Phase transition Math Research Topics Ideas for MS/PhD

List of Phase transition Math Research Topics Ideas for MS/PhD

1. Gluodynamics and deconfinement phase transition under rotation from holography
2. The electro-weak phase transition at colliders: confronting theoretical uncertainties and complementary channels
3. Electroweak phase transition with an SU (2) dark sector
4. Nucleation is more than critical: A case study of the electroweak phase transition in the NMSSM
5. Physics Abounds at Conference on Math and Art
6. Phase transition for the volume of high‐dimensional random polytopes
7. Probing electroweak phase transition with multi-TeV muon colliders and gravitational waves
8. Ruppeiner geometry and thermodynamic phase transition of the black hole in massive gravity
9. Sharp phase transition for Gaussian percolation in all dimensions
10. Proof of Concept: Applying Recurrence Quantification Analysis to Model Fluency in a Math Embodied Design
11. Phase transition gravitational waves from pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone dark matter and two Higgs doublets
12. Floquet dynamical phase transition and entanglement spectrum
13. Temperature evolution associated with phase transition from quasi static to dynamic loading
14. (No) phase transition in tensorial group field theory
15. Probing black hole microstructure with the kinetic turnover of phase transition
16. Sharp phase transition for the continuum Widom–Rowlinson model
17. Dynamics and kinetics of phase transition for Kerr AdS black hole on free energy landscape
18. Coupled diffusion and phase transition: Phase fields, constraints, and the Cahn–Hilliard equation
19. Quantum Phase Transition at Nonzero Doping in a Random Model
20. Phase transition of AdS black holes in 4D EGB gravity coupled to nonlinear electrodynamics
21. Phase Transition of the Horava-Lifshitz AdS Black Holes
22. Sharpness of the phase transition for the corrupted compass model on transitive graphs
23. Some Rigorous Results on the Phase Transition of Finitary Random Interlacement
24. Report on the Phase Transition of Connectivity on Erdos-Rényi Random Graphs
25. A phase transition for tails of the free multiplicative convolution powers
26. Structural phase transition from 1H to 1T′ at low pressure in supported monolayer WS2: Raman study
27. Phase transition of the 2-choices dynamics on core–periphery networks
28. Faster State Preparation across Quantum Phase Transition Assisted by Reinforcement Learning
29. Quantum phase transition and Resurgence: Lessons from 3d N= 4 SQED
30. Phase transition and quasinormal modes for charged black holes in 4D Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravity
31. Three-speed ballistic annihilation: phase transition and universality
32. Deconfinement to confinement as PT phase transition
33. Entropy solutions for a two-phase transition model for vehicular traffic with metastable phase and time depending point constraint on the density flow
34. Nonequilibrium thermodynamics and phase transition of Ehrenfest urns with interactions
35. Quantum phase transition in a quantum Ising chain at nonzero temperatures
36. Strong first order electroweak phase transition in 2HDM confronting future Z & Higgs factories
37. Dynamical phase transition in the first-passage probability of a Brownian motion
38. Deconfinement phase transition under chemical equilibrium
39. NANOGrav signal from first-order confinement/deconfinement phase transition in different QCD matters
40. Observation of a quantum phase transition in the quantum Rabi model with a single trapped ion
41. The temperature-pressure phase diagram of the calcite I-calcite II phase transition: A first-principles investigation
42. Nonadiabatic dynamics across a first-order quantum phase transition: Quantized bubble nucleation
43. Towards laser printing of magnetocaloric structures by inducing a magnetic phase transition in iron-rhodium nanoparticles
44. Mean-field theory of superradiant phase transition in complex networks
45. Fractional order phase transition based on Q− Φ criticality of RN-AdS black hole
46. Analytic study on chiral phase transition in holographic QCD
47. Phase transitions in a non-Hermitian Aubry-André-Harper model
48. Phase transition between flat space cosmology and hot flat spacetimes in GMMG and EGMG models
49. Hawking-Page Phase Transition of the four-dimensional de-Sitter Spacetime with non-linear source
50. A Phase Transition in Large Network Games
51. Ruppeiner geometry, reentrant phase transition, and microstructure of Born-Infeld AdS black hole
52. Stable bilateral teleoperation with phase transition and haptic feedback
53. Solid/Liquid Phase Transition and Heat Engine in Asymptotically Flat Schwarzschild Black Hole via the R\’enyi Extended Phase Space Approach
54. Multi-reference alignment in high dimensions: sample complexity and phase transition
55. Reply to “Comment on ‘Phase transition in a network model of social balance with Glauber dynamics’”
56. Thermodynamics curvature in phase transitions for AdS black hole
57. Thermodynamics and phase transition of topological dS black holes with nonlinear source
58. Gravitational waves from a holographic phase transition
59. Coherence and Quantum Phase Transition in Spin Models
60. Pressure-induced phase transition of isoreticular MOFs: Mechanical instability due to ligand buckling
61. Percolation phase transition on planar spin systems
62. Self-organized spiral patterns at the edge of an order-disorder nonequilibrium phase transition
63. Real scalar phase transitions: a nonperturbative analysis
64. Topological Frustration can modify the nature of a Quantum Phase Transition

65. Absorbing phase transition with a continuously varying exponent in a quantum contact process: A neural network approach
66. Evidence of hyperdimensional topological defects in a ferroelectric supercrystal phase-transition
67. Phase transition and scaling in Kuramoto model with high-order coupling
68. A hyperbolic phase-transition model coupled to tabulated EoS for two-phase flows in fast depressurizations
69. Topological phase transition and single/multi anyon dynamics of Z 2 spin liquid
70. Characterizing the Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick model excited-state quantum phase transition using dynamical and statistical properties of the diagonal entropy
71. The planted matching problem: Sharp threshold and infinite-order phase transition
72. Variation in electronic and optical responses due to phase transformation of SrZrO 3 from cubic to orthorhombic under high pressure: a computational insight
73. On the perturbative expansion at high temperature and implications for cosmological phase transitions
74. Work statistics and symmetry breaking in an excited-state quantum phase transition
75. Nonequilibrium phase transition in transport through a driven quantum point contact
76. Discontinuity g‐modes of hybrid stars: Effect of sequential phase transitions
77. Defect-Induced Order–Order Phase Transition in Triblock Copolymer Thin Films
78. Zeroth order phase transition induced by ergodicity breaking in a mean-field system
79. On the influence maximization problem and the percolation phase transition
80. Interaction-induced topological phase transition and Majorana edge states in low-dimensional orbital-selective Mott insulators
81. Limitations of ab initio methods to predict the electronic-transport properties of two-dimensional semiconductors: the computational example of 2H-phase transition …
82. On the Almeida-Thouless transition line in the SK model with centered Gaussian external field
83. Driven-dissipative phase transition in a Kerr oscillator: From semiclassical symmetry to quantum fluctuations
84. Dissipative phase transition in a spatially-correlated bosonic bath
85. On the Boundary Layer Equations with Phase Transition in the Kinetic Theory of Gases
86. Analytic phase structures and thermodynamic curvature for the charged AdS black hole in alternative phase space
87. Ignition/non-ignition phase transition: A new critical heat flux estimation method
88. Dynamical topological quantum phase transitions at criticality
89. Theoretical uncertainties for cosmological first-order phase transitions
90. Renewal Contact Processes: phase transition and survival
91. Nonequilibrium dark space phase transition
92. Phase Structures and Transitions of Quintessence Surrounding Black Holes in a Grand Canonical Ensemble
93. Supersonic refrigeration performances of nozzles and phase transition characteristics of wet natural gas considering shock wave effects
94. Interface-induced hysteretic volume phase transition of microgels: simulation and experiment

