Quantum mechanics Research Topics

Research Area/ Research Interest: Quantum mechanics

Research Paper Topics for Masters and PhD Thesis and publication.

  1. MoBioTools: A toolkit to setup quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics calculations
  2. Non-Hermitian Hamiltonian deformations in quantum mechanics
  3. Exact WKB analysis for SUSY and quantum deformed potentials: Quantum mechanics with Grassmann fields and Wess-Zumino terms
  4. What Is Quantum?
  5. An introduction to PT-symmetric quantum mechanics-time-dependent systems
  6. Grete Hermann, quantum mechanics, and the evolution of Kantian philosophy
  7. P450-catalyzed polyethylene oligomer degradation: A quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics study
  8. Machine Learning for Fast, Quantum Mechanics-Based Approximation of Drug Lipophilicity
  9. A deep transfer learning-based protocol accelerates full quantum mechanics calculation of protein
  10. … the inhibitive effect for corrosion of steel in 1.0 M HCl using a new nonionic surfactant based on coumarin moiety: chemical, electrochemical and quantum mechanics …
  11. Stochastic Mechanics and the Unification of Quantum Mechanics with Brownian Motion
  12. Multitask Deep Ensemble Prediction of Molecular Energetics in Solution: From Quantum Mechanics to Experimental Properties
  13. The general expressions of heat and work in two representations of quantum mechanics
  14. Atomistic insights into the mechanical anisotropy and fragility of monolayer fullerene networks using quantum mechanical calculations and machine-learning …
  15. Organic quasi-liquid Schiff bases from biomolecules: Synthesis, structure and quantum mechanical studies
  16. Nonlocality in Quantum Mechanics Portrayed as a Human Twins’ Metaphor
  17. Study of modified PVDF membranes with high-capacity adsorption features using Quantum mechanics, Monte Carlo, and Molecular Dynamics Simulations
  18. Classical Nuclear Motion: Comparison to Approaches with Quantum Mechanical Nuclear Motion
  19. Fact-nets: towards a mathematical framework for relational quantum mechanics
  20. Extracting Quantitative Information at Quantum Mechanical Level from Noncovalent Interaction Index Analyses
  21. Testing a hypothetical transient deviation from Quantum Mechanics: preliminary
  22. Quantum mechanical derivation of radio-frequency-driven coherent beam oscillations in storage rings
  23. A Quantum Mechanics-Based Method to Predict Intramolecular Hydrogen Bond Formation Reflecting P-glycoprotein Recognition
  24. … and gas separation characteristics of methylene diisocyanate (MDI)-functionalized nanoTiO2 polyurethane: Quantum mechanics and molecular simulation …
  25. Optical solitonic structures with singular and non-singular kernel for nonlinear fractional model in quantum mechanics
  26. Non-stationary quantum mechanics in hybrid non-Hermitian interaction representation
  27. Universal Bounds on Quantum Mechanics under Energy Conservation and Bootstrap
  28. A Holographic Principle for Non-Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
  29. The ZX-Calculus is Canonical in the Heisenberg Picture for Stabilizer Quantum Mechanics
  30. Ensemble averaging in JT gravity from entanglement in Matrix Quantum Mechanics
  31. Quantum Mechanical Analysis of Excitation Energy Transfer Couplings in Photosystem II
  32. Fundamental Digital Module Realization Using RTL Design for Quantum Mechanics
  33. Quantum Mechanics for the Future 6G Cognitive RAN
  34. Nonequilibrium diffusion processes via non-Hermitian electromagnetic quantum mechanics with application to the statistics of entropy production in the Brownian …
  35. Adaptable research-based materials for teaching quantum mechanics
  36. In situ ligand restraints from quantum-mechanical methods
  37. Explanation of Relation between Wave Function and Probability Density Based on Quantum Mechanics in Phase Space
  38. Need for” special” states in a deterministic theory of quantum mechanics
  39. Revealing self-aggregation mechanism of asphaltenes during oxidative aging using quantum mechanical calculations
  40. Principles of Quantum Mechanics
  41. Quantum mechanics and quantum field theory. Algebraic and geometric approaches
  42. A simple quantum system that describes a black hole
  43. States vs. Changes of States: A Reformulation of the Ontic vs. Epistemic Distinction in Quantum Mechanics
  44. A quantum-mechanical investigation of O(3P) + CO scattering cross sections at superthermal collision energies
  45. A Fully Quantum-Mechanical Treatment for Kaolinite
  46. The heart of quantum mechanics
  47. An odd feature of the “most classical” states of SU(2) invariant quantum mechanical systems
  48. Intensification Dimension of Prices Cryptocurrency with Hamiltonian Quantum Mechanics
  49. Colloquium: Incompatible measurements in quantum information science
  50. … of the Ar··· HCl van der Waals Complex Using a New Potential Energy Surface: Comparison of the Classical and Full Quantum Mechanical Kinetic Theory Results with …
