International Humanitarian Law Solved MCQs Questions Answers

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International Humanitarian Law Solved MCQs Questions Answers

Here, we are sharing very important “International Humanitarian Law Solved MCQs Questions Answers”.

1. When the International court of justice was established___________ year…

A. 1945
B. 1934
C. 1907
D. 1919

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2. What is the law of international commission?

A. Constitute an arbitration tribunal for the Pacific
B. Conciliate between/among the disputing states
C. Codify International Law
D. Investigate situations which may threaten

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3. The human rights was adopted, in universal Declaration was…

A. 1776
B. 1948
C. 1795
D. 1947
E. 1917

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4. What is the schooner exchange case dealt with the principle of…

A. A State’s right of reprisal in case of violation of rights
B. A State has sovereign right over its natural resources
C. A government is free to seek military assistance from a friendly State.
D. A State’s courts have to accept the validity of a foreign State’s acts.

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5. Estrada Doctrine relates to which of the following…?

A. Recognition of a government
B. Delimitation of boundaries
C. Recognition of a State
D. Jurisdiction over aliens

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6. Which of the following is the term of Judges of the International court of justice….?

A. Five years
B. Three years
C. Two years
D. Six years
E. Nine years

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7. Who is the father of International Law is considered…

A. Oppenheim
B. Hugo Grotius
C. Pufendorf
D. Suarez
E. None of these

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8. What the extradition normally granted…

A. In civil cases
B. In all cases
C. In criminal cases
D. No cases

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9. Which of the immediate purpose of the Commission on Human Rights?

A. To organize peacekeeping forces in the Congo.
B. To prosecute military dictators.
C. To draft the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
D. None of the options given are correct.

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10. When the human rights begin to emerge as an active concern of national foreign policies…

A. The mid-1960s.
B. The mid-1970s
C. The end of the Cold War.
D. The early 1950s.

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11. Origin of natural law thinking is _____________ ?

A. Greek, Christian and medieval Catholic theology.
B. Confucianism.
C. Thomas Hobbes, Hugo Grotius, and John Locke.
D. The Magna Carta.
E. None of these

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12. To which legally binding judgments are Council of Europe members subject?

A. Those of the International Criminal Court.
B. None because they are sovereign states.
C. Those of the effective European Court of Human Rights.
D. Those of the European Court of Human Rights but it is ineffective.
E. None of the above mentioned

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