95. Stable bilateral teleoperation with phase transition and haptic feedback
96. Quasiclassical approach to quantum quench dynamics in the presence of an excited-state quantum phase transition
97. Hybrid Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless and Ising topological phase transition in the generalized two-dimensional XY model using tensor networks
98. Extraordinary-log surface phase transition in the three-dimensional model
99. Boundary Observer Design for Stochastic Phase Transition Models of Non-equilibrium Traffic Flow
100. Direct effect of nanoparticles on the thermal conductivity of CuO-water nanofluid in a phase transition phenomenon using molecular dynamics simulation
101. Gravitational wave signatures from domain wall and strong first-order phase transitions in a two complex scalar extension of the Standard Model
102. Heider and coevolutionary balance: From discrete to continuous phase transition
103. Dynamics and kinetics of phase transition for regular AdS black holes in general relativity coupled to non-linear electrodynamics
104. Observation of a phase transition within the domain walls of the magnetic Weyl semimetal Co3Sn2S2
105. Numerical study of Gauss-Bonnet holographic paramagnetic-ferromagnetic phase transition with Power-Maxwell electrodynamics
106. Non-singular Bounce from a Phase transition
107. Simulating a measurement-induced phase transition for trapped ion circuits
108. Elastocapillary interactions of thermoresponsive microgels across the volume phase transition temperatures
109. Non-Wilson-Fisher kinks of numerical bootstrap: from the deconfined phase transition to a putative new family of CFTs
110. Phase Transition of Ca-and Mg-Bearing Minerals of Steel Slag in Acidic Solution for CO2 Sequestration
111. Optical forces on an oscillating dipole near VO2 phase transition
112. Non-triviality of the phase transition for percolation on finite transitive graphs
113. Corners in phase-field theory
114. New sensitivity curves for gravitational-wave signals from cosmological phase transitions
115. Effects of cluster expansion on the locations of phase transition boundary as a first step to quantify uncertainty in first principles statistical mechanics framework
116. Holographic entanglement entropy in general holographic superconductor models with logarithmic nonlinear electrodynamics
117. Immune phase transition under steroid treatment
118. Emergence of a finite-size-scaling function in the supervised learning of the Ising phase transition
119. Many-body dynamical phase transition in quasi-periodic potential
120. Anisotropic thermal transport properties of quartz: from −120 °C through the α–β phase transition
121. Null geodesics and thermodynamic phase transition of four-dimensional Gauss–Bonnet AdS black hole
122. Numerical analysis of the magnetogenesis from early universe phase transitions
123. Thermodynamical multihair and phase transitions of 4-dimensional charged Taub-NUT-AdS spacetimes
124. Constitutive model for epoxy shape memory polymer with regulable phase transition temperature
125. Edge mode dynamics in long-range Kitaev model
126. Phase transition in a power-law uniform hypergraph
127. Insight into the phase transition, elastic and thermodynamic properties of BeS compound under high pressure and temperature from the first principle calculation
128. Exceptional dynamical quantum phase transitions in periodically driven systems
129. Continuous phase transition between Néel and valence bond solid phases in a -like spin ladder system
130. Dynamics and correlations at a quantum phase transition beyond Kibble-Zurek
131. An analysis of structural phase transition and allied properties of cubic ReN and MoN compounds
132. … XY model on sparse random graphs shows replica symmetry breaking and marginally stable ferromagnetism (2019 J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 52 284001)
133. Phase transition of asymmetric diblock copolymer induced by nanorods of different properties
134. A developed energy-dependent model for studying thermal shock damage and phase transition of composite reinforced panel subjected to lightning strike
135. Quantum geometric tensor and quantum phase transitions in the Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick model
136. Periodic quenches across the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless phase transition
137. On the Fragment Production and Phase Transition Using QMD+ SACA Model
138. Different Bell Inequalities as Probes to Detect Quantum Phase Transitions
139. Configurable Phase Transitions in a Topological Thermal Material
140. The quartz α↔ β phase transition: Does it drive damage and reaction in continental crust?
141. Abelian oil and water dynamics does not have an absorbing-state phase transition
142. The energy budget of the transition of a neutron star into the third family branch
143. Latent heat and pressure gap at the first-order deconfining phase transition of SU (3) Yang–Mills theory using the small flow-time expansion method
144. Extended phase space thermodynamics for Lovelock black holes with non-maximally symmetric horizons
145. Spectral phase transitions in optical parametric oscillators
146. On quantum Hall effect, Kosterlitz-Thouless phase transition, Dirac magnetic monopole, and Bohr–Sommerfeld quantization
147. Prospects of gravitational waves in the minimal left-right symmetric model
148. A phase transition induced by traffic lights on a single lane road
149. Population dynamics for systems with cyclic predator–prey relations and pheromone dependent movement
150. Size dependent nature of the magnetic-field driven superconductor-to-insulator quantum-phase transitions
151. Phase Transitions in QCD
152. Bose system critical dynamics near quantum phase transition
153. Comparison of macro-and microscopic solutions of the Riemann problem II. Two-phase shock tube
154. Critical behavior of charged AdS black holes surrounded by quintessence via an alternative phase space
155. The influence of non-stationarity and interphase curvature on the growth dynamics of spherical crystals in a metastable liquid
156. Interacting thermofield doubles and critical behavior in random regular graphs
157. Phase transition into an instanton crystal state
158. String fragmentation in supercooled confinement and implications for dark matter
159. Existence and non-uniqueness of stationary distributions for distribution dependent SDEs
161. Analyzing and validating simulated tempering implementations at phase transition regimes
162. Turing instability and dynamic phase transition for the Brusselator model with multiple critical eigenvalues
163. The wired arboreal gas on regular trees
164. Multiple phase transitions on compact symbolic systems
165. Heterogeneous excitable systems exhibit Griffiths phases below hybrid phase transitions
166. Ripples in spacetime from broken supersymmetry
167. Theoretical studies of the formation and properties of quark–gluon matter under conditions of high baryon densities attainable at the NICA experimental complex
168. Light dilaton in a metastable vacuum
169. A real triplet-singlet extended Standard Model: dark matter and collider phenomenology
170. Hawking-Page phase transitions of charged AdS black holes surrounded by quintessence
171. TT ¯ -deformed 2D Yang-Mills at large N: collective field theory and phase transitions
172. Scalarized Einstein-Maxwell-scalar Black Holes in Anti-de Sitter Spacetime
173. Holographic subregion complexity in unbalanced holographic superconductors
174. Defect-induced anticorrelations in molecular motor traffic
175. Symmetry breaking breathers and their phase transitions in a coupled optical fiber system
176. Effect of Yttrium on antioxidant process of Mg‐Ni‐Zn phase change thermal storage alloys
177. Theoretic quantum analysis of mechanical and electronic properties of TiAl‐M (M= Mo, W, Cu and Zn)
178. Quantum phase transitions mediated by clustered non-Hermitian degeneracies
179. Mixed-order transition in the antiferromagnetic quantum Ising chain in a field
180. Above Room Temperature Organic Dielectric Switchable and NLO Co‐crystal:[C4H4O4][C8H19N]
181. Finite density effects on chiral symmetry breaking in a magnetic field in dimensions from holography
182. Ab initio study on crystal structure and phase stability of ZrC2 under high pressure
183. Singularities in Euler Flows: Multivalued Solutions, Shockwaves, and Phase Transitions
184. Thermodynamics of AdS Black Holes: Central Charge Criticality
185. Condensation transition and ensemble inequivalence in the discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equation
186. Phase Transition of the Reconstructability of a General Model with Different In-Community and Out-Community Mutations on an Infinite Tree
187. Topological or rotational non-Abelian gauge fields from Einstein-Skyrme holography
188. Testing the microstructure of -dimensional charged Gauss-Bonnet anti-de Sitter black holes
189. Back-reaction of Non-supersymmetric Probes: Phase Transition and Stability
190. Quantum tricritical point emerging in the spin-boson model with two dissipative spins in staggered biases

191. Entanglement and purification transitions in non-Hermitian quantum mechanics
192. Learning Nonequilibrium Control Forces to Characterize Dynamical Phase Transitions
193. Finite element analysis of a new phase field model with p-Laplacian operator
194. Metastable hypermassive hybrid stars as neutron-star merger remnants
195. Cold thermal energy storage by encapsulated phase change materials system using hybrid nanofluids as the heat transfer fluid
196. Observing dynamic oscillatory behavior of triple points among black hole thermodynamic phase transitions
197. Reflection and Refraction of Waves Across an Interface of Two-phase Flow
198. The Effect of Topology on Phase Behavior under Confinement
199. Sharp-interface limits of the diffuse interface model for two-phase inductionless magnetohydrodynamic fluids
200. Ideal topological gas in the high temperature phase of gauge theory
201. The effect of quarantine measures for close contacts on the transmission of emerging infectious diseases with infectivity in incubation period
202. Global phase diagram of disordered higher-order Weyl semimetals
203. The nonlinear wave and diffusion processes in media with a jump change in characteristics depending on the amplitude of the field distribution
204. Multi-critical topological transition at quantum criticality
205. Experimental Adiabatic Quantum Metrology with the Heisenberg scaling
206. Ostwald ripening in the presence of simultaneous occurrence of various mass transfer mechanisms: an extension of the Lifshitz–Slyozov theory
207. Simulating Lattice Gauge Theory with an Infinite Projected Entangled-Pair State
208. Application of non-Hermitian Hamiltonian model in open quantum optical systems
209. Avalanches and edge-of-chaos learning in neuromorphic nanowire networks
210. Hawking–Page phase transitions in four-dimensional Einstein–Gauss–Bonnet gravity

211. Wavefront dislocations reveal the topology of quasi-1D photonic insulators
212. Searching for continuous phase transitions in 5D SU (2) lattice gauge theory
213. On the monotonicity of the critical time in the Constrained-degree percolation model

214. On the thermodynamics of the Hayward black hole
215. Identification of Phase Inversion on Sieve Trays
216. Phase transitions of Best‐of‐two and Best‐of‐three on stochastic block models
217. On the dimension of the space of harmonic functions on transitive shift spaces
218. On the Theory of Directional Solidification in the Presence of a Mushy Zone
219. Gravitational wave complementarity and impact of NANOGrav data on gravitational leptogenesis
220. Quantum Gravity Effect on The Time History of The Universe
221. Truly two-dimensional black holes under dimensional transitions of spacetime
222. Effective thermodynamical system of Schwarzschild-de Sitter black holes from R\'{e} nyi statistics
223. Structural superfluid–Mott-insulator transition for a Bose gas in multirods
224. Hard, transparent, sp3-containing 2D phase formed from few-layer graphene under compression
225. Ground-state phase diagram of the dimerized spin-12 two-leg ladder
226. Thorough Analysis of the Phase Diagram for the Bell–Lavis Model: An Entropic Simulational Study
227. Evaporation kinetics of a polydisperse ensemble of drops
228. Casimir-Polder Interaction of an Atom with a Cavity Wall Made of Phase-Change Material out of Thermal Equilibrium
229. Critical properties of the frustrated Ising model on a honeycomb lattice: A Monte Carlo study
230. A DFT study of structural and thermal properties of 2D layers
231. Criticality of two-dimensional disordered Dirac fermions in the unitary class and universality of the integer quantum Hall transition
232. Pressure effect on the formation kinetics of ferroelectric domain structure under first order phase transitions
233. Extensive studies of the neutron star equation of state from the deep learning inference with the observational data augmentation
234. Unsupervised learning of topological phase transitions using the Calinski-Harabaz index
236. Solving puzzles in deformed JT gravity: phase transitions and non-perturbative effects
237. Weak mixed phase in the mutator model
238. Universal edge scaling in random partitions
239. Discontinuous phase transitions in the multi-state noisy q-voter model: quenched vs. annealed disorder
240. Theoretical investigations of alkaline earth hydrides XH2 (XCa, Sr, and Ba) for hydrogen storage applications
241. Neuronal avalanches in Watts-Strogatz networks of stochastic spiking neurons
242. Topological persistence machine of phase transitions
243. Passive control of temperature distribution in cancerous tissue during photothermal therapy using optical phase change nanomaterials
244. Moisture-Stable FAPbI3 Perovskite Achieved by Atomic Structure Negotiation
245. ” That Wasn’t the Math I Wanted to do!”—Students’ Beliefs During the Transition from School to University Mathematics.
246. Method for calculating the liquid water fraction of saline soil during the freezing process

