Large deviation Math Research Topics Ideas for MS/PhD

List of Large deviation Math Research Topics Ideas for MS/PhD

1. Regularity method and large deviation principles for the Erd\H {o} s–R\’enyi hypergraph
2. Rare Event Analysis for Minimum Hellinger Distance Estimators via Large Deviation Theory
3. A large deviation principle in many-body quantum dynamics

4. Threshold selection for cluster inference based on large deviation principles
5. Inverse design of nonequilibrium steady states: A large-deviation approach
6. Efficiency large deviation function of quantum heat engines
7. Large Deviations and Information theory for Sub-Critical SINR Randon Network Models

8. Large deviations in the symmetric simple exclusion process with slow boundaries
9. Short time large deviations of the KPZ equation
10. Large deviation principle for moment map estimation
11. Dynamical large deviations of two-dimensional kinetically constrained models using a neural-network state ansatz
12. Precise asymptotics: robust stochastic volatility models
13. Learning Nonequilibrium Control Forces to Characterize Dynamical Phase Transitions
14. Developing the teaching materials of algebra matrix based on M-APOS model to develop students’ autonomous learning on math
15. Large deviations for discrete -ensembles
16. First-year students’ math anxiety predicts STEM avoidance and underperformance throughout university, independently of math ability
17. Hawking–Penrose Black Hole Model. Large Emission Regime

18. A combined robust approach based on auto‐regressive long short‐term memory network and moving horizon estimation for state‐of‐charge estimation of lithium‐ion …
20. Coherent spin states and stochastic hybrid path integrals
21. Large Deviations of Kac’s Conservative Particle System and Energy Non-Conserving Solutions to the Boltzmann Equation: A Counterexample to the Predicted Rate …
22. On large deviation rate functions for a continuous-time directed polymer in weak disorder
23. Large deviation principle of occupation measures for non-linear monotone SPDEs
24. Wentzell–Freidlin Large Deviation Principle for Stochastic Convective Brinkman–Forchheimer Equations
25. Large deviation principles of obstacle problems for quasilinear stochastic PDEs
26. Empirical measure and small noise asymptotics under large deviation scaling for interacting diffusions
27. Large deviation Local Limit Theorems and limits of biconditioned Planar Maps
28. Large deviation principle for the cutsets and lower large deviation principle for the maximal flow in first passage percolation
29. Large deviations in continuous-time random walks
30. Probability distribution function of the aperture mass field with large deviation theory
31. Born in the family: preferences for boys and the gender gap in math
32. Projections of the uniform distribution on the cube–a large deviation perspective
33. Leveraging large-deviation statistics to decipher the stochastic properties of measured trajectories
34. Large deviation principle for SDEs with Dini continuous drifts
35. Large deviations for the largest eigenvalue of sub-Gaussian matrices
36. Condensation transition and ensemble inequivalence in the discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equation
37. Measuring mathematical problem solving with the math dataset
38. New probability distribution describing emergence in state space
39. Limit theorems on counting measures for a branching random walk with immigration in a random environment
40. Entanglement distribution in the Quantum Symmetric Simple Exclusion Process

41. Counting equilibria of large complex systems by instability index
42. Large deviations for Kac-like walks
43. Moderate deviation principles for nonparametric recursive distribution estimators using Bernstein polynomials
44. Uniform Large Deviations for a Class of Burgers-Type Stochastic Partial Differential Equations in any Space Dimension
45. On the upper tail problem for random hypergraphs
46. Local convergence of random planar graphs
47. Large deviations built on max-stability
48. Unified mechanism of inverse stochastic resonance for monostability and bistability in Hindmarsh–Rose neuron
49. Procedural generation of problems for elementary math education
50. Large deviations for Markov jump processes with uniformly diminishing rates

51. Hole probability for noninteracting fermions in a -dimensional trap
52. Equilibrium Mean-Field-Like Statistical Models with KPZ Scaling
53. High-dimensional CLT: Improvements, non-uniform extensions and large deviations
54. Admission test analysis of pre-service math-science teacher based on its related factors
55. Multistability and Rare Spontaneous Transitions in Barotropic β-Plane Turbulence
56. Euler-scale dynamical fluctuations in non-equilibrium interacting integrable systems
57. -convergence for a class of action functionals induced by gradients of convex functions
58. Algebra 1 or Traditional Math in Eighth Grade?: The Effects on School District PSAT and SAT Performance Scores
59. Agent-based modeling: Population limits and large timescales
60. Position distribution in a generalized run-and-tumble process

61. A novel online model parameters identification method with anti‐interference characteristics for lithium‐ion batteries
62. Dipl.-Math. Kateryna Graf
63. The path to college education: The role of math and verbal skills
64. Localization transition in the discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equation: ensembles inequivalence and negative temperatures
66. Law of large numbers for the spectral radius of random matrix products
67. T product Tensors Part II: Tail Bounds for Sums of Random T product Tensors
68. Autocorrelation functions and ergodicity in diffusion with stochastic resetting
69. Evaluating the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral therapy on math self-concept and math anxiety of elementary school students
70. The effect of developmental math on STEM participation in community college: Variation by race, gender, achievement, and aspiration

71. Persistent fluctuations of the swarm size of Brownian bees
72. The short-and long-run impacts of secondary school absences
73. Importance of math prerequisites for performance in introductory physics
74. Validation of a secondary dose check tool against Monte Carlo and analytical clinical dose calculation algorithms in VMAT
75. Math Achievement of Low-Socioeconomic Status Students: A Comparative Study of Public-School Settings
76. Some applications of heat flow to Laplace eigenfunctions
77. Point process convergence for the off-diagonal entries of sample covariance matrices
78. Do remedial activities using math workbooks improve student learning? Empirical evidence from scaled-up interventions in Niger
79. Improved exploiting higher order smoothness in derivative-free optimization and continuous bandit
80. Minimization of a class of rare event probabilities and buffered probabilities of exceedance

81. Physics‐based probabilistic seismic hazard and loss assessment in large urban areas: A simplified application to Istanbul
82. On negative dependence properties of Latin hypercube samples and scrambled nets
83. Precise large deviations for dependent subexponential variables
84. Dependence of intrinsic viscosity and molecular size on molecular weight of partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide
86. Comparative DFT study of vibrational, electronic, and optical properties of energetic alkali metal salts based on nitrogen‐rich 5‐aminotetrazole
87. Reading and Math as Predictors of Discipline Referrals
88. On stability of quantum trajectories and their Cesaro mean
89. Small‐time, large‐time, and asymptotics for the Rough Heston model
90. Sparse Estimation with Math and R: 100 Exercises for Building Logic

91. Convergence verification of the Collatz problem
92. Math anxiety affects females’ vocational interests
93. A full spectrum k‐distribution‐based weighted‐sum‐of‐gray‐gases model for pressurized oxy‐fuel combustion
94. The central limit theorem for directed polymers in weak disorder, revisited
95. Thermal transport by electrons and phonons in PdTe 2: an ab initio study
96. Stochastic limit-cycle oscillations of a nonlinear system under random perturbations
97. Does monitoring deter future cheating? The case of external examiners in Italian schools
98. Work fluctuations in a generalized Gaussian active bath
99. A DFT/machine‐learning hybrid method for the prediction of 3JHCCH couplings
100. The Effects of a Math Racetracks Intervention on the Single-Digit Multiplication Facts Fluency of Four Struggling Elementary School Students.