  51. Is the Statistical Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics ψ-Ontic or ψ-Epistemic?
  52. Basics of Quantum Mechanics
  53. Quantum Equilibrium in Stochastic de Broglie–Bohm–Bell Quantum Mechanics
  54. Raman modes in Pbca enstatite (Mg2Si2O6): an assignment by quantum mechanical investigation and possible implications on the determination of …
  55. The Schrödinger equation and the two-slit experiment of quantum mechanics
  56. A Quantum Mechanical Description of Photosensitization in Photodynamic Therapy using a Two-Electron Molecule Approximation
  57. Group Theory and Quantum Mechanics
  58. Quantum mechanics as a limiting case of relativistic mechanics
  59. Transpositive phenomena at the interface between mathematics and physics: the case of quantum mechanics
  60. Real Wave Quantum Mechanics
  61. On the Hermitian momentum of Wigner-Dunkl quantum mechanics
  62. Quantum commutation relationship for photonic orbital angular momentum
  63. Improving semiempirical quantum mechanical methods with machine learning
  64. Logical fallacies are an essential foundation of today’s quantum mechanics
  65. Does gravity play a role in quantum mechanics?
  66. Quantum-mechanical characteristics of apigenin: Antiradical, metal chelation and inhibitory properties in physiologically relevant media
  67. Thermodynamic properties of a GaAs quantum well from semi-relativistic quantum mechanics
  68. Non-duality of Vedanta and Quantum Mechanics
  69. Step potential and Ramsauer-Townsend effect in Wigner-Dunkl quantum mechanics
  70. Calibration Completes the Quantum-Mechanical Description of Physical Reality
  71. Bell’s theorem and Einstein’s worry about quantum mechanics
  72. Revealing metabolic path of Ketamine catalyzed by CYP450 via quantum mechanical approach
  73. Reactivity properties of the HOSO and HSO2 isomers in liquid medium: A sequential Monte-Carlo/Quantum-Mechanics Study
  74. Machine intelligence models for fast, quantum mechanics-based approximation of drug lipophilicity
  75. Semiempirical quantum mechanical methods
  76. Towards Testing Quantum Mechanics on NISQ Devices and Characterizing non-Markovian noise on IBM Quantum Computers
  77. … potential anti-inflammatory transcription inhibitors against nuclear factor NF-kappa-B p50 subunit (NF-κB p50): an integrated molecular and quantum mechanical …
  78. Casting light on synthetic, SC-XRD and quantum mechanical studies for 2, 1-benzothiazine based bis-adducts
  79. … /functionalized mesoporous carbon nanocomposite nanofiltration membrane for dyes and heavy metal ions removal: Experimental and quantum mechanical …
  80. What Are Some Shocking Surprises in Quantum Mechanics?
  81. Macroscopic quantum test with bulk acoustic wave resonators
  82. Acceleration Effect in Quantum Mechanics and Neutron Optics
  83. Beyond Conventional Quantum Mechanics
  84. Tests of Quantum Mechanics at a {Factory.
  85. Quantum mechanical nature of magnetic charge dynamics in artificial honeycomb ice
  86. Quantum-mechanical effects of the driving field on a superconducting qubit
  87. … of Macroscopic and Microscopic Scale Theories (Respectively CST “Central System Theory” and GQM “Generalized Quantum Mechanics”)-” Universal Mechanics”