247. Replica Symmetry Breaking and Phase Transitions in a PT Symmetric Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Model
248. Three-state majority-vote model on small-world networks
249. Mixed state entanglement and thermal phase transitions
250. U (5) and O (6) shape phase transitions via E (5) inverse square potential solutions
251. Multiple solutions for the equilibrium populations in BCS superconductors
252. Supervised and unsupervised learning of directed percolation
253. Gravitational waves from the vacuum decay with eLISA
254. Thermodynamics, photon sphere and thermodynamic geometry of Eloy Ayon Beato–Garcia Spacetime
255. Fate of electroweak symmetry in the early Universe: non-restoration and trapped vacua in the N2HDM
256. Reverse–Transcription Spin chain reaction of RNA molecule into DNA molecule
257. A three-phase fundamental diagram from three-dimensional traffic data
258. Topological Toda lattice and nonlinear bulk-edge correspondence
259. Effect of ethylene oxide group in the anionic–nonionic mixed surfactant system on microemulsion phase behavior
260. Majorana polarization in non-Hermitian topological superconductors

261. Phase transitions of multi-component fuel droplets under sub-and supercritical conditions
262. Determining the nonequilibrium criticality of a Gardner transition via a hybrid study of molecular simulations and machine learning
263. Detecting scaling in phase transitions on the truncated Heisenberg algebra
264. Bulk-boundary correspondence for non-Hermitian Hamiltonians via Green functions
265. Two-loop analysis of classically scale-invariant models with extended Higgs sectors
266. Collective behavior in the kinetics and equilibrium of solid-state photoreaction
267. Modeling and simulation of a ternary system for macromolecular microsphere composite hydrogels
268. Finite size effects around pseudo-transition in one-dimensional models with nearest neighbor interaction
269. Spin-s Spin-Glass Phases in the d= 3 Ising Model
270. Dynamic analysis of a three-species food chain system with intra-specific competition
271. Entanglement Domain Walls in Monitored Quantum Circuits and the Directed Polymer in a Random Environment
272. Long-range phase order in two dimensions under shear flow
273. Numerical approach of liquid carbon dioxide injection in crushed coal and its experimental validation
274. Directed polymer in γ-stable random environments
275. Effects of seeds on cooperate epidemic spreading on complex networks
276. Ferroelectric‒to‒relaxor crossover in KNN‒based lead‒free piezoceramics
277. Modeling and identification of combined effects of pulsating inlet temperature and use of hybrid nanofluid on the forced convection in phase change material filled …
278. Quantum sampling algorithms, phase transitions, and computational complexity
279. The entanglement properties of holographic QCD model with a critical end point
280. Potts model with invisible states: critical behaviour on a scale-free network
281. Entanglement view of dynamical quantum phase transitions
282. Experimental verification of anti–Kibble-Zurek behavior in a quantum system under a noisy control field
283. Studying the onset of deconfinement with multi‐messenger astronomy of neutron stars
284. Temporal and spatial chaos in the Kerr-AdS black hole in an extended phase space
285. Non-Hermitian metasurfaces for the best of plasmonics and dielectrics
286. Dynamic Properties of Two-Dimensional Latticed Holographic System
287. Thermodynamic properties and algebraic solution of the N-dimensional harmonic oscillator with minimal length uncertainty relations
288. Universal features of higher-form symmetries at phase transitions
289. Experimental observation of tensor monopoles with a superconducting qudit
290. Deterministic model of battery, uphill currents, and nonequilibrium phase transitions

291. Universal scaling of work statistics in conformal field theory models
292. First-order transition in the stacked– Ising model on a cubic lattice
293. A generalized model interpolating between the random energy model and the branching random walk
294. Water-oriented magnetic anisotropy transition
295. Self-dualities and renormalization dependence of the phase diagram in 3d O (N) vector models
296. Emergence of homochirality in large molecular systems
297. Onsager reaction field theory applied to the phase diagram of Heisenberg chain with ferromagnetic long-range interaction and antiferromagnetic nearest-neighbor …
298. Kinetics of the glass transition of styrene‐butadiene‐rubber: Dielectric spectroscopy and fast differential scanning calorimetry
299. Mean-field theory of an asset exchange model with economic growth and wealth distribution
300. Algorithmic foundations for the diffraction limit

301. Quiver asymptotics and amoeba: Instantons on toric Calabi-Yau divisors
302. MLLPA: A Machine Learning‐assisted Python module to study phase‐specific events in lipid membranes
303. Interferometric Order Parameter for Excited-State Quantum Phase Transitions in Bose-Einstein Condensates
304. Transition behaviors of γ–β 0/β in V-, Cr-, Mn-doped TiAl alloys
305. Holographic insulator/superconductor phase transitions with excited states
306. Holographic quantum singularity
307. Consequences of thermal geometries in Brane-World black holes
308. Dual simulation of a Polyakov loop model at finite baryon density: Phase diagram and local observables
309. A large modulation of electron-phonon coupling and an emergent superconducting dome in doped strong ferroelectrics
310. On the interplay between magnetic field and anisotropy in holographic QCD

311. Genuine tripartite entanglement as a probe of quantum phase transitions in a spin-1 Heisenberg chain with single-ion anisotropy
312. Electronic and magnetic properties of single-layer and double-layer VX2 (X= Cl, Br) under biaxial stress
313. Hosotani mechanism in the” color”-singlet plasma
314. Universal gravitational-wave signatures from heavy new physics in the electroweak sector
315. Quotient symmetry protected topological phenomena
316. Phase transitions for nonlinear nonlocal aggregation-diffusion equations
317. On global solutions to a viscous compressible two-fluid model with unconstrained transition to single-phase flow in three dimensions
318. On energy ground states among crystal lattice structures with prescribed bonds
319. Cutoff for non-negatively curved Markov chains
320. The critical two-point function for long-range percolation on the hierarchical lattice
321. Theoretical and numerical analysis of the Landau–Khalatnikov model of ferroelectric hysteresis
322. Irreversibility in dynamical phases and transitions
323. Strain engineering of two‐dimensional materials: Methods, properties, and applications
324. High-pressure monoclinic–monoclinic transition in fergusonite-type HoNbO4
325. Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless phase transitions with long-range couplings
326. Padé approximant approach to singular properties of quantum gases: the ideal cases
327. Programmable phase-change metasurfaces on waveguides for multimode photonic convolutional neural network
328. Controlling and exploring quantum systems by algebraic expression of adiabatic gauge potential
329. Hot and dense quark-gluon plasma thermodynamics from holographic black holes
330. The potential of chemical bonding to design crystallization and vitrification kinetics
331. Characterizing the dynamical phase diagram of the Dicke model via classical and quantum probes
333. Uncomputability of phase diagrams
334. Operator scaling dimensions and multifractality at measurement-induced transitions
335. Searching for gauge theories with the conformal bootstrap
336. Asymptotically massive-BTZ black holes with nonlinear electrodynamics in massive gravity theory
337. Quantum information probes of charge fractionalization in large-N gauge theories
338. Entropic characterization of the coil-stretch transition of polymers in random flows
339. Quantum phases of matter on a 256-atom programmable quantum simulator
340. Quantum sampling algorithms for near-term devices
341. Formalising the Use of the Activation Function in Neural Inference
342. Functional limit theorems for the multi-dimensional elephant random walk
343. Warped information and entanglement islands in AdS/WCFT
344. Static dilatonic black hole with nonlinear Maxwell and Yang–Mills fields of power-law type
345. Nematic transition and nanoscale suppression of superconductivity in Fe (Te, Se)
346. Quadrupole spin polarization as signature of second-order topological superconductors
347. Nucleation and growth dynamics of ellipsoidal crystals in metastable liquids
348. Joule-Thomson expansion of Lower-dimensional black hole
349. Thermodynamic geometry of the novel 4-D Gauss–Bonnet AdS black hole
350. Effects of Thermal Fluctuations on Kerr-Newman-NUT-AdS Black Hole
351. Chiral crossover characterized by Mott transition at finite temperature
352. Driving Magnons with Microwave Photons
353. A hybrid simulation of gravitational wave production in first-order phase transitions
354. Probing Hawking radiation through capacity of entanglement
355. Aspects of Hyperscaling Violating geometries at finite cutoff
356. Revealing of process–structure–property relationships of fine polypropylene fiber mats generated via melt blowing
357. Holographic Thermodynamics Requires a Chemical Potential for Color
358. Large N gauge theories with a dense spectrum and the weak gravity conjecture
359. Quantum Contagion: A Quantum-Like Approach for the Analysis of Social Contagion Dynamics with Heterogeneous Adoption Thresholds
360. Upper bounds on the one-arm exponent for dependent percolation models
361. Insight into color change of reversible thermochromic systems and their incorporation into textile coating
362. Efficiency and economic assessment of combining nuclear power plants with multifunctional heat accumulation systems
363. Universality Class around the SU (3) Symmetric Point of the Dimer–Trimer Spin-1 Chain
364. Existence of replica-symmetry breaking in quantum glasses
365. Skyrmion crystals in centrosymmetric itinerant magnets without horizontal mirror plane
366. Phase diagrams of confined square lattice links
367. Quantum Zeno effects across a parity-time symmetry breaking transition in atomic momentum space
368. On multimatrix models motivated by random noncommutative geometry II: A Yang-Mills–Higgs matrix model
369. High-pressure phase diagrams of FeSe 1− x Te x: correlation between suppressed nematicity and enhanced superconductivity
370. Benchmark of quantum-inspired heuristic solvers for quadratic unconstrained binary optimization
371. Critical level statistics at the many-body localization transition region
372. Phase diagram of interacting pion matter and isospin charge fluctuations
373. Microscopic Models for Fusion Categories
374. The roles of random boundary conditions in spin systems
375. Is entanglement a probe of confinement?
376. Thermodynamics of de Sitter black holes with conformally coupled scalar fields
377. Magnetic Properties and the Critical Exponents in Terms of the Magnetocaloric Effect of Amorphous Fe 40 Ni 38 Mo 4 B 18 Alloy
378. Fabrication and analysis of palmitic acid–decanoic acid@Ce–Eu/TiO2 composite as a building material for regulating indoor environment
379. Persistence of topological phases in non-Hermitian quantum walks
380. The nonlinear shift to renewable microgrids: Phase transitions in electricity systems
381. Electroweak Baryogenesis in the CP-Violating Two-Higgs Doublet Model
382. Gravitational waves from dark Yang-Mills sectors
383. Regular black holes in isothermal cavity
384. Critical review on wax deposition in single-phase flow
385. Constant of motion identifying excited-state quantum phases
386. Using the photo-induced resonance shift in Fe and Ni as time reference for ultrafast experiments at low flux soft X-ray sources
387. Dynamical spin excitations of the topological Haldane gapped phase in the Heisenberg antiferromagnetic chain with single-ion anisotropy
388. Bilingual Family Math Club: Students+ Families= Success
389. Fermionic criticality is shaped by Fermi surface topology: a case study of the Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid
390. Phase relaxation and pattern formation in holographic gapless charge density waves