101. A meta-analysis of the relation between math anxiety and math achievement.
102. Socioeconomic status, home mathematics environment and math achievement in kindergarten: A mediation analysis
103. Bahadur efficiency of the maximum likelihood estimator and one-step estimator for quasi-arithmetic means of the Cauchy distribution
104. A compensation textures dehazing method for water alike area
105. Developmentally appropriate practice in early childhood education redefined: The case of math
106. Teachers caring for students and students caring for math: The development of culturally and linguistically diverse adolescents’ math motivation
107. Metastability of stochastic Ising and Potts models on lattices without external fields
108. The Bethe ansatz for sticky Brownian motions
109. Exploring Factors Contributing to Weak Math Skills in Saudi Engineering Undergraduate Students and their Influence on the Students’ Study Achievements
110. Validation of (not‐historical) large‐event near‐fault ground‐motion simulations for use in civil engineering applications

111. Sparse Estimation with Math and R
112. Identifying math and reading difficulties of multilingual children: Effects of different cut-offs and reference groups
113. Distributionally robust optimization with Markovian data
114. Orthogonality of fluxes in general nonlinear reaction networks
115. Applications of Math Microscope in the Event Horizon Telescope
116. Assessment of posttensioned concrete beams from the 1940s: Large‐scale load testing, numerical analysis and Bayesian assessment of prestressing losses
117. A sharp Wasserstein uncertainty principle for Laplace eigenfunctions
118. A transportation approach to the mean-field approximation
119. Unique equilibrium states, large deviations and Lyapunov spectra for the Katok map
120. Classroom‐based physical activity and math performance: Integrated physical activity or not?

121. Diverging Disparities: Race, Parental Income, and Children’s Math Scores, 1960 to 2009
122. Pathwise asymptotics for Volterra type stochastic volatility models
123. Asian American students in STEM fields: motivational beliefs in math and intended college major choices
124. Two‐Phase Flow Morphology and Phase Fractions in Larger Feed Line Sections
125. Developing, Enacting and Evaluating a Learning Experience Design for Technology-Enhanced Embodied Learning in Math Classrooms
126. Illusory gender-equality paradox, math self-concept, and frame-of-reference effects: New integrative explanations for multiple paradoxes.
127. Investigating US preschool teachers’ math teaching knowledge in counting and numbers
128. Maximum likelihood estimation for stochastic differential equations driven by a mixed fractional Brownian motion with random effects
129. Does handwriting impact learning on math tutoring systems?
130. The free energy of a quantum Sherrington–Kirkpatrick spin-glass model for weak disorder

131. Kinetic uncertainty relation on first-passage time for accumulated current
132. Moderate deviation principles for bifurcating Markov chains: case of functions dependent of one variable
133. An Investigation of the Effects of Dual-Language Immersion Programs on Reading and Math Achievement for Non-EL Students Receiving a Free or Reduced …
134. Upper tail for homomorphism counts in constrained sparse random graphs
135. Development of brain white matter and math computation ability in children born very preterm and full-term
136. The Psychological Effect of a Math Signal
137. Riemann surface crossover for the spectral gaps of open TASEP
138. Divergences between effects on test scores and effects on non-cognitive skills
139. Bubble dynamics in microchannel: An overview of the state-of-the-art
140. Priming the leadership pipeline: School performance and climate under an urban school leadership residency program

141. Spectral deviation of concentration operators for the short-time Fourier transform
142. On sequential selection and a first passage problem for the Poisson process
143. Approximate arithmetic training does not improve symbolic math in third and fourth grade children
144. Brain network integration dynamics are associated with loss and recovery of consciousness induced by sevoflurane
145. Improvements in math instruction and student achievement through professional learning around the Common Core State Standards in Chicago
146. Harmonic functions of random walks in a semigroup via ladder heights
147. Lyapunov exponents of the half-line SHE
148. Large socio-economic, geographic and demographic disparities exist in exposure to school closures
149. Eigenstate entanglement: Crossover from the ground state to volume laws
150. Large colloidal probes for atomic force microscopy: Fabrication and calibration issues

151. A Math-heuristic Algorithm for Concurrent Assignment and Sequence Scheduling in Multi-Shuttle Shared Location Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems
152. A time‐frequency dependent coherence model for seismic ground motions
153. Dose prediction for radiation therapy using feature‐based losses and One Cycle Learning
154. Wavelet analysis of shearless turbulent mixing layer
155. Some variations on the extremal index
156. Numerical approximations of one-point large deviations rate functions of stochastic differential equations with small noise
157. Comorbidity in Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder with Math and Reading Specific Learning Disorders
158. Fractional moments of the stochastic heat equation
159. Stochastic resetting and first arrival subjected to Gaussian noise and Poisson white noise
160. Explicit bivariate rate functions for large deviations in AR (1) and MA (1) processes with Gaussian innovations

162. An Investigation into African-American Males’ Achievement Growth in Reading and Math, Attendance, and Discipline Based on After-School Program Attendance
163. Discrepancy bounds for a class of negatively dependent random points including Latin hypercube samples
164. From data to decisions: Distributionally robust optimization is optimal
165. Unipolar plasma electrolytic oxidation: Waveform optimisation for corrosion resistance of commercially pure titanium
166. Relation-aware dynamic attributed graph attention network for stocks recommendation
167. A central limit theorem and moderate deviation principle for the stochastic 2D Oldroyd model of order one
168. The Data‐Driven Schrödinger Bridge
169. On the identification and analysis of citation pattern irregularities among journals
170. Using the New York State Algebra 1 Regents Results for Introductory Math Course Placement at a Suburban New York State Community College

171. Statistical Learning with Math and Python
172. A symplectic discontinuous Galerkin full discretization for stochastic Maxwell equations
173. Poisson statistics for Gibbs measures at high temperature
174. Teacher practices with adaptive math technology: Sitting in the driver’s seat of a self-driving car

175. Ultra‐compact accurate wave functions for He‐like and Li‐like iso‐electronic sequences and variational calculus: I. Ground state
176. Evolution of the stiffness tetrad in fiber-reinforced materials under large plastic strain

177. An Investigation of the Relationship Between Number Sense and Student Math Achievement
178. Short-and long-term prediction of a chaotic flow: A physics-constrained reservoir computing approach
179. Relations between parental math beliefs and emergent math skills among preschoolers from low-income households
180. The smallest singular value of inhomogeneous square random matrices
181. Leader in Me: Effects on Math Achievement
182. Parametric inference for stochastic differential equations driven by a mixed fractional Brownian motion with random effects based on discrete observations
183. Extreme first passage times of piecewise deterministic Markov processes
184. From Blackwell dominance in large samples to Rényi divergences and back again
185. A note on the mean-field limit for the particle swarm optimization
186. Improved spectral gaps for random quantum circuits: large local dimensions and all-to-all interactions

187. Comparison of parameter identification methods for linear dynamic systems under mixed noise
188. Laboratory federalism with public funds sharing
189. Large‐scale assessment of intra‐and inter‐annual breeding success using a remote camera network
190. Ability Stratification Predicts the Size of the Big-Fish-Little-Pond Effect
191. Extension of the Invariance Principle for Compound Renewal Processes to the Zones of Moderately Large and Small Deviations
192. Rare event algorithm study of extreme warm summers and heatwaves over Europe
193. Adaptive treatment assignment in experiments for policy choice
194. Singular vector and singular subspace distribution for the matrix denoising model
195. Impact of broad categorization on statistical results: How underrepresented minority designation can mask the struggles of both Asian American and African American …
196. Integrability of SLE via conformal welding of random surfaces

197. Exploring Middle School Students’ Goal Orientation In Two Contexts: Math And Music
198. A Phenomenological Study on Why African American High School Students Score Low on Math Assessments: How to Bridge the Gap
199. Evolution of concentration under lattice spin-flip dynamics
200. How “Belt and Road” initiative implementation has influenced R&D outcomes of Chinese enterprises: asset‐exploitation or knowledge transfer?
201. Developmental dynamics between reading and math in elementary school
202. Minimum divergence estimators, Maximum likelihood and the generalized bootstrap
203. A note on volume thresholds for random polytopes
204. Teacher effects on student achievement and height: A cautionary tale
205. Time-varying Queues: a Two-time-scale Approach
206. Approximating the cumulant generating function of triangles in the Erdös–Rényi random graph

