importance restriction, check if it is working correctly.
  6. Various letters and numbers:
    • Enter different letters and numbers in the password.
    • Check whether it is a suitable combination of different letters and numbers.
  7. Special characters:
    • Use special characters (eg !, @, #) in the password and check if it is acceptable or not.
  8. Old password:
    • If the password is changed, check whether the old password is disabled or not.


  • The password field should not be empty.

Test data:

  • Correct password: [correct password stored in the database]
  • Invalid password: [invalid password that does not match with database]
  • Short-length password: [short-length password. for example 123 as password]
  • Longer password: [longer password]

Expected/appropriate results:

  • The password field must not be empty.
  • The correct password is correct.
  • An invalid password correctly highlights the error.
  • The period restriction works correctly.
  • There are minimum and maximum password lengths.
  • The significance restriction is correct.
  • There is a suitable combination of different letters and numbers.
  • Use of special characters is acceptable.
  • The old password is disabled.

Actual results: [Filling during execution]

Test Status – Pass/Fail: [Filling during execution]

Test Case Author: Pr. Dr. Fazal Rehman Shamil

Date: 12 Feb, 2024

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