391. A devil’s advocate view on ‘self-organized’brain criticality
392. Is the Microgel Collapse a Two-Step Process? Exploiting Cononsolvency to Probe the Collapse Dynamics of Poly-N-isopropylacrylamide (pNIPAM)
393. Accelerated computational micromechanics and its application to polydomain liquid crystal elastomers
394. Magnetic and magnetocaloric properties in Nd1-3xBax Cax SrxMnO3 (x= 0.11 and 0.133) perovskite manganites
395. Numerical solution of the Stefan problem
396. Multiple ground-state instabilities in the anisotropic quantum Rabi model
397. Finding quark content of neutron stars in light of GW170817
398. Higher-order simplicial synchronization of coupled topological signals
399. Parking on a random rooted plane tree
400. Observation of energy-resolved many-body localization

401. Six-loop expansion of three-dimensional models
402. The maximum entropy principle and volumetric properties of Orlicz balls
403. Non-reciprocal phase transitions
404. On Einstein-non linear-Maxwell-Yukawa de-Sitter black hole thermodynamics
405. Hysteresis, latent heat and cycling effects on the magnetocaloric response of (NiMnSi) 0.66 (Fe2Ge) 0.34 alloy
406. Phase transitions of two spin-1/2 Baxter–Wu layers coupled with Ising-type interactions
407. Fragile topology and flat-band superconductivity in the strong-coupling regime
408. On (non-) monotonicity and phase diagram of finitary random interlacement
409. Deterministic interface modes in two-dimensional acoustic systems
410. Higher order conserved charge fluctuations inside the mixed phase

411. Phase diagram of matter with a Skyrme-like scalar interaction
412. Observation of anti-parity-time-symmetry, phase transitions and exceptional points in an optical fibre
413. Interacting color strings as the origin of the liquid behavior of the quark-gluon plasma
414. Percolation of the two-dimensional model in the flow representation
415. Stochastic quantization of the -model
416. Scaling of disorder operator at U(1) quantum criticality
417. Observation of measurement-induced quantum phases in a trapped-ion quantum computer
418. Adaptation of Fluctuating Magnetoacoustic System to External Signals
419. Nambu-Goldstone modes in non-equilibrium systems from AdS/CFT correspondence
420. Joule-Thomson Expansion of RN-AdS Black Hole Immersed in Perfect Fluid Dark Matter
421. Quantum computing critical exponents
422. deformation of random matrices
423. Effects of quantum confinement on thermodynamic properties
424. P\’olya urn with memory kernel and asymptotic behaviours of autocorrelation function
425. Studying the Magnetocaloric Effect in Nd 0.55 Sr 0.45 MnO 3 Manganite by the Mean-field Model
426. The effect of reducing the thermal contact resistance on the performance of battery thermal management system
427. Universal statistics of vortices in a newborn holographic superconductor: beyond the Kibble-Zurek mechanism
428. Stochastic quorum percolation and noise focusing in neuronal networks
429. Instance space analysis for a personnel scheduling problem
430. Joule-Thomson expansion of $ AdS $ black holes in Einstein-power-Yang-Mills gravity
431. Prediction of a new quaternary Heusler alloy within a good electrical response at high temperature for spintronics applications: DFT calculations
432. Reentrant liquid condensate phase of proteins is stabilized by hydrophobic and non-ionic interactions
434. Localization transition, spectrum structure, and winding numbers for one-dimensional non-Hermitian quasicrystals
435. Elastic foundation induced wide bandgaps for actively-tuned topologically protected wave propagation in phononic crystal beams
436. Divergence behavior of thermodynamic curvature scalar at critical point in the extended phase space of generic black holes
437. Magnetic Properties of a Mixed Spin- Chain in (4-Cl-o-MePy-V)FeCl4
438. Induced magnetic states upon electron–hole injection at B and N sites of hexagonal boron nitride bilayer: A density functional theory study
439. Holographic approach of the spinodal instability to criticality
440. Simulating cardiac Ca 2+ release units: effects of RyR cluster size and Ca 2+ buffers on diastolic Ca 2+ leak
441. The solution of the deep Boltzmann machine on the Nishimori line
442. Surface Phase Diagrams Of Semi-Infinite Ferrimagnetic System
443. Electrocaloric properties of lead-free ferroelectric ceramic near room temperature
444. Macroion effective charge in complex plasmas with regard to microion correlations
445. Critical phenomena and quantum discord of quantum antiferromagnetic Heisenberg model on diamond-type hierarchical lattices
446. Dissipative Floquet Dynamics: from Steady State to Measurement Induced Criticality in Trapped-ion Chains
447. Informational properties of holographic Lifshitz field theory
448. Measurement-induced entanglement transitions in the quantum Ising chain: From infinite to zero clicks
449. Pressure Induced Assembly and Coalescence of Lead Chalcogenide Nanocrystals
450. Low-temperature dielectric anomaly arising from electronic phase separation at the Mott insulator-metal transition

451. A shape optimization method for moving interface problems governed by the heat equation
452. Growth factor‐loaded microspheres in mPEG‐polypeptide hydrogel system for articular cartilage repair
453. Nonadiabatic transitions in Landau-Zener grids: Integrability and semiclassical theory
454. Joule-Thomson expansion of the torus-like black hole
455. Characterizing many-body localization via state sensitivity to boundary conditions
456. Exponential growth of random determinants beyond invariance
457. Quantum localization measures in phase space
458. Quantum correlations in the spin-1/2 Heisenberg XXZ chain with modulated Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction
459. Non-perturbative quantum corrections to a Born–Infeld black hole and its information geometry
460. Thermodynamic geometry of 5D -charged black holes in extended thermodynamic space
461. Exact recovery of stochastic block model by Ising model
462. Shape stabilization of phase change material by polymerized high internal phase emulsion for thermal energy storage
463. Mean-field solution for critical behavior of signed networks in competitive balance theory
464. Master equation analysis of mesoscopic localization in contagion dynamics on higher-order networks
465. Critical properties of the susceptible-exposed-infected model with correlated temporal disorder
466. Coupling-induced nonunitary and unitary scattering in anti–symmetric non-Hermitian systems
467. Morphological transition between patterns formed by threads of magnetic beads
468. Magnetic and thermodynamic behaviors of a diluted Ising nanographene monolayer under the longitudinal magnetic field
469. Continued Functions and Perturbation Series: Simple Tools for Convergence of Diverging Series in O ( n )-Symmetric ϕ 4 Field Theory at Weak …
470. Bursty exposure on higher-order networks leads to nonlinear infection kernels
471. Stimuli‐responsive hybrid microgels for controlled drug delivery: Sorafenib as a model drug
472. Optimal resilience of modular interacting networks
473. Efficient Highly Subsonic Turbulent Dynamo and Growth of Primordial Magnetic Fields
474. Crystal stabilities and electronic properties of thorium silicide under ambient conditions and high pressures from a first-principles study
475. Combinatorial universality in three-speed ballistic annihilation
476. Can shadows connect black hole microstructures?
477. Topological superconductivity in skyrmion lattices
478. Entanglement phase transitions in measurement-only dynamics
479. Tunable Magnetism and Insulator–Metal Transition in Bilayer Perovskites
480. Phase transitions from the fifth dimension

481. A unified first-order hyperbolic model for nonlinear dynamic rupture processes in diffuse fracture zones
482. Nonorthogonal-qubit-state expansion for the asymmetric quantum Rabi model
483. A simulation model with numerical method and optimal control of magneto‐rheological shock isolator
484. Many-body localization in a fragmented Hilbert space
485. Global solutions to a phase-field model with logarithmic potential for lithium-ion batteries
486. Fabrication of ultrafast temperature‐responsive nanofibrous hydrogel with superelasticity and its’ on–off’switchable drug releasing capacity
487. Interactions of Surfactants with Biomimetic Membranes. 1. Ionic Surfactants
488. Extended Ginzburg-Landau equations and Abrikrosov vortex and geometric transition from square to rectangular lattice in a magnetic field
489. Performance Analysis of Solar Organic Rankine Cycle with Stable Output Using Cyclopentane/Cyclohexane Mixtures▴
490. A time-domain phase diagram of metastable states in a charge ordered quantum material

491. Finite element simulation of multi‐component vesicle morphologies undergoing phase separation
492. Manifestations of metastable criticality in the long-range structure of model water glasses
493. Pairing and the spin susceptibility of the polarized unitary Fermi gas in the normal phase
494. Polyethylene glycol—based functional composite phase change materials with excellent electrical and thermal conductivities
495. Exploration of new phase structure of FePd crystalline alloy with a stoichiometric of 1: 1
496. Uniform stability and uniform-in-time mean-field limit of the thermodynamic Kuramoto model
497. Quantization method and Schrödinger equation of fractional time and their weak effects on Hamiltonian: Phase transitions of energy and wave functions
498. Avoided Deconfinement in Randall-Sundrum Models
499. Diagonal catalysts in quantum adiabatic optimization
500. GOE statistics for Lévy matrices
501. An overview of epidemic models with phase transitions to absorbing states running on top of complex networks
502. Shear-Modulated Rates of Phase Transitions in Sphere-Forming Diblock Oligomer Lyotropic Liquid Crystals
503. Simple holistic solution to Archie’s-law puzzle in porous media
504. Bose condensation and the Casimir effects of an imperfect Bose gas in a d-dimensional configuration space
505. On the Interaction Between $ AdS $ Black Hole Molecules
506. Many-body critical phase: extended and nonthermal
507. Composite Dark Matter and a horizontal symmetry
508. From hard spheres to hard-core spins
509. The role of information in high dimensional stochastic optimal control
510. Role of mixed permutation symmetry sectors in the thermodynamic limit of critical three-level Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick atom models