207. Perceptual reasoning skills mediate the relationship between attention and math proficiency in individuals with a neurodevelopmental condition
208. All-order explicitly correlated relativistic computations for atoms and molecules
209. On Sums of Monotone Random Integer Variables
210. Noncontact cable force estimation with unmanned aerial vehicle and computer vision
211. Efficient learning of a linear dynamical system with stability guarantees
212. On large deviations for combinatorial sums
213. Development of Math Attitudes and Math Self‐Concepts: Gender Differences, Implicit–Explicit Dissociations, and Relations to Math Achievement
214. Robust high precision multi-frame motion detection for PMLSMs’ mover based on local upsampling moving least square method
215. The prediction of water level based on support vector machine under construction condition of steel sheet pile cofferdam
216. Optimal matching between energy saving and traffic load for mobile multimedia communication

217. Mechanics‐based model updating for identification and virtual sensing of an offshore wind turbine using sparse measurements
218. Quiver asymptotics and amoeba: Instantons on toric Calabi-Yau divisors
219. A fast and efficient feature extraction methodology for structural damage localization based on raw acceleration measurements
220. Nonasymptotic bounds for suboptimal importance sampling
221. Shadow and weak deflection angle of extended uncertainty principle black hole surrounded with dark matter
222. The Impact of STEM Education on Elementary School Math and Science Achievement
223. Smoothed peridynamics for the extremely large deformation and cracking problems: Unification of peridynamics and smoothed particle hydrodynamics
224. Machine intelligent and deep learning techniques for large training data in short‐term wind speed and ramp event forecasting
225. Evaluation of an online early mathematics professional development program for early childhood teachers
226. A mediation analysis of emotions based on the control-value theory

227. Fluctuations of the log-gamma polymer free energy with general parameters and slopes
228. Mathematical abilities in children: an sMRI analysis with radiomics
229. Feasibility and repeatability of ocular biometry measured with Lenstar LS 900 in a large group of children and adolescents
230. Anderson localization for electric quantum walks and skew-shift CMV matrices
231. The Role of Low Learning in Driving Dropout: A Longitudinal Mixed Methods Study in Four Countries
232. Probing the mechanisms underlying numerosity-to-numeral mappings and their relation to math competence
233. Is four less than five? Effects of four-day school weeks on student achievement in Oregon
234. Examining the Educational Spillover Effects of Severe Natural Disasters: The Case of Hurricane Maria
235. Does Computer-Aided Instruction Improve Children’s Cognitive and Noncognitive Skills?
236. Irreversibility, Loschmidt echo, and thermodynamic uncertainty relation

237. Can the Macroscopic Fluctuation Theory be Quantized?
238. Adaptation and Psychometric Evaluation of Modified Abbreviated Math Anxiety Scale for Children in Serbia.
239. Children’s and adults’ math attitudes are differentiated by number type
240. Majority dynamics: The power of one
241. Integrating segmentation and parameter estimation for recreating vertical alignments
242. Uncertainty-Based Analysis of Random Load Signal and Fatigue Life for Mechanical Structures
243. A Multilevel Study of the Impact of District-Level Characteristics on Texas Student Growth Trajectories on a High-Stakes Math Exam
244. A stochastic-statistical residential burglary model with independent Poisson clocks
245. A stability result on matchings in 3-uniform hypergraphs
246. Does Daily Support of an In-School Math Tutoring Program Improve the Academic Performance of Subgroups in Seventh-Grade Mathematics in a Focus School?

247. Validating the Research-Based Early Math Assessment (REMA) among rural children in Southwest United States
248. Accurately approximating extreme value statistics
249. Limit theorems for moment processes of beta Dyson’s Brownian motions and beta Laguerre processes
250. Evaluating spatial thinking ability using item response theory: Differential item functioning across math learning disabilities and geometry instructions
251. A Phillips curve for the euro area
252. Thermodynamic uncertainty relation for general open quantum systems
253. Explaining achievement gaps in kindergarten and third grade: The role of self-regulation and executive function skills
254. On the derivation of the wave kinetic equation for NLS
255. The impact of socioeconomic status (SES) on cognitive outcomes following radiotherapy for pediatric brain tumors: a prospective, longitudinal trial
256. Efficient data transfer in edge envisioned environment using artificial intelligence based edge node algorithm

257. The quantum random energy model as a limit of -spin interactions
258. Generation and Long‐Term Stability of Ultrafine Bubbles in Water
259. Investigating the Feasibility of Preschool Interventions Targeting Children’s Executive Functioning & Math Skills
260. Effects of Virtual Math Mentorships on Elementary Student Math Scores
261. Analysis optimization and modelling of CO2 welding process parameters in fabrication of mild steel plates
262. Achievement Gaps in the Wake of COVID-19
263. A hybrid deep learning technology for PM 2.5 air quality forecasting
264. On the Le Cam distance between Poisson and Gaussian experiments and the asymptotic properties of Szasz estimators
265. Deviation measure in second‐order stochastic dominance with an application to enhanced indexing
266. Unconventional singularities and energy balance in frictional rupture

267. Individual Creativity and Career Choices of Pre-teens in the Context of a Math-Art Learning Event
268. Grazer behaviour can regulate large‐scale patterning of community states
269. Machine learning framework for computing the most probable paths of stochastic dynamical systems
270. Gaussian distributions on Riemannian symmetric spaces in the large N limit
271. Forecasting power consumption with an activation function combined grey model: A case study of China
272. Mind the Gaps: Examining Youth’s Reading, Math and Science Skills Across Northern and Rural Canada
273. Doing math with mathematicians to support pedagogical reasoning about inquiry-oriented instruction
274. Tolerance analysis of the volumetric error of heavy-duty machine tool based on interval uncertainty
275. Bound entanglement from randomized measurements
276. Shape of species climate response curves affects community response to climate change

277. Irreversibility and biased ensembles in active matter: Insights from stochastic thermodynamics
278. Instability of LIFO queueing networks
279. Long-range phase order in two dimensions under shear flow
280. A comparative study of gradient nonlinearity correction strategies for processing diffusion data obtained with ultra‐strong gradient MRI scanners
281. Redistribution of salmon populations in the northeast Pacific ocean in response to climate
282. Can narrative cutscenes improve home learning from a math game? An experimental study with children
283. High dosage tutoring in pre-vocational secondary education: Experimental evidence from Amsterdam
284. Microscopic biasing of discrete-time quantum trajectories
285. The joint spectrum
286. Image encryption based on a single‐round dictionary and chaotic sequences in cloud computing

287. A sharp discrepancy bound for jittered sampling
288. Reducing the effect of sample bias for small data sets with double‐weighted support vector transfer regression
289. Optimal coordinated tuning of power system stabilizers and wide‐area measurement‐based fractional‐order PID controller of large‐scale PV farms for LFO damping …
290. Application of adaptive multilevel splitting to high-dimensional dynamical systems
291. Updated thermochemistry for renewable transportation fuels: New groups and group values for acetals and ethers, their radicals, and peroxy species
292. Analytical solutions for the displacement and stress of lined circular tunnel subjected to surcharge loadings in semi-infinite ground
293. The role of the power law exponent in wind energy assessment: A global analysis
294. Systematic bias in studies of consumer functional responses
295. The effects of local industrial pollution on students and schools
296. Early access: Elementary school outcomes for Arkansas Better Chance public pre-kindergarten participants