  88. Quantum mechanical characteristic of magnetic charges in artificial magnetic honeycomb lattice
  89. Non-Critical-String-Inspired Modifications of Quantum Mechanics
  90. Quantum mechanical modeling of electron spins in realistic gate defined double quantum dots.
  91. Quantum Mechanical Theory and Treatment of NLS Equations for Supercontinuum Generation
  92. Schrödinger cat states of a 16-microgram mechanical oscillator
  93. Electron-phonon coupling in twisted bilayer transition metal dichalcogenides using a hybrid classical/quantum mechanical approach
  94. Why Gravity is Non-Quantum
  95. Dynamics of Quantum Correlations in Open Systems
  96. Efficiency of C= Se as hydrogen bond acceptor in controlling regioselective amination of 5, 7-dinitroquinazoline-4-selenone: Quantum mechanical, AIM and docking …
  97. Measuring the integrated information of a quantum mechanism
  98. … and theoretical studies on 3-(4-chlorophenyl)-5-(4-ethoxyphenyl)-4, 5-dihydropyrazole-1-carbonitrile: DFT quantum mechanical calculation, vibrational band analysis …
  99. Dynamical Invariant for Dissipative Systems via Complex Quantum Hydrodynamics
  100. Investigating students’ fluency with quantum ideas in the context of interaction-free experiments
  101. Oscillatory states of quantum Kapitza pendulum
  102. Interpretation of Quantum Theory: the quantum” grue-bleen” problem
  103. A note on the mechanics emerged from systems with a stochastic process of the time variable
  104. Quantum information processing with molecular magnets
  105. The Relational Dissolution of the Quantum Measurement Problems
  106. The challenge and opportunities of quantum literacy for future education and transdisciplinary problem-solving
  107. Experimental demonstration of separating the wave‒particle duality of a single photon with the quantum Cheshire cat
  108. Quantum contextuality provides communication complexity advantage
  109. Quantum inspired improved AI computing for the sensors of cardiac mechano-biology
  110. A Pedagogical Modular Quantum Photonics Lab
  111. Algebraic properties of quantum reference frames: Does time fluctuate?
  112. Observation of Bohm trajectories and quantum potentials of classical waves
  113. The quantum twisting microscope
  114. Canonical description of quantum dynamics
  115. Entanglement dynamics in a non-Hermitian quantum system
  116. Utilizing an Adaptive Earth Mover’s Distance to Detect Quantum Chaos
  117. Hybrid form of quantum theory with non-Hermitian Hamiltonians
  118. What Is the Quantum Eraser Thought Experiment?
  119. Can We Say A New Era Begins for” Quantum Biology”?
  120. A Simple Quantum Model Linked to Decisions
  121. Quantum local-equilibrium approach to dissipative hydrodynamics
  122. Transport in non-Hermitian quantum systems
  123. Quantum bionic advantage on near-term cloud ecosystem
  124. Eisenhart lift of Koopman-von Neumann mechanics
  125. SARS-CoV-2 Quantum Sensing Using NV Centers in Nanodiamonds
  126. Quantum Devices in Cryptography
  127. Efficiency of a Quantum Computer
  128. Automatic Implementation and Evaluation of Error-Correcting Codes for Quantum Computing: An Open-Source Framework for Quantum Error Correction
  129. Nonlinear model predictive control leveraging quantum-inspired optimization in the three body problem with uncertainty
  130. Approximate arbitrary (k, l) states solutions of deformed Dirac and Schrödinger equations with new generalized Schiöberg and Manning-Rosen potentials within the …
  131. Approaching optimal entangling collective measurements on quantum computing platforms
  132. Quantum wavelength-division-multiplexing and multiple-access communication systems and networks: Global and unified approach
  133. Reaching a macroscopic quantum state in a suspended interferometer
  134. A squeezed mechanical oscillator with milli-second quantum decoherence
  135. Quantum Considerations in the Metaphysics of Levels
  136. Testing quantum microscopic reversibility using quantum optics
  137. How can quantum technologies be used for testing fundamental physics?
  138. Can the double-slit experiment distinguish between quantum interpretations?
  139. Quantum Engineering in the Undergraduate Laboratory: Quantum Foundations and Applications of Quantum Information Science