511. The effects of disorder on Harris-criterion violating percolation
512. Multiple Phase Transitions for an Infinite System of Spiking Neurons
513. Identification of time scales of the violation of the Stokes–Einstein relation in Yukawa liquids
514. Configuration entropy and confinement/deconfinement transiton in holographic QCD
515. Observation of first and second sound in a BKT superfluid
516. A universal route to explosive phenomena
517. Statistical mechanical model for growth and spread of contagions under gauged population confinement
518. In situ observation of the solid solution-induced sublimation of CuAg Janus nanoparticles
519. Localization in the Discrete Non-Linear Schr\” odinger Equation and geometric properties of the microcanonical surface
520. Influential groups for seeding and sustaining hypergraph contagions

521. Finite Tsallis gravitational partition function for a system of galaxies
522. Holevo Information of Black Hole Mesostates
523. Bulk modulus of across the ice VII–ice X transition measured by time-resolved x-ray diffraction in dynamic diamond anvil cell experiments
524. Majority-vote model with limited visibility: An investigation into filter bubbles
525. Electro-Thermal Simulation of Vertical VO2 Thermal-Electronic Circuit Elements
526. Existence and boundedness of solutions for a singular phase field system
527. On the diffusive-mean field limit for weakly interacting diffusions exhibiting phase transitions
528. Evidence for deconfined gauge theory at the transition between toric code and double semion
529. General solution of the time evolution of two interacting harmonic oscillators
530. Thermodynamic efficiency of interactions in self-organizing systems
531. A conservative sequential fully implicit method for compositional reservoir simulation
532. Visualizing quantum phases and identifying quantum phase transitions by nonlinear dimensional reduction

533. Bernoulli Hyperplane Percolation
534. Supersymmetric structures of Dirac oscillators in commutative and noncommutative space
535. Relative Canonical Network Ensembles–(Mis) characterizing Small-World Networks
536. Proton strings and rings in atypical nucleation of ferroelectricity in ice
537. Triangular lattice Majorana-Hubbard model: Mean-field theory and DMRG on a width-4 torus
538. “Volume collapse” instabilities in deep-focus earthquakes: A shear source nucleated and driven by pressure
539. Van Hove singularities at phase transitions in topological metals
540. Critical exponent at in the chiral XY model using the large conformal bootstrap
541. Square-root non-Bloch topological insulators in non-Hermitian ring resonators
542. Witnessing entanglement via the geometric phase in a impurity-doped Bose-Einstein condensate

543. Digital herd immunity and COVID-19
544. Numerical continuation and bifurcation in Nonlinear PDEs
545. Impact of hysteresis on caloric cooling performance
546. Shared and divergent phase separation and aggregation properties of brain-expressed ubiquilins
547. A diffuse domain method for two-phase flows with large density ratio in complex geometries
548. Probing Hawking radiation through capacity of entanglement
549. Magnetoelectric polarizability of a multiferroic antiferromagnetic quantum spin system: The influence of both the site-dependent magnetic and electric fields
550. Interaction between Different Kinds of Quantum Phase Transitions
551. Crystallization behavior of Fe70Ni10Cr20 during rapid solidification under different cooling rates
552. Measurement-protected quantum phases

553. Dynamic electron correlations with charge order wavelength along all directions in the copper oxide plane
554. Connections between entropy surface density and microscopic property in black holes
555. Signature of intermittency during emission of target associated particles in heavy ion collisions at SPS energies
556. Absence of fast scrambling in thermodynamically stable long-range interacting systems
557. Topological superconductivity in nanowires proximate to a diffusive superconductor–magnetic-insulator bilayer
558. Fully-connected bond percolation on
559. The coupled moisture-heat process of a water-conveyance tunnel constructed by artificial ground freezing method
560. Density of random subsets and applications to group theory
561. Preparation and characterization of composite hydrate salt PCM of industrial grade disodium hydrogen phosphate with sodium carbonate
562. Delocalization Transition of a Disordered Axion Insulator

563. Critical charge fluctuations and emergent coherence in a strongly correlated excitonic insulator
564. Number partitioning with grover’s algorithm in central spin systems
565. Explosive and semi-explosive death in coupled oscillators
566. Local integrals of motion and the quasiperiodic many-body localization transition
567. Phase‐change composites silicone rubber/paraffin@SiO2 microcapsules with different core/shell ratio for thermal management
568. The planted k-factor problem
569. Fictitious phase separation in Li layered oxides driven by electro-autocatalysis
570. Ferroelectric, quantum efficiency and photovoltaic properties in perovskite BiFeO3 thin films: First principle calculations and Monte Carlo study
571. A quantum magnetic analogue to the critical point of water
572. High-dimensional near-critical percolation and the torus plateau

573. Chiral transition in the probe approximation from an Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton gravity model
574. Distinctive class of dissipation-induced phase transitions and their universal characteristics
575. Formation and superconducting properties of predicted ternary hydride ScYH6 under pressures
576. Calculating Stratification Curves Using a Modified Fragment Method in the Lattice Gas Model
577. Localization transition in the discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equation: ensembles inequivalence and negative temperatures
578. Reliability of mission-based k-out-of-n systems with exponential phase durations and component lifetimes
579. Phase Transitions of the Variety of Random-Field Potts Models
580. Collective dynamics in the presence of finite-width pulses
581. Optimal thermodynamic uncertainty relation in Markov jump processes
582. Physical properties of a regular rotating black hole: Thermodynamics, stability, and quasinormal modes

583. Quantum and Classical Thermal Correlations in Spin-1 Heisenberg Chain with Alternating Single-Ion Anisotropy
584. Method for determining the mass flow for pressure measurements of gas hydrates formation in the well
586. Entanglement scaling for
587. Quantum coherence and spin nematic to nematic quantum phase transitions in biquadratic spin-1 and spin-2 XY chains with rhombic single-ion anisotropy
588. Statistical mechanical models for quantum codes with correlated noise
589. Smoothed counting of 0-1 points in polyhedra
590. Signatures of excited-state quantum phase transitions in quantum many-body systems: Phase space analysis
591. Heider balance under disordered triadic interactions
592. Lévy Walk in swarm models based on Bayesian and inverse Bayesian inference

593. Experimental investigation of the thermal and mechanical properties of lightweight aggregate concrete mixed with microencapsulated phase change materials
594. Exact non-Hermitian mobility edges in one-dimensional quasicrystal lattice with exponentially decaying hopping and its dual lattice
595. Evolution and universality of two-stage Kondo effect in single manganese phthalocyanine molecule transistors
596. Homogeneous nucleation of carbon dioxide in supersonic nozzles II: molecular dynamics simulations and properties of nucleating clusters
597. Anderson localization transition in a robust -symmetric phase of a generalized Aubry-André model
598. Tensor network study of the magnetization plateau in the Shastry-Sutherland model at finite temperature
599. Correlating ultra‐toughening of bio‐based polyamide 410 with melt rheological and solid state relaxation dynamics by gelation rheology approach
600. Should a hotter paramagnet transform quicker to a ferromagnet? Monte Carlo simulation results for Ising model
601. Exact mobility edges, -symmetry breaking, and skin effect in one-dimensional non-Hermitian quasicrystals

602. Raman spectra of the Markovka chondrite (H4)
603. Emergent Kardar-Parisi-Zhang phase in quadratically driven condensates
604. Thermal quantum correlations in the two-qubit Heisenberg XYZ spin chain with Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya interaction
605. Entanglement Wedge Cross Section with Gauss-Bonnet Corrections and Thermal Quench
606. QCD color superconductivity in compact stars: color-flavor locked quark star candidate for the gravitational-wave signal GW190814
607. Phase diagram of the repulsive Blume–Emery–Griffiths model in the presence of an external magnetic field on a complete graph
608. Wilson loops correlators in defect SYM
609. Structural, electronic, mechanical, and dynamical properties of scandium carbide
610. Dynamical phases and quantum correlations in an emitter-waveguide system with feedback
611. Random generators of Markovian evolution: A quantum-classical transition by superdecoherence

612. Ruppeiner curvature along a renormalization group flow
613. Belief propagation for networks with loops
614. Origins of structural and electronic transitions in disordered silicon


615. Quantum fidelity susceptibility in excited state quantum phase transitions: application to the bending spectra of nonrigid molecules
616. Eigenvalue distribution of a high-dimensional distance covariance matrix with application
617. Central Limit Theory for Linear Spectral Statistics of Normalized Separable Sample Covariance Matrix
618. Phase-field modeling of selective laser brazing of diamond grits
619. Nonequilibrium dynamics of spontaneous symmetry breaking into a hidden state of charge-density wave
620. Critical dynamics of damage-failure transition in wide range of load intensity
621. Conserved excitation number and U (1)-symmetry operator for the anti-rotating (anti-Jaynes-Cummings) term of the Rabi Hamiltonian
622. Entropy production fluctuations encode collective behavior in active matter
623. Droplets of the order parameter in a low density attracting electron system in the presence of a strong random potential
624. A Novel Modeling Approach for Plastics Melting within a CFD-DEM Framework

625. Quantum phase transitions in Dirac fermion systems
626. Variational optimization of the quantum annealing schedule for the Lechner-Hauke-Zoller scheme
627. Nanoliposomes for encapsulation and calcium delivery of egg white peptide–calcium complex
628. A new measure of thermal micro-behavior for the AdS black hole
629. Paths of unitary access to exceptional points
630. Landscape modification and nutrient‐driven instability at a distance
631. Cooperation-induced topological complexity: A promising road to fault tolerance and Hebbian learning
632. Defect production due to time-dependent coupling to environment in the Lindblad equation
633. Stochastic block model in a new critical regime and the interacting multiplicative coalescent
634. Hunting for the non-Hermitian exceptional points with fidelity susceptibility