297. Bayesian and frequentist inferences on a type I half-logistic odd Weibull generator with applications in engineering
298. Large deviations and entropy production in viscous fluid flows
299. Growth kinetics of Myceliophthora thermophila M.7•7 in solid‐state cultivation
300. Universality of photon counting below a local bifurcation threshold
301. Evaluating the internal consistency of subtraction‐based and residualized difference scores: Considerations for psychometric reliability analyses of event‐related …
302. Machine‐learning‐enhanced tail end prediction of structural response statistics in earthquake engineering
303. QUESTDB: A database of highly accurate excitation energies for the electronic structure community
304. Entropic optimal transport: geometry and large deviations
305. Violence and human capital investments
306. Automatic generation controller for multi area multisource regulated power system using grasshopper optimization algorithm with fuzzy predictive PID controller

307. Mixing times for the TASEP in the maximal current phase
308. Rates of convergence for density estimation with GANs
309. One-dimensional deep learning architecture for fast fluorescence lifetime imaging
310. Entropic regularisation of non-gradient systems
311. Duality in quantum transport models
312. The effect of disorder on quenched and averaged large deviations for random walks in random environments: boundary behavior
313. Eikonal solutions for moment hierarchies of Chemical Reaction Networks in the limits of large particle number
314. Large deviations and a new sum rule for spectral matrix measures of the Jacobi ensemble
315. Construction of stochastic hybrid path integrals using operator methods
316. Solid Particle Effects in Centi‐scale Slurry Bubble Columns
317. Factors affecting accuracy of estimated effective number of chromosome segments for numerically small breeds
318. Sample average approximations of strongly convex stochastic programs in Hilbert spaces
319. Inspection of blade profile and machining deviation analysis based on sample points optimization and NURBS knot insertion
320. FAST. Farm development and validation of structural load prediction against large eddy simulations

321. Aggregate-level test-scale linking: A new solution for an old problem?
322. Lagrangian bounds for large‐scale multicommodity network design: a comparison between Volume and Bundle methods
323. On the value-distribution of iterated integrals of the logarithm of the Riemann zeta-function II: probabilistic aspects
324. Let’s spend time together: Text messaging parents to help math-anxious students
325. Bounds for uncertain structural problems with large-range interval parameters
326. A PROMETHEE II Approach Based on Probabilistic Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Information with Applications to Multi-Criteria Group Decision-Making (ICSSE 2020)
327. English language learners, self-efficacy, and the achievement gap: Understanding the relationship between academic and social-emotional growth
328. Non-parametric machine learning methods for interpolation of spatially varying non-stationary and non-Gaussian geotechnical properties
329. Exploring competition efficiency of automobile brands: An extensional data envelopment analysis‐metafrontier framework
330. Fast sampling from β -ensembles

331. Finite-size analysis of continuous variable source-independent quantum random number generation
332. IQR CUSUM charts: An efficient approach for monitoring variations in aquatic toxicity
333. Does rheology of Bingham fluid influence upscaling of flow through tight porous media?
334. Outlier analysis for defect detection using sparse sampling in guided wave structural health monitoring
335. Bounds on the heat transfer rate via passive advection
336. Performance of redox flow battery in combined frequency and voltage control of multi‐area multi‐source system using CFOPDN‐FOPIDN controller
337. Exploring the use of decision tree methodology in hydrology using crowdsourced data
338. A probabilistic approach to the Φ-variation of classical fractal functions with critical roughness
339. A Framework of Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics. I. Role and Types of Fluctuations
340. Raman spectroscopy and group and basis-restricted non negative matrix factorisation identifies radiation induced metabolic changes in human cancer cells

341. Stochastic Cauchy Initial Value Formulation Of The Heat Equation For Random Field Initial Data: Smoothing, Harnack-Type Bounds And p-Moments
342. Maximum likelihood estimation in the mixed fractional Vasicek model
343. Large learning gains in pockets of extreme poverty: Experimental evidence from Guinea Bissau
344. Parameter estimation methods for the Weibull‐Pareto distribution
345. Heavy-tailed distributions in a stochastic gene autoregulation model
346. Measuring coarse grain deformation by digital image correlation
347. The maximum entropy principle and volumetric properties of Orlicz balls
348. Global well posedness of the two-dimensional stochastic nonlinear wave equation on an unbounded domain
349. A limit theorem for Bernoulli convolutions and the -variation of functions in the Takagi class
350. Accurate large scale modelling of graphene oxide: ion trapping and chaotropic potential at the interface

351. Electrostatic dust‐acoustic envelope solitons in an electron‐depleted plasma
352. Limiting distribution of the sample canonical correlation coefficients of high-dimensional random vectors
353. Information Geometry of Reversible Markov Chains
354. Robust reward–risk ratio portfolio optimization
355. Numerical analysis of the influence of the near ground turbulence on the wind-sand flow under the natural wind
356. Lower tails via relative entropy
357. Self-normalized moderate deviations for random walk in random scenery
358. Short-term stochastic movements of electricity prices and long-term investments in power generating technologies
359. On the Time Discretization of the Feynman-Kac Forward-Backward Stochastic Differential Equations for Value Function Approximation
360. High school English Language Arts teachers and postsecondary outcomes for students with and without disabilities

361. White-Black differences in tech tilt: Support for Spearman’s law and investment theories
362. The Tangent Exponential Model
363. Ride sharing with flexible participants: a metaheuristic approach for large‐scale problems
364. Diurnal and seasonal variability of CO 2 and CH 4 concentration in a semi-urban environment of western India
365. Variability analysis of resistive ternary content addressable memories
366. Does early educational tracking contribute to gender gaps in test achievement? A cross-country assessment
367. Run-and-tumble motion in a harmonic potential: field theory and entropy production
368. How Do Weakening of the Stratospheric Polar Vortex in the Southern Hemisphere Affect Regional Antarctic Sea Ice Extent?
369. Performance of NO2‐rich multifunctionalized C60 derivatives as new high‐energy‐density nanomaterials
370. Frequency stabilization in deregulated energy system using coordinated operation of fuzzy controller and redox flow battery

371. A multi‐institutional analysis of a general pelvis continuous Hounsfield unit synthetic CT software for radiotherapy
372. Passive needle guide tracking with radial acquisition and phase‐only cross‐correlation
373. Assessing challenging intra‐and inter‐molecular charge‐transfer excitations energies with double‐hybrid density functionals
374. 4D Gauss–Bonnet gravity: Cosmological constraints, H0 tension and large scale structure
375. Higher-order Efficiency Bound and Its Application to Nonlinear Nano-thermoelectrics
376. Cultural reproduction theory and schooling: the relationship between student capital and opportunity to learn
377. Universal statistics of vortices in a newborn holographic superconductor: beyond the Kibble-Zurek mechanism
378. Education and innovation
379. Disconnection and entropic repulsion for the harmonic crystal with random conductances
380. Lower deviations in β-ensembles and law of iterated logarithm in last passage percolation

381. Structural characteristics of complex supply chain networks
382. Finite Difference Method with Metaheuristic Orientation for Exploration of Time Fractional Partial Differential Equations
383. Collusive equilibria with switching costs: The effect of consumer concentration
384. Entropy production fluctuations encode collective behavior in active matter
385. Fractional Brownian motion in superharmonic potentials and non-Boltzmann stationary distributions
386. Multi‐scale biodiversity drives temporal variability in macrosystems
387. Entropic barriers as a reason for hardness in both classical and quantum algorithms
388. Thermal performance of a fixed‐plate air‐to‐air energy recovery system for building application in hot and humid environment
389. Multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis of return on Bitcoin
390. Selection of seismic intensity measures for prescribed limit states using alternative nonlinear dynamic analysis methods