  140. Can the double-slit experiment distinguish between quantum interpretations?
  141. Taking Quantum States as Objective Possibilities Seriously
  142. Wigner-Wilkins Neutron/Nucleus Scattering Kernel Quantum Mechanically Derived
  143. Quantum circuit learning as a potential algorithm to predict experimental chemical properties
  144. The Future Era of Quantum Computing
  145. Quantum Computing for the Wess-Zumino Model
  146. Quantum-Classical Hybrid Algorithms
  147. The Cryogenic Quantum Twisting Microscope, Part I
  148. Mapping of Quantum Systems to the Probability Simplex
  149. Divide-and-Conquer Linear-Scaling Quantum Chemical Computations
  150. The quantum origin of quasi de Sitter: a model independent quantum cosmological tilt
  151. Quantum Geometry of Spacetime and Quantum Equilibrium
  152. What are the full capabilities of relativistic quantum cryptography?
  153. Anharmonic quantum thermal transport across a van der Waals interface
  154. Quantum tunneling time delay investigation of K+ ion in human telomeric G-quadruplex systems
  155. Perturbation-Induced Quantum Scars
  156. Quantum Trajectory Method for Particles with Spin 1/2
  157. Measuring a quantum expectation value of a single qubit without collapse
  158. Quantum Gates and Circuits
  159. Quantum Advantage in Continuous Variable Sensing
  160. Experimental study of quantum uncertainty from lack of information
  161. Very brief introduction to quantum chemistry
  162. Comment on’The operational foundations of PT-symmetric and quasi-Hermitian quantum theory’
  163. Prediction of Microstructural and Conformational Evolutions through Application of Steepest-Entropy-Ascent Quantum Thermodynamics
  164. Quantum Superposition and Entanglement
  165. On ring-like event systems in quantum logic
  166. Feedback Control of Quantum Systems to Stabilize Superposition States
  167. Review of Security Methods Based on Classical Cryptography and Quantum Cryptography
  168. Using Entanglement to Optimize Precision in Continuous Quantum Clocks
  169. Heat transport through a qubit under continuous quantum measurement
  170. Quantum error-correcting codes and their geometries
  171. Promising Quantum Computing Applications in Aerospace
  172. Magnetic Skyrmions for Quantum Computing
  173. Reference-State Error Mitigation: A Strategy for High Accuracy Quantum Computation of Chemistry
  174. Quantum computation using PT-symmetric gates
  175. Classical and quantum dynamics of over-damped non linear systems
  176. Bound states in single and double Y-junction quantum dot.
  177. Nonperturbative treatment of the SSH model coupled to quantum light
  178. Quantum memories for fundamental science in space
  179. Fireside Chat with Simson Garfinkel on Quantum Technologies
  180. Towards the advantages of quantum trajectories on entanglement distribution in quantum networks
  181. Importance of quantum entanglement
  182. An improved efficient identity-based quantum signature scheme
  183. Experimentally-realizable PT phase transitions in reflectionless quantum systems
  184. Discrete-Time Quantum Walks on Compact Two-Dimensional Surfaces
  185. Machine learning quantum Monte Carlo: application to water clusters
  186. Real-Space, Real-Time Approach to Quantum Electrodynamical Density Functional Theory
  187. Semiclassical gravity phenomenology under the causal-conditional quantum measurement prescription
  188. Comment: Origin of quantum indeterminism and irreversibility of measurements
  189. The uncertainty relation for quantum channels based on skew information
  190. Discrete Time Quantum Walk (DTQW) implemented in superconducting cavity QED architectures.
  191. Quantum computation in power systems: An overview of recent advances
  192. Ultrafast quantum-path interferometry of photo-absorption involving excitons in a GaAs multiple-quantum-well structure
  193. Quantum phase diagram of water
  194. Quantum computing of 3-SAT problems using Rydberg atom arrays
  195. Software architecture for quantum computing systems—A systematic review
  196. A Recipe for Cracking the Quantum Scaling Limit with Machine Learned Electron Densities
  197. Entanglement entropy and non-local duality: Quantum channels and quantum algebras
  198. An adaptive scaling technique to quantum clustering
  199. New Models for Understanding the Clinical Unconscious: A Contribution From Quantum Findings
  200. Quantum Spaces