635. Hamiltonian models of lattice fermions solvable by the meron-cluster algorithm
636. Evolutionary dynamics in the rock-paper-scissors system by changing community paradigm with population flow
637. Exact solution of two-dimensional (2D) Ising model with a transverse field: A low-dimensional quantum spin system
638. On the derivation of mean-field percolation critical exponents from the triangle condition
639. Localization and universality of eigenvectors in directed random graphs
640. Superstatistical two-temperature Ising model
641. Phase-space methods for simulating the dissipative many-body dynamics of collective spin systems
642. Pattern transition of neuronal networks induced by chemical autapses with random distribution
643. Phase diagram of a two-site coupled complex SYK model
644. Investigating the effect of single and hybrid nanoparticles on melting of phase change material in a rectangular enclosure with finite heat source

645. Universality of photon counting below a local bifurcation threshold
646. Islands and complexity of eternal black hole and radiation subsystems for a doubly holographic model
647. Silicon as high-temperature phase change medium for latent heat storage: A thermo-hydraulic study
648. The classical two-dimensional Heisenberg model revisited: An -symmetric tensor network study
649. Cosmic acceleration with bulk viscosity in modified f (Q) gravity
650. Transition and identification of pathological states in p53 dynamics for therapeutic intervention
651. Quantum elliptic vortex in a nematic-spin Bose-Einstein condensate
652. Magneto-optical and thermo-optical modulations of Goos-Hänchen effect in one-dimensional photonic crystal with graphene-VO2
653. Interpolating between dimensions
654. Universality classes of the Anderson transitions driven by non-Hermitian disorder

655. A level-set based space-time finite element approach to the modelling of solidification and melting processes
656. Tunneling Potentials for the Tunneling Action: Gauge Invariance
657. The p-widths of a surface
658. Super-exponential growth of out-of-time-ordered correlators
659. Kinesin Motors and the Evolution of Intelligence
660. Symmetry-protected topological phases beyond groups: The -deformed bilinear-biquadratic spin chain
661. A differential model for the hysteresis in magnetic shape memory alloys and its application of feedback linearization
662. An introduction to multiscale techniques in the theory of Anderson localization. Part I
663. The coupling and competition of crystallization and phase separation, correlating thermodynamics and kinetics in OPV morphology and performances
664. Group Theory Analysis to Study Phase Transitions of Quasi-2D Sr3Hf2O7

665. Quantum critical orbital diamagnetism in correlated Dirac system
666. Mechanical anomalies in mercury oxalate and the deformation of the mercury cube coordination environment under pressure
667. Entanglement Hamiltonian tomography in quantum simulation

668. Transient heat transfer analysis of orthotropic materials considering phase change process based on element-free Galerkin method
669. Heider balance of a chain of actors as dependent on the interaction range and a thermal noise
670. Spreading and Suppression of Infection Clusters on the Ginibre Continuum Percolation Clusters
671. One-loop radiative corrections to e+ e−→ Zh 0/H 0 A 0 in the Inert Higgs Doublet Model
672. QCD equations of state and speed of sound in neutron stars

673. Disconnection and entropic repulsion for the harmonic crystal with random conductances
674. Probing new physics with multi-vacua quantum tunnelings beyond standard model through gravitational waves
675. Novel linear decoupled and unconditionally energy stable numerical methods for the modified phase field crystal model
676. Exclusively Relativistic: Periodic Trends in the Melting and Boiling Points of Group 12
677. The Stable Derrida–Retaux System at Criticality
678. Holographic quark matter with color superconductivity and a stiff equation of state for compact stars
679. Thermal protective performance of firefighting protective clothing incorporated with phase change material in fire environments
680. Stability and bifurcation of collective dynamics in phase oscillator populations with general coupling
681. Dissipative structures in a parametrically driven dissipative lattice: Chimera, localized disorder, continuous-wave, and staggered states
682. A multi-step nucleation process determines the kinetics of prion-like domain phase separation

683. An elementary proof for dynamical scaling for certain fractional non-homogeneous Poisson processes
684. Tan’s two-body contact across the superfluid transition of a planar Bose gas
685. Effects of pest control on a food chain in patchy environment: Species-dependent activity range on multilayer graphs
686. Finite-size effects, demographic noise, and ecosystem dynamics
687. A charge-density-wave topological semimetal
688. Unitarity and Page curve for evaporation of 2D AdS black holes
689. Color confinement and Bose-Einstein condensation
690. Engineering self-organized criticality in living cells
691. Probing the Particle Spectrum of Nature with Evaporating Black Holes
692. Al-dependent electronic and magnetic properties of YCrO3 with magnetocaloric application: An ab-initio and Monte Carlo approach

693. Spin-texture-driven electrical transport in multi-Q antiferromagnets
694. Singularity scattering laws for bouncing cosmologies: a brief overview
695. The Loschmidt Index
696. An elementary approach to component sizes in some critical random graphs
697. Two-parameter counter-diabatic driving in quantum annealing
698. A molecular dynamic study of the effects of high pressure on the structure formation of liquid metallic Ti62Cu38 alloy during rapid solidification
699. Tunable proximity effects and topological superconductivity in ferromagnetic hybrid nanowires
700. Hyperhomogeneity of hydrogen-disordered ice and its origin: the residual entropy compatible with the disparity in hydrogen bond energy
701. Spectroscopy and critical quantum thermometry in the ultrastrong coupling regime
702. Experimental investigation on the characteristics of heat exchangers based on organic Rankine cycle system under different operating conditions

703. Annealing temperatures effect on the electrical and structural properties of nanocrystalline vanadium dioxide films prepared by Sol–Gel technique
704. Quantum discontinuity fixed point and renormalization group flow of the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model
705. Dimerization-Induced Solid-State Excimer Emission Showing Consecutive Thermochromic Luminescence Based on Acridine-Modified o-Carboranes
706. Particle-scale numerical modeling of thermo-mechanical phenomena for additive manufacturing using the material point method
707. Unbalanced SSFP for super‐resolution in MRI
708. Thermodynamics of a fast-moving Greenlandic outlet glacier revealed by fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing
709. Explosive synchronization in interlayer phase-shifted Kuramoto oscillators on multiplex networks
710. Three-Dimensional Structure of Non-Equilibrium Homogeneous Condensation Flow in a Supersonic Rectangular Nozzle
711. Kibble-Zurek exponent and chiral transition of the period-4 phase of Rydberg chains
712. Topological shadows and complexity of islands in multiboundary wormholes

713. Low-temperature thermodynamics of the two-leg ladder Ising model with trimer rungs: A mystery explained
714. Significantly reduced hysteresis in (Fe1/2Nb1/2) 4+-modified 0.75 Na1/2Bi1/2TiO3-0.25 SrTiO3 lead-free piezoceramics with large strain
715. The quantum random energy model as a limit of -spin interactions
716. The interchange process on high-dimensional products
717. The Deconfinement Transition of QCD
718. Lattice Quantum Electrodynamics in (3+ 1)-dimensions at finite density with Tensor Networks
719. Robustness of supply chain networks against underload cascading failures
720. Sharp maximal Lp-bounds for continuous martingales and their differential subordinates
721. Flexo-elastic control factors of domain morphology in core-shell ferroelectric nanoparticles: Soft and rigid shells
722. Local continuity of weak solutions to the Stefan problem involving the singular -Laplacian

723. Temperature-dependent electronic structure of bixbyite α-Mn2O3 and the importance of a subtle structural change on oxygen electrocatalysis
724. Metastable spiking networks in the replica-mean-field limit
725. Emergent ergodicity at the transition between many-body localized phases
726. Short-time Monte Carlo simulation of the majority-vote model on cubic lattices
727. Hygroscopicity of secondary marine organic aerosols: Mixtures of alkylammonium salts and inorganic components
728. Dissecting localization phenomena of dynamical processes on networks
729. Defect induced ferromagnetic ordering and room temperature negative magnetoresistance in MoTeP
730. Self‐healable and reprocessible liquid crystalline elastomer and its highly thermal conductive composites by incorporating graphene via in‐situ polymerization
731. Supersymmetric solitons and a degeneracy of solutions in AdS/CFT
732. Dual Universality and Unconventional Phase Diagram of a Clean 2D Superconductor with Tunable Disorders

733. Symmetries and strings of adjoint QCD 2
734. Mott Insulator-like Bose-Einstein Condensation in a Tight-Binding System of Interacting Bosons with a Flat Band
735. Lattice Boltzmann simulation of phase equilibrium of methane in nanopores under effects of adsorption
736. Age evolution in the mean field forest fire model via multitype branching processes
737. Community Detection with a Subsampled Semidefinite Program
738. Metal chalcogenides for neuromorphic computing: emerging materials and mechanisms
739. Lattice regularisation and entanglement structure of the Gross-Neveu model
740. Numerical investigation on the flow characteristics and choking mechanism of cavitation-induced choked flow in a Venturi reactor
741. Criticality of Lower Dimensional AdS Black Holes
742. Phase transitions and phase coexistence: equilibrium systems versus externally driven or active systems-Some perspectives

743. Quantum extremal islands made easy. Part III. Complexity on the brane
744. Phase transitions on C*-algebras from actions of congruence monoids on rings of algebraic integers
745. Thermodynamics and weak cosmic censorship conjecture in Born-Infeld-anti-de Sitter black holes
746. Self-questioning dynamical evolutionary game with altruistic behavior and sharing mechanism in scale-free network
747. Room temperature rectification in tapered-channel thermal diodes through nanoscale confinement-induced liquid–solid phase change
748. Emergent gravity from hidden sectors and TT deformations
749. Properties of nuclear pastas
750. Entanglement and confinement in coupled quantum systems
751. Dynamical Gibbs–non-Gibbs Transitions in the Curie–Weiss Potts Model in the Regime β < 3
752. Slow decay of infection in the inhomogeneous susceptible-infected-recovered model