391. Schools With Test-Based Promotion: Effects on Instructional Time Allocation and Student Learning in Grade 3
392. Riesz energy problems with external fields and related theory
393. Describing ground and excited state potential energy surfaces for molecular photoswitches using coupled cluster models
394. Should research experience be used for selection into graduate school: A discussion and meta‐analytic synthesis of the available evidence
395. Acoustic hologram optimisation using automatic differentiation
396. Symmetry hinders quantum information recovery
397. Under-resolved and large eddy simulations of a decaying Taylor–Green vortex with the cumulant lattice Boltzmann method
398. Approximation of a melting plateau of large area HTFP cells used for spectral irradiance realization
399. General statistical scaling laws for stability in ecological systems
400. Teacher’s Emotional Support and Math Performance: The Chain Mediating Effect of Academic Self-Efficacy and Math Behavioral Engagement

401. High-ability influencers? The heterogeneous effects of gifted classmates
402. Yukawa coupling unification in an SO (10) model consistent with Fermilab (g− 2) μ result
403. Forecast‐based modeling and robust frequency control of standalone microgrids considering high penetration of renewable sources
404. Large CO2 release and tidal flushing in salt marsh crab burrows reduce the potential for blue carbon sequestration
405. On Convergence of the Cavity and Bolthausen’s TAP Iterations to the Local Magnetization
406. r2SCAN-3c: A “Swiss army knife” composite electronic-structure method
407. The role of drop shape in impact and splash
408. Exploring families of energy-dissipation landscapes via tilting: three types of EDP convergence
409. Quantifying energetic and fitness consequences of seasonal heterothermy in an Arctic ungulate
410. Mixing time of PageRank surfers on sparse random digraphs

411. An efficient algorithm for joint feature screening in ultrahigh-dimensional Cox’s model
412. Intrusion detection system based on GA‐fuzzy classifier for detecting malicious attacks
413. Degenerated Liouvillians and Steady-State Reduced Density Matrices
414. Toward more robust and reproducible diffusion kurtosis imaging
415. Development of executive function in middle childhood: A large-scale, in-school, longitudinal investigation
416. Maximizing Bernoulli measures and dimension gaps for countable branched systems
417. Embedded Tutors for Remedial Math
418. Optimal transport in systems and control
419. Optimal corrector estimates on percolation cluster
420. Data-driven discovery of physical laws with human-understandable deep learning

421. Dynamic parametric modeling-based model updating strategy of aeroengine casings
422. Probabilistic power flow calculation based on importance-Hammersley sampling with Eigen-decomposition
423. Cloud‐based onboard prediction and diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy
424. In situ learning using intrinsic memristor variability via Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling
425. Prediction model for recurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma after resection by using neighbor2vec based algorithms
426. Data-driven optimization of reward-risk ratio measures
427. Traceable tasks and complex policies: When politics matter for policy implementation
428. Intergenerational mobility in Africa
429. A simulated annealing algorithm with a dual perturbation method for clustering
430. Violating the Thermodynamic Uncertainty Relation in the Three-Level Maser

431. Examining the relationships between cognitive activation, self‐efficacy, socioeconomic status, and achievement in mathematics: A multi‐level analysis
432. Do Fiscal Restraints Harm Test Scores? Evidence from Italy
433. A Wasserstein inequality and minimal Green energy on compact manifolds
434. Household‐level poverty, consumption poverty thresholds, income inequality and quality of lives in sub‐Saharan Africa
435. Triviality of the geometry of mixed -spin spherical Hamiltonians with external field
436. Taming Nonconvexity in Kernel Feature Selection—Favorable Properties of the Laplace Kernel
437. Toolbox for quantifying memory in dynamics along reaction coordinates
438. Using pooled heteroskedastic ordered probit models to improve small-sample estimates of latent test score distributions
439. Genetic architecture of phenotypic indices for simultaneous improvement of protein content and grain yield in triticale (×triticosecale)
440. Should Australia be concerned by Beijing’s trade threats: modelling the economic costs of a restriction on imports of Australian coal

441. Non-uniqueness in law for Boussinesq system forced by random noise
442. Sharp phase transition for Gaussian percolation in all dimensions
443. Short-term photovoltaic power prediction on modal reconstruction: A novel hybrid model approach
444. An iterative algorithm to derive priority from large-scale sparse pairwise comparison matrix
445. Estimation of Basin-scale turbulence distribution in the North Pacific Ocean using CTD-attached thermistor measurements
446. Simulation and tracking of fractional particles motion. From microscopy video to statistical analysis. A Brownian bridge approach
447. Design of disturbance observer based on adaptive‐neural control for large‐scale time‐delay systems in the presence of actuator fault and unknown dead zone
448. Fitting elephants in the density functionals zoo: Statistical criteria for the evaluation of density functional theory methods as a suitable replacement for counting …
449. Memetic Teaching–Learning-Based Optimization algorithms for large graph coloring problems
450. A PDF-based performance shift approach for reliability-based design optimization

451. PID‐/FOPID‐based frequency control of zero‐carbon multisources‐based interconnected power systems underderegulated scenarios
452. Bayesian Gaussian distributional regression models for more efficient norm estimation
453. Polycentric urban development and its determinants in China: A geospatial big data perspective
454. Supervised model predictive control of large‐scale electricity networks via clustering methods
455. Assessing uncertainties from physical parameters and modelling choices in an atmospheric large eddy simulation model
456. Modeling and field experiments on autonomous vehicle lane changing with surrounding human‐driven vehicles
457. Fibonacci turbulence
458. Investigation on the nickel content design and the corrosion resistance of low alloy steel welded joint in tropical marine atmosphere environment
459. The planted matching problem: Sharp threshold and infinite-order phase transition
460. Dynamic environmental‐economic load dispatch in grid‐connected microgrids with demand response programs considering the uncertainties of demand, renewable …

461. Feynman-Kac formula under a finite entropy condition
462. Sample canonical correlation coefficients of high-dimensional random vectors with finite rank correlations
463. Compact object scalarization with general relativity as a cosmic attractor
464. Moderate Deviations for the SSEP with a Slow Bond
465. Large ranking games with non-observable diffusion control
466. Settling the Sharp Reconstruction Thresholds of Random Graph Matching
467. Influence of atmospheric stability on wind farm layout optimization based on an improved Gaussian wake model
468. International collaboration framework for the calculation of performance loss rates: Data quality, benchmarks, and trends (towards a uniform methodology)
469. Mathematical analysis and numerical investigation of advection-reaction-diffusion computer virus model
470. Stochastic thermodynamic cycles of a mesoscopic thermoelectric engine

471. Deuterium‐tritium fuel impact ignition in the presence of degenerate plasma
472. Fault Simulation and Parametric Detection of Faults Using Discre tization in Analogue VLSI Circuits
473. Labor versus capital in the provision of public services: Estimating the marginal products of inputs in the production of student outcomes✰
474. Large Games: Robustness and Stability
475. Senescent cells and the incidence of age‐related diseases
476. A fuzzy and random moment-based arbitrary polynomial chaos method for response analysis of composite structural–acoustic system with multi-scale uncertainties
477. From dual to unified employment protection: Transition and steady state
478. On the conceptual overlap between the fluency contamination effect in divergent thinking scores and the chance view on scientific creativity
479. Improving Hall’s accelerated sequential procedure: Generalized multistage fixed-width confidence intervals for a normal mean
480. Fluctuation distributions of energy minima in complex landscapes

481. An efficient approach for the S‐shaped penalty function
482. Universal witnesses of vanishing energy gap
483. Estimating probabilistic site‐specific species pools and dark diversity from co‐occurrence data
484. Multivariate outlier detection based on a robust Mahalanobis distance with shrinkage estimators
485. A unified multi‐activation (UMA) model of cell survival curves over the entire dose range for calculating equivalent doses in stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) …
486. Towards Uncertainty Quantification of LES and URANS for the buoyancy-driven mixing process between two miscible fluids—Differentially Heated Cavity of Aspect …
487. Bayesian optimization of functional output in inverse problems
488. Inequality in household adaptation to schooling shocks: Covid-induced online learning engagement in real time
489. Is intervention fadeout a scaling artefact?
490. Radar-spectrogram-based UAV classification using convolutional neural networks

491. Inter‐individual differences in body mass index were not observed as a result of aerobic exercise in children and adolescents with overweight and obesity
492. An open spatial capture–recapture model for estimating density, movement, and population dynamics from line‐transect surveys
493. Probabilistic fatigue life prediction of notched components using strain energy density approach
494. The COUGHVID crowdsourcing dataset, a corpus for the study of large-scale cough analysis algorithms
495. Bootstrap robust prescriptive analytics
496. A near infrared spectroscopy calibration for the prediction of fresh grass quality on Irish pastures
497. Spectral Lyapunov exponents in chaotic and localized many-body quantum systems
498. Can successful schools replicate? Scaling up Boston’s charter school sector
499. Advance selling and advertising: A newsvendor framework
500. Effect of hydrocolloid coatings (Basil seed gum, xanthan, and methyl cellulose) on the mass transfer kinetics and quality of fried potato strips

501. Disparities in regional productivity, capital accumulation, and efficiency across Indonesia: A club convergence approach
502. Mechanical properties of 3D printed ceramic cellular materials with triply periodic minimal surface architectures
503. Analysing time difference and volatility linkages between China and the United States during financial crises and stable period using VARX‐DCC‐MEGARCH model
504. Optimization‐based seismic design of steel moment‐resisting frames with nonlinear viscous dampers
505. Deep learning with noise‐to‐noise training for denoising in SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging
506. Optimal design of TVMD with linear and nonlinear viscous damping subjected to white‐noise excitation
507. Information gap decision theory‐based electricity purchasing optimization strategy for load aggregator considering demand response
508. Local moderate and precise large deviations via cluster expansions
509. Exploring the toolkit of Jean Bourgain
510. Trends in Consensus-based optimization

511. Brave boys and play-it-safe girls: Gender differences in willingness to guess in a large scale natural field experiment
512. Bootstrap standard error estimates and inference
513. Channel compensation multipath mitigation technique for Kalman‐Based Least Mean Square based on Kalman estimation
514. Not too late: Improving academic outcomes for disadvantaged youth
515. The Nature of Chalcogen‐Bonding‐Type Tellurium–Nitrogen Interactions: A First Experimental Structure from the Gas Phase
516. Thermodynamic uncertainty relation for systems with unidirectional transitions
517. Evaluation of concrete cover depth for green concretes exposed to carbonation
518. IVY plots and Gaussian interval plots
519. 3D in-situ simulation and particle tracing of gas filtration process for ultrafine particles removal using a hollow fiber membrane
520. Optimization of blockchain investment portfolio under artificial bee colony algorithm

521. Invariance principles and Log-distance of F-KPP fronts in a random medium
522. Design and analysis of the mandrel structure for a composite S-shaped inlet
523. In silico production of relative correction factor for the quantitative analysis of multi‐components by single marker method
524. Risk assessment of potential thaw settlement hazard in the permafrost regions of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
525. The contribution of the edaphic factor as a driver of recent plant diversification in a Mediterranean biodiversity hotspot
526. Reliability and Validity of a Mobile Device for Assessing Head Control Ability
527. Robust portfolio rebalancing with cardinality and diversification constraints
528. Investigating volumetric repainting to mitigate interplay effect on 4D robustly optimized lung cancer plans in pencil beam scanning proton therapy
529. Entanglement dynamics in Rule 54: exact results and quasiparticle picture
530. Credit risk analysis of electricity retailers based on cloud model and intuitionistic fuzzy analytic hierarchy process

531. Nonorthogonal-qubit-state expansion for the asymmetric quantum Rabi model
532. Scalable Gaussian processes for predicting the optical, physical, thermal, and mechanical properties of inorganic glasses with large datasets
533. Tracial smooth functions of non-commuting variables and the free Wasserstein manifold
535. Review of control strategy of large horizontal‐axis wind turbines yaw system
536. Resonance Rayleigh scattering and spectrofluorimetric approaches for the selective determination of rupatadine using erythrosin B as a probe: application to content …
537. Improved bounds for Hadwiger’s covering problem via thin-shell estimates
538. A new measure of treatment effect in clinical trials involving competing risks based on generalized pairwise comparisons
539. Refined metadynamics through canonical sampling using time‐invariant bias potential: A study of polyalcohol dehydration in hot acidic solutions
540. Chemical Graph Theory for Property Modeling in QSAR and QSPR—Charming QSAR & QSPR

541. Structural, elastic, and electronic properties of MgB2C2 under pressure from first‐principles calculations
542. A deep asynchronous actor‐critic learning‐based event‐triggered decentralized load frequency control of power systems with communication delays
543. The Black-White Gap in Noncognitive Skills among Elementary School Children
544. Quenched limit theorems for random U (1) extensions of expanding maps
545. Passive approximations of double‐exponent fractional‐order impedance functions

546. Addressing cross-national generalizability in educational impact evaluation
547. From particle swarm optimization to consensus based optimization: stochastic modeling and mean-field limit
548. Optimal local law and central limit theorem for -ensembles
549. Simpler Quad Layouts using Relaxed Singularities
550. Student Participation in Supplemental Instruction in STEM Courses at a Large Urban Community College in California
551. The effects of career and technical education: Evidence from the Connecticut Technical High School System
552. Prepping for Another Recession: Re-Assessing the Validity of Teacher Evaluation Systems for Human Capital Decision-Making
553. Individualized SAR calculations using computer vision‐based MR segmentation and a fast electromagnetic solver
554. Moments of the stationary distribution of subcritical multitype Galton–Watson processes with immigration
555. A perspective on MR fingerprinting

556. Using a porous-media approach for CFD modelling of wave interaction with thin perforated structures
557. Studying the onset of deconfinement with multi‐messenger astronomy of neutron stars
558. Interplay between transport and quantum coherences in free fermionic systems
559. Logarithmic law of large random correlation matrix
560. An application of neural networks to the prediction of aerodynamic coefficients of aerofoils and wings
561. Hidden regular variation for point processes and the single/multiple large point heuristic
562. Rough volatility, CGMY jumps with a finite history and the Rough Heston model–small-time asymptotics in the regime
563. True 3D parameters of the spinal deformity in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis
564. Agile optimization of a two‐echelon vehicle routing problem with pickup and delivery
565. High‐resolution numerical simulations of electrophoresis using the Fourier pseudo‐spectral method
566. Coupling correlation detrended analysis for multiple nonstationary series
567. A novel Deal–Grove‐inspired model for fluorine‐based plasma jet etching of borosilicate crown optical glass
568. Migratory salmon smolts exhibit consistent interannual depensatory predator swamping: Effects on telemetry‐based survival estimates
569. Leverage deviation from the target debt ratio and leasing
570. Wavelet‐based Heat Kernel Derivatives: Towards Informative Localized Shape Analysis

571. A probabilistic Bayesian recurrent neural network for remaining useful life prognostics considering epistemic and aleatory uncertainties
572. Probability density of irradiance for electromagnetic waves propagating under multiple scattering effects: Application to deep space communications
573. Improved simultaneous multislice cardiac MRI using readout concatenated k‐space SPIRiT (ROCK‐SPIRiT)
574. Universality classes of the Anderson transitions driven by non-Hermitian disorder
575. Social trust and the speed of corporate leverage adjustment: evidence from around the globe
576. Introduction to high-dimensional statistics
577. A generative adversarial network for travel times imputation using trajectory data
578. Redefining risk in data‐poor fisheries
579. Dynamics of interacting bosons: a compact review
580. Room-to-Room Variability of Airborne Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Schools and the Application of Air Sampling for Targeted Source Evaluation