753. Reconstructing the base field from imaginary multiplicative chaos
754. Emergent criticality and universality class of the finite-temperature charge-density-wave transition in lattice Bose gases within optical cavities
755. Long-Time Behaviors of Mean-Field Interacting Particle Systems Related to McKean–Vlasov Equations
756. Mimetic gravity in (2+ 1)-dimensions
757. The monopole problem in holographic cosmology
758. Bandgap optimization in combinatorial graphs with tailored ground states: Application in Quantum annealing
759. Finite-temperature spectrum at the symmetry-breaking linear to zigzag transition
760. Unlimited growth of particle fluctuations in many-body localized phases
761. Universal Landau-Zener regimes in dynamical topological phase transitions
762. Unification of Rare/Weak Detection Models using Moderate Deviations Analysis and Log-Chisquared P-values

763. Advances and obstacles in pressure-driven solid-state cooling: A review of barocaloric materials
764. of Vertical VO2
765. Mean-field BCS theory of the Meissner effect in bulk revisited
766. Nontrivial maturation metastate-average state in a one-dimensional long-range Ising spin glass: Above and below the upper critical range
767. Soft versus hard confinement effects on the phase transitions, and intra-and inter-molecular dynamics of 6BT liquid crystal constrained in electrospun polymer fibers …
768. Noncommutative inspired black holes in regularized 4D Einstein–Gauss–Bonnet theory
769. The nuclear effect analysis in relativistic heavy ion collisions at BNL energies
770. Ubiquitous quantum scarring does not prevent ergodicity
771. Non-Hermitian BCS-BEC evolution with a complex scattering length
772. Spin-Resolved Quantum Scars in Confined Spin-Coupled Two-Dimensional Electron Gas

773. Nonclassical correlations in two-qubit Ising model with an arbitrary magnetic field: Local quantum Fisher information and local quantum uncertainty
774. Explosive Synchronization in Inter-pinned Multilayer and Multiplex Networks
775. Engineering symmetry breaking in 2D layered materials
776. Development of short and long-range magnetic order in the double perovskite based frustrated triangular lattice antiferromagnet Ba 2 …
777. Phase transitions of the k-majority dynamics in a biased communication model
778. Breakdown of superconductivity in a magnetic field with self-intersecting zero set
779. Non-directed polymers in heavy-tail random environment in dimension
780. Structural, mechanical, thermodynamic and electronic properties of Pt 3 M (M= Al, Co, Hf, Sc, Y, Zr) compounds under high pressure
781. Almost Gibbsian Measures on a Cayley Tree
782. Phase Transitions of Repulsive Two-Component Fermi Gases in Two Dimensions

783. On Existence of Ground States in the Spin Boson Model
784. How many phases nucleate in the bidimensional Potts model?
785. Diffusion with local resetting and exclusion
786. Regularity of solutions to degenerate fully nonlinear elliptic equations with variable exponent
787. Magnetic properties of dysprosium–Experiment and modeling
788. Chiral hydrodynamics in strong external magnetic fields
789. Cr‐doped LiCoMnO4 cathode with high phase purity and promoted electrochemical performance
790. Non-equilibrium metal oxides via reconversion chemistry in lithium-ion batteries
791. Ergodicity breaking and lack of a typical waiting time in area-restricted search of avian predators
792. Double layered solutions to the extended Fisher–Kolmogorov PDE

793. Domain-wall confinement and dynamics in a quantum simulator
794. Capturing Manganese Oxide Intermediates in Electrochemical Water Oxidation at Neutral pH by In Situ Raman Spectroscopy
795. Molecularly imprinted smart cryogels for selective nickel recognition in aqueous solutions
796. Faceted-rough surface with disassembling of macrosteps in nucleation-limited crystal growth
797. Ultrastrong magnon–magnon coupling dominated by antiresonant interactions
798. Household bubbles and COVID-19 transmission: insights from percolation theory
799. Optimal covariance change point localization in high dimensions
800. Hydrodynamic pressure sensors with tunable sensitivity based on thermoresponsive hydrogels
801. Winding numbers, discriminants and topological phase transitions
802. Magnetocaloric properties of the spin-S (S≥ 1) Ising model driven by a time dependent oscillating magnetic field

803. Numerical investigation of cross plate fin heat sink integrated with phase change material for cooling application of portable electronic devices
804. Loose cores and cycles in random hypergraphs
805. Topological quantum phase transitions and criticality in a longer-range Kitaev chain
806. Moiré heterostructures as a condensed-matter quantum simulator
807. Topology, Interaction, Dirac fermions
808. Unconventional quantum annealing methods for difficult trial problems
809. Thermodynamic Quantities and Quasinormal Modes of Specific Black Holes
810. Renormalization footprints in the phase diagram of the Grosse-Wulkenhaar model
811. Quantum limits for stationary force sensing
812. Functional regression on the manifold with contamination

813. Neutrino portal to FIMP dark matter with an early matter era
814. Anisotropic percolation in high dimensions: the non-oriented case
815. Numerical analysis on formation and transition of white-eye square superlattice patterns in dielectric barrier discharge system
816. Analogies between the topological insulator phase of 2D Dirac materials and the superradiant phase of atom‐field systems
817. Mini-Workshop: One-sided and Two-sided Stochastic Descriptions
818. Boundary CFT and tensor network approach to surface critical phenomena of the tricritical 3-state Potts model
819. The art of simulating the early universe. Part I. Integration techniques and canonical cases
820. Height function delocalisation on cubic planar graphs
821. A quenched 2-flavour Einstein–Maxwell–Dilaton gauge-gravity model
822. Epidemic growth and Griffiths effects on an emergent network of excited atoms

823. A review on the theory of stable dendritic growth
824. First-order quantum phase transitions as condensations in the space of states
825. Determining the isotropic cloud point of carbon nanotube/chlorosulfonic acid solution using UV–vis–nIR absorbance saturation behavior
826. Synthesis and optical properties of alizarin yellow GG-Cu (II)-PVA nanocomposite film as a selective filter for optical applications
827. Universal witnesses of vanishing energy gap
828. Distinguishing localization from chaos: challenges in finite-size systems
829. Percolation thresholds for robust network connectivity
830. Molecular dynamics simulation study of curcumin interaction with nano-micelle of PNIPAAm-b-PEG co-polymer as a smart efficient drug delivery system
831. Robust preparation of many-body ground states in Jaynes–Cummings lattices
832. Dyonic Born-Infeld black hole in four-dimensional Horndeski gravity

833. Many-impurity scattering on the surface of a topological insulator
834. Structural and elastic properties of TlInSe2 at high pressure
835. Experimentally validated constitutive model for NiTi-based shape memory alloys featuring intermediate R-phase transformation: A case study of Ni48Ti49Fe3
836. Quantum-critical properties of the long-range transverse-field Ising model from quantum Monte Carlo simulations
837. Asymptotic log-det sum-of-ranks minimization via tensor (alternating) iteratively reweighted least squares
838. Reduced Density Matrix and Quantum Correlation in Two-Qubit Quantum Rabi Model
839. Simulation of a generalized asset exchange model with economic growth and wealth distribution
840. Joule–Thomson expansion of regular Bardeen AdS black hole surrounded by static anisotropic matter field
841. Quantum phase diagrams of matter-field Hamiltonians II: Wigner function analysis
842. Unifying Large-and Small-Scale Theories of Coordination

843. Influence of shell materials on the optical performance of VO2 core–shell nanoparticle–based thermochromic films
844. Central limit theorem for bifurcating Markov chains under -ergodic conditions
845. Stability of one and two-dimensional spatial solitons in a cubic–quintic–septimal nonlinear Schrödinger equation with fourth-order diffraction and PT-symmetric …

846. The number of perfect matchings, and the sandwich conjectures, of random regular graphs
847. Phase-field approximation of functionals defined on piecewise-rigid maps
848. Vortex annealing of structural disorder in non-equilibrium critical relaxation of the two-dimensional site-diluted XY-model with generalized model of disorder

849. Dual topological characterization of non-Hermitian Floquet phases
850. Thermodynamics of ()-dimensional Coulomb-like black holes from nonlinear electrodynamics with a traceless energy momentum tensor
851. 57Fe Mössbauer isomer shift of pure iron and iron oxides at high pressure—An experimental and theoretical study
852. Unveiling the phase diagram of a bond-alternating spin- chain
853. Valence state of europium and samarium in Ln2Hf2O7 (Ln= Eu, Sm) based oxygen ion conductors
854. Ergodicity breaking in an incommensurate system observed by OTOCs and Loschmidt Echoes: From quantum diffusion to sub-diffusion
855. Influence of the nitrogen content on the structure and properties of MoNbTaVW high entropy alloy thin films
856. Soft gravity by squaring soft QED on the celestial sphere
857. Dynamics of epidemic diseases without guaranteed immunity
859. Structural characterization of ice XIX as the second polymorph related to ice VI
860. Phase diagram, stability and magnetic properties of nonlinear excitations in spinor Bose–Einstein condensates
861. Bubble Wall Velocity at Strong Coupling
862. Liouvillian skin effect: Slowing down of relaxation processes without gap closing
863. 3D magnetic resonance fingerprinting with quadratic RF phase
864. Logarithmic Entanglement Growth from Disorder-Free Localization in the Two-Leg Compass Ladder
865. Colossal barocaloric effects in the complex hydride Li 2 B …
866. Quantum coherence, quantum Fisher information and teleportation in the Ising-Heisenberg spin chain model of a heterotrimetallic Fe− Mn− Cu coordination polymer …
867. Dissipative phase transitions in the fully connected Ising model with -spin interaction
868. De Finetti-Style Results for Wishart Matrices: Combinatorial Structure and Phase Transitions
869. Anomalous mobility edges in one-dimensional quasiperiodic models
870. Energy conditions for a ( WRS ) 4 spacetime in F ( R )-gravity
871. Approximating the cumulant generating function of triangles in the Erdös–Rényi random graph