581. Structure of the particle population for a branching random walk with a critical reproduction law
582. Smoothed particle hydrodynamics method from a large eddy simulation perspective. Generalization to a quasi-Lagrangian model
583. Modelling, applications, and evaluations of optimal sizing and placement of distributed generations: A critical state‐of‐the‐art survey
584. On the use of acquisition function‐based Bayesian optimization method to efficiently tune SVM hyperparameters for structural damage detection
585. When does fusing two rings not yield a larger ring? The curious case of BOPHY

586. Structure of the particle population for a branching random walk with a critical reproduction law
587. Smoothed particle hydrodynamics method from a large eddy simulation perspective. Generalization to a quasi-Lagrangian model
588. Modelling, applications, and evaluations of optimal sizing and placement of distributed generations: A critical state‐of‐the‐art survey
589. Comparison of mixed-integer relaxations with linear and logarithmic partitioning schemes for quadratically constrained problems
590. Comparing a large number of multivariate distributions
591. Glaucoma assessment from color fundus images using convolutional neural network
592. Limit theorems and fluctuations for point vortices of generalized Euler equations
593. On the use of acquisition function‐based Bayesian optimization method to efficiently tune SVM hyperparameters for structural damage detection
594. When does fusing two rings not yield a larger ring? The curious case of BOPHY

595. Local distortions in parental beliefs over child skill
596. Monoclinic α‐NaVOPO4 as cathode materials for sodium‐ions batteries: Experimental and DFT investigation
597. Quantitative homogenization of the parabolic and elliptic Green’s functions on percolation clusters
598. Experiences from City-Scale Simulation of Thermal Grids
599. Refining Deutsch’s approach to thermalization
600. Isomerism in secondary bonded complexes: Do structural rules apply?
601. Reducing adverse impact in high-stakes testing
602. Modal combination rules in response spectrum analysis: Early history
603. Bosons in a double well: two-mode approximation and fluctuations
604. Micro-CT-based quantification of extracted thrombus burden characteristics and association with angiographic outcomes in patients with ST-Elevation …

605. Solar and biomass hybridization through hydrothermal carbonization
606. Probing the myelin water compartment with a saturation‐recovery, multi‐echo gradient‐recalled echo sequence
607. A review of flow field forecasting: A high‐dimensional forecasting procedure
608. Bahadur efficiency of EDF based normality tests when parameters are estimated
609. Dyed fabric illumination estimation with regularized random vector function link network
610. Engaging teachers measuring the impact of teachers on student attendance in secondary school
611. A joint pricing, supplier selection, and inventory replenishment model using the logit demand function
612. The Returns to Public Library Investment
613. A whole‐brain modeling approach to identify individual and group variations in functional connectivity
614. Single carbon and glass fibre properties characterised using large data sets obtained through automated single fibre tensile testing

615. Paths with many shortcuts in tournaments
616. Hidden layers of density dependence in consumer feeding rates
617. Improved reproducibility of diffusion MRI of the human brain with a four‐way blip‐up and down phase‐encoding acquisition approach
618. Dependent radius marks of Laguerre tessellations: a case study
619. Inverse Frontier-based Benchmarking for Investigating the Efficiency and Achieving the Targets in the Vietnamese Education System
620. A modification of I-SOS: performance analysis to large scale functions
621. Large Deviations in Weakly Interacting Fermions–Generating Functions as Gaussian Berezin Integrals and Bounds on Large Pfaffians
622. Automatic detection method of cracks from concrete surface imagery using two‐step light gradient boosting machine
623. Machine learning based energy-free structure predictions of molecules, transition states, and solids
624. Accelerated white matter lesion analysis based on simultaneous and quantification using magnetic resonance fingerprinting and deep learning

625. Quantitative multiple pointwise convergence and effective multiple correlations
626. Numerical study of texture in material extrusion: Orientation in a multicomponent system of spheres and ellipsoids
627. Ball bearing skidding and over-skidding in large-scale angular contact ball bearings: Nonlinear dynamic model with thermal effects and experimental results
628. Adversarial laws of large numbers and optimal regret in online classification
629. Trafficking intensity index for soil compaction management in grasslands
630. Detection of hidden data attacks combined fog computing and trust evaluation method in sensor‐cloud system
631. Statistical enumeration of groups by double cosets
632. On (non-) monotonicity and phase diagram of finitary random interlacement
633. Type D personality is associated with depressive symptoms and clinical activity in inflammatory bowel disease
634. Improving picking performance at a large retailer warehouse by combining probabilistic simulation, optimization, and discrete‐event simulation

635. Dynamic return and volatility spillovers among S&P 500, crude oil, and gold
636. A global eigenvalue reassignment method for the stabilization of nonlinear reduced‐order models
637. Resting‐state connectome‐based support‐vector‐machine predictive modeling of internet gaming disorder
638. Uncertainty‐assisted deep vision structural health monitoring
639. A matrix version of a higher-order Szegő theorem
640. Fast dynamic routing based on weighted kernel density estimation
641. Multimarginal Optimal Transport with a Tree-Structured Cost and the Schrödinger Bridge Problem
642. The Grade‐Level and Cumulative Outcomes of Absenteeism
643. A kind of epistasis‐tunable test functions for genetic algorithms
644. Policyholder cluster divergence based differential premium in diabetes insurance

645. Multi‐agent consensus for distributed power dispatch with load balancing
646. Precision cosmology in modified and extended theories of gravity: An insightful test
647. Debt financing and technology investment Kuznets curve: Evidence from China
648. Effect of stocking densities on the growth performance, cannibalism and survival of Asian seabass Lates calcarifer (Bloch, 1790) fry in different nursery rearing system
649. Impacts of COVID‐19 induced income and rice price shocks on household welfare in Papua New Guinea: Household model estimates
650. Simulating molecules on a cloud-based 5-qubit IBM-Q universal quantum computer
651. Associations between socio‐environmental factors and landscape‐scale biodiversity recovery in naturally regenerating tropical and subtropical forests
652. Academic and Social Effects of Inclusion on Students without Disabilities: A Review of the Literature
653. Multilaser spot tracking technology for bridge structure displacement measuring
654. Lower bound on irreversibility in thermal relaxation of open quantum systems

655. Heuristics for the capacitated dispersion problem
656. Quantification of magnetic resonance spectroscopy data using a combined reference: Application in typically developing infants
657. A New Prediction Model of Water Breakthrough Time of Horizontal Well in Inclined Edge-Water Low Permeability Gas Reservoir
658. Real Time Simulation for Load Frequency Control of Multisource Microgrid System Using Grey Wolf Optimization Based Modified Bias Coefficient Diagram Method …
659. Observed peer competence moderates links between children’s self-regulation skills and academic performance
660. Hierarchical clustering and routing protocol to ensure scalability and reliability in large-scale wireless sensor networks
661. A hybrid prognostic strategy with unscented particle filter and optimized multiple kernel relevance vector machine for lithium-ion battery
662. Chemometric development using portable molecular vibrational spectrometers for rapid evaluation of AVC (Valsa mali Miyabe et Yamada) infection of apple trees
663. The impact of COVID-19 on a fragile education system: The case of south africa
664. Linguistic diversity in the classroom, student achievement, and social integration

665. Precise deviations for Hawkes processes
666. Quantum Gravity Microstates from Fredholm Determinants
667. Communication-Efficient Federated Learning Based on Compressed Sensing
668. Addressing the New Item problem in video recommender systems by incorporation of visual features with restricted Boltzmann machines
669. Distribution dependent stochastic differential equations
670. This is it: A primer on Shannon’s entropy and information
671. Teacher peer observation and student test scores: Evidence from a field experiment in English secondary schools
672. Kicking the habit is hard: A hybrid choice model investigation into the role of addiction in smoking behavior
673. A Half Century of Progress in US Student Achievement
674. An improved sliding window prediction‐based outlier detection and correction for volatile time‐series