872. Universality, Lee-Yang singularities and series expansions
873. Critical theory for the breakdown of photon blockade
874. Sharp detection boundaries on testing dense subhypergraph
875. Topological Uhlmann phase transitions for a spin- particle in a magnetic field
876. The Effective Stress Coefficient of Coal: A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation
877. Experimental evidence of mosaic structure in strongly supercooled molecular liquids
878. Spectral bias and task-model alignment explain generalization in kernel regression and infinitely wide neural networks
879. A review on the sznajd model—20 years after
880. Strongly Interacting Bosons in a Two-Dimensional Quasicrystal Lattice
881. Piezoelectric properties of PVDF‐conjugated polymer nanofibers

882. Duality between two generalized Aubry-André models with exact mobility edges
883. Random-cluster dynamics on random regular graphs in tree uniqueness
884. Marginal CFT perturbations at the integer quantum Hall transition
885. Barely supercritical percolation on Poissonian scale-free networks
886. The smooth distributions of the surface states in a semi-bounded medium with an abruptly change in characteristics in dependence on the field amplitude
887. Effect of the Coupling Between Director and Mass Density Fluctuations on the Paranematic–Nematic Transition Temperature: A Mean-field Treatment
888. Emergence and control of complex behaviors in driven systems of interacting qubits with dissipation
889. Random Simplicial Complexes: Models and Phenomena
890. Vibrational resonance in a driven two-level quantum system, linear and nonlinear response
891. Quantum phases of Rydberg atoms on a kagome lattice

892. Dark matter in the type Ib seesaw model
893. Oscillations in a Becker-D\” oring model with injection and depletion
894. Phase-Field Modeling of Biomineralization in Mollusks and Corals: Microstructure vs Formation Mechanism
895. Simplified force field for molecular dynamics simulations of amorphous SiO2 for solar applications
896. The effect of disorder on quenched and averaged large deviations for random walks in random environments: boundary behavior
897. Three-dimensional Phase Field Modeling of Fracture in Shape Memory Ceramics
898. Axial ring‐down modes in general relativity and in its pseudo‐complex extension
899. Sound pulses in lipid membranes and their potential function in biology
900. Power-law coarsening in network-forming phase separation governed by mechanical relaxation
901. Property (T) in -gonal random groups

902. Effect of hydrostatic compression on physical properties of Li2TmSi3 (Tm= Ir, Pt, Rh, Os) with ground-state optical features
903. Hysteresis loop area scaling exponents in DNA unzipping by a periodic force: A Langevin dynamics simulation study
904. Non-Hermitian BCS-BEC crossover of Dirac fermions
905. Uncertainty quantification of percolating electrical conductance for wavy carbon nanotube-filled polymer nanocomposites using Bayesian inference
906. Joule-Thomson expansion for quantum corrected AdS-Reissner-Nordstrom black holes in Kiselev spacetime
907. Holographic renormalization with machine learning
908. Coexistence of Polymeric Microemulsion with Homopolymer-Rich Phases
909. How the growth of ice depends on the fluid dynamics underneath
910. Dynamical evolution in a one-dimensional incommensurate lattice with symmetry
911. Topological and symmetry-enriched random quantum critical points

912. Classical magnetic vortex liquid and large thermal Hall conductivity in frustrated magnets with bond-dependent interactions
913. Geometry and molecular dynamics of the Hamiltonian mean-field model in a magnetic field
914. Many-body delocalization as symmetry breaking
915. Thermodynamics of Barrow Holographic Dark Energy with Specific Cut-Off
916. Hugoniot States and Mie–Grüneisen Equation of State of Iron Estimated Using Molecular Dynamics
917. Yang-Lee edge singularity triggered entanglement transition
918. Electronic properties, high pressure phase stability and elastic anisotropy of BC5
919. Neural networks in quantum many-body physics: a hands-on tutorial
920. Transformation toughness induced by surface tension of the crack-tip process zone interface: A field-theoretical approach
921. Chiral symmetry restoration and deconfinement in the contact interaction model of quarks with a parallel electric and magnetic fields

922. Influence of Spray Drying Parameters on the Formation of β‐Phase Poly(vinylidene fluoride)
923. Joule–Thomson expansion of higher dimensional nonlinearly AdS black hole with power Maxwell invariant source
924. Thermodynamics of a rotating and non-linear magnetic-charged black hole in the quintessence field
925. Interplay between receptor-ligand binding and lipid domain formation depends on the mobility of ligands in cell-substrate adhesion
926. Influence of Ni4Ti3 precipitation on martensitic transformations in NiTi shape memory alloy: R phase transformation
927. Dynamic Transitions and Bifurcations for a Class of Axisymmetric Geophysical Fluid Flow
928. Hybrid Fracton Phases: Parent Orders for Liquid and Non-Liquid Quantum Phases
929. Higher-form symmetry breaking at Ising transitions
930. Construction of Hybrid Bi‐microcompartments with Exocytosis‐Inspired Behavior toward Fast Temperature‐Modulated Transportation of living Organisms
931. The minimal interaction induced by the translation subgroup has a gap and possible relates to the strong fundamental interaction.

932. The thermal properties of the one-dimensional boson particles in Rindler spacetime
933. Phase evolution and structural modulation during in situ lithiation of MoS 2, WS 2 and graphite in TEM
934. Coexisting firing patterns and phase synchronization in locally active memristor coupled neurons with HR and FN models
935. Negative energy enhancement in layered holographic conformal field theories
936. Merohedral disorder and impurity impacts on superconductivity of fullerenes
937. Interplay of local order and topology in the extended Haldane-Hubbard model
938. Flat-band full localization and symmetry-protected topological phase on bilayer lattice systems
939. Detection of Signal in the Spiked Rectangular Models
940. Frame-constrained total variation regularization for white noise regression
941. The Ising universality class of kinetic exchange models of opinion dynamics

942. Study of the magnetocaloric effect in single-phase antiferromagnetic GdMnO3
943. Existence of a phase with finite localization length in the double scaling limit of N-orbital models
944. Thermodynamic Instability of 3D Einstein-Born-Infeld AdS Black Holes
945. Analysis of the impact of mask-wearing in viral spread: Implications for COVID-19
946. Para‐xylene under extreme conditions: A Raman spectroscopic study
947. Paraelectric KH2PO4 nanocrystals in monolithic mesoporous silica: Structure and lattice dynamics
948. Bose-Einstein Condensation for Lattice Bosons
949. Boundary conformal field theory at the extraordinary transition: The layer susceptibility to O (ε)
950. Heat flux balance description of unidirectional freezing and melting dynamics on a translational temperature gradient stage
951. Evidence of many-body localization in 2D from quantum Monte Carlo simulation

952. Thermodynamic properties and electrical conductivity of a tight-binding hard-sphere model for liquid metals
953. Criticality in Spreading Processes without Timescale Separation and the Critical Brain Hypothesis
954. A Brownian motion model to describe a random crystallization of undercooled water dispersed within emulsions
955. Ambient-pressure Dirac electron system in the quasi-two-dimensional molecular conductor
956. Noise-induced kinetic transition in two-component environment
957. Hairy Black Holes in Disformal Scalar-Tensor Gravity Theories

958. Effect of rare-earth doping on the dielectric property and polarization behavior of antiferroelectric sodium niobate-based ceramics
959. Transitions in random graphs of fixed degrees with many short cycles

960. Small-scale heterogeneity in the lowermost mantle beneath Alaska and northern Pacific revealed from shear-wave triplications
961. GUT baryogenesis with primordial black holes
962. Preparation of VO2 (M) nanoparticles with exemplary optical performance from VO2 (B) nanobelts by Ball Milling
963. Comparative study of transition FLRW and axially symmetric cosmological structures with domain walls in f(R, T) gravity
964. Chiral Symmetry Restoration from the Running Coupling Constant from the Light-Front Approach to QCD
965. A comment on” Discrete time crystals: rigidity, criticality, and realizations”
966. Critical phenomena in the market of competing firms induced by state interventionism
967. The emergence of Strange metal and Topological Liquid near Quantum Critical Point in a solvable model
968. Phase transitions and noise sensitivity on the Poisson space via stopping sets and decision trees
969. Mixed‐phase MoS2 decorated reduced graphene oxide hybrid composites for efficient symmetric supercapacitors

970. Machine learning non-Hermitian topological phases
971. Cost efficiency of institutional incentives in finite populations
972. Differential patterns of growth in reading and math skills during elementary school.
973. [BOOK][B] Quantized Number Theory, Fractal Strings and the Riemann Hypothesis: From Spectral Operators to Phase Transitions and Universality
974. Charged torus-like black holes as heat engines
975. Computational design of two‐dimensional magnetic materials
976. The*-Vertex-Reinforced Jump Process
977. Seasonal epidemic spreading on small-world networks: Biennial outbreaks and classical discrete time crystals
978. Anomalies and unusual stability of multicomponent Luttinger liquids in spin chains
979. Characterising the Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of a Neural Cell

980. On the behavior of the Casimir force in an exactly solvable model of a liquid film with an ordering field: The case of Dirichlet boundary conditions
981. Probing configurational disorder in using cluster-based Monte Carlo
982. On the thermal nonclassical correlations in a two-spin XYZ Heisenberg model with Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya interaction
983. Homological percolation transitions in growing simplicial complexes
984. Enhancement of Optical Activity and Properties of Barium Titanium Oxides to Be Active in Sunlight through Using Hollandite Phase Instead of Perovskite Phase
985. SGD in the Large: Average-case Analysis, Asymptotics, and Stepsize Criticality
986. Inhomogeneous time-reversal symmetry breaking in
987. Ring-frustrated non-Hermitian XY model
988. Phase transitions and stability of dynamical processes on hypergraphs
989. Numerical Phase-Field Model Validation for Dissolution of Minerals

990. Topological Insulating Phase in Single-Layer Pentagonal Covalent Organic Frameworks: A Reticular Design Using Metal Phthalocyanine
991. PDE/Statistical Mechanics Duality: Relation Between Guerra’s Interpolated p-Spin Ferromagnets and the Burgers Hierarchy
992. Ausschließlich relativistisch: Periodische Trends in den Schmelz‐und Siedepunkten der Gruppe 12