675. Investigating the roles of external forcing and ocean circulation on the Atlantic multidecadal SST variability in a large ensemble climate model hierarchy
676. Lurking inferential monsters? Quantifying selection bias in evaluations of school programs
677. Revisiting cosmic microwave background radiation using blackbody radiation inversion
678. Reasonable Doubt: Experimental Detection of Job‐Level Employment Discrimination
679. SS‐Detect: Development and Validation of a New Strategy for Source‐Based Morphometry in Multiscanner Studies
680. Is monetary policy safeguarding financial stability in India?
681. Bond additivity corrections for CBS‐QB3 calculated standard enthalpies of formation of H, C, O, N, and S containing species
682. Boundary Control for Stabilization of Large-Scale Networks through the Continuation Method
683. Investigating the effect of single and hybrid nanoparticles on melting of phase change material in a rectangular enclosure with finite heat source
684. A novel equilibrium optimization algorithm for multi-thresholding image segmentation problems

685. Balanced spin‐lock preparation for B1‐insensitive and B0‐insensitive quantification of the rotating frame relaxation time T1ρ
686. Quantum operator growth bounds for kicked tops and semiclassical spin chains
687. Probability mass of Rademacher sums beyond one standard deviation
688. CSCF: a chaotic sine cosine firefly algorithm for practical application problems
689. Parametric study on interply tracking in multilayer composites by analytic-signal technology
690. The interaction between macroprudential and monetary policies: The cases of Norway and Sweden
691. Chance‐constrained scheduling of hybrid microgrids under transactive energy control
692. Impact of renewable carbon on the properties of composites made by using three types of polymers having different polarity
693. Boardroom gender diversity and CEO pay deviation: Australian evidence
694. Apparent propagator anisotropy from single‐shell diffusion MRI acquisitions

695. Short-and long-term memory of moving amoeboid cells
696. Invariance principle for the random wind-tree process
697. Structural analogy from a single image pair
698. Less cheating? The effects of prefilled forms on compliance behavior
699. An Agent‐Based model for Limit Order Book: Estimation and simulation
700. Traffic load access barring scheme for random‐access channel in massive machine‐to‐machine and human‐to‐human devices coexistence in LTE‐A
701. Gendered performance differences in introductory physics: A study from a large land-grant university
702. A Non-Hermitian Generalisation of the Marchenko–Pastur Distribution: From the Circular Law to Multi-criticality
703. Cavity pressure‐based holding pressure adjustment for enhancing the consistency of injection molding quality
704. Deep learning‐based method for reducing residual motion effects in diffusion parameter estimation

705. Parent-child information frictions and human capital investment: Evidence from a field experiment
706. Performance investigation of a multi‐nozzle ejector for proton exchange membrane fuel cell system
707. Numerical evaluation of thermal comfort using a large eddy lattice Boltzmann method
708. Distribution Dependent Stochastic Porous Media Type Equations on General Measure Spaces
709. Empirical Comparison of Relative Precision of Geometric Measure of Variation about the Mean and Standard Deviation
710. Information gathering by overconfident agents
711. Generalised rational approximation and its application to improve deep learning classifiers
712. Application of machine learning to large in vitro databases to identify drug–cancer cell interactions: azithromycin and KLK6 mutation status
713. Minimum atomic parameter basis sets for elements 1–54 in a Hartree–Fock setting
714. Elementary Statistical Utensils in Scientific Study Analysis-A Review

715. Qualities of effective principals
716. A note on computing Louis’ observed information matrix identity for IRT and cognitive diagnostic models
717. Effect of nanofluid distribution on therapeutic effect considering transient bio-tissue temperature during magnetic hyperthermia
718. 3D magnetic resonance fingerprinting with quadratic RF phase
719. Nonparametric Bayesian functional two‐part random effects model for longitudinal semicontinuous data analysis
720. Multiview spectral clustering via complementary information
721. Comparison of mixed-integer relaxations with linear and logarithmic partitioning schemes for quadratically constrained problems
722. Comparing a large number of multivariate distributions
723. Glaucoma assessment from color fundus images using convolutional neural network
724. Limit theorems and fluctuations for point vortices of generalized Euler equations
725. Collapse phase diagram of carbon nanotubes with arbitrary number of walls. Collapse modes and macroscopic analog
726. Characterization and compensation of inhomogeneity artifact in spiral hyperpolarized 13C imaging of the human heart
727. Daily entropy of dissolved oxygen reveals different energetic regimes and drivers among high‐mountain stream types
728. Configuring a construct definition of teacher working conditions in the United States: A systematic narrative review of researcher concepts

729. Modeling, estimation, and control in large-scale urban road networks with remaining travel distance dynamics
730. Animal blood in translational research: How to adjust animal blood viscosity to the human standard
731. Energy poverty, children’s wellbeing and the mediating role of academic performance: Evidence from China
732. Competitive impacts of means-tested vouchers on public school performance: Evidence from Louisiana
733. Exact relaxation to Gibbs and non-equilibrium steady states in the quantum cellular automaton Rule 54
734. A quantum-inspired classifier for clonogenic assay evaluations
735. Hyperspectral interference tomography of nacre
736. High-accuracy health prediction of sensor systems using improved relevant vector-machine ensemble regression
737. Impact analysis of electric vehicle charging station integration with distributed generators on power systems
738. A modified normalization method for determining fracture toughness of steel

739. Reconstruction of the heat transfer coefficients and heat fluxes in heat conduction problems
740. Hybrid metaheuristics to solve a multiproduct two‐stage capacitated facility location problem
741. Multi‐microgrid intelligent load shedding for optimal power management and coordinated control with energy storage systems
742. Bayesian approaches for evaluating wind‐resistant performance of long‐span bridges using structural health monitoring data
743. Generalized homogenization of linear controllers: Theory and experiment
744. Workplace Heterogeneity and the Returns to Versatility
745. Some results for range of random walk on graph with spectral dimension two
746. Bounds on optimal transport maps onto log-concave measures
747. Latencies in power systems: A database-based time-delay compensation for memory controllers
748. Teacher quality gaps by disability and socioeconomic status: Evidence from Los Angeles

749. Stochastic Coordination in Heterogeneous Load Balancing Systems
750. SNR‐enhanced diffusion MRI with structure‐preserving low‐rank denoising in reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces
751. Perturbed Markov Chains with Damping Component
752. Evaluating Item Fit Statistic Thresholds in PISA: Analysis of Cross‐Country Comparability of Cognitive Items
753. Statistics of extreme events in fluid flows and waves
754. A hybrid immersed boundary/wall-model approach for large-eddy simulation of high-Reynolds-number turbulent flows
755. Ab Initio Dot Structures Beyond the Lewis Picture
756. 2D random magnetic Laplacian with white noise magnetic field
757. Learning From Video: A Meta‐Analysis of the Video Deficit in Children Ages 0 to 6 Years
758. The outbreak of COVID‐19 pandemic and its impact on stock market volatility: Evidence from a worst‐affected economy

759. Time-reparametrization invariances, multithermalization and the Parisi scheme
760. Effective number of white shark (Carcharodon carcharias, Linnaeus) breeders is stable over four successive years in the population adjacent to eastern Australia and …
761. A deep neural network learning‐based speckle noise removal technique for enhancing the quality of synthetic‐aperture radar images
762. Exploding operators for Majorana neutrino masses and beyond
763. A robust alternative to assessing three‐dimensional relative enamel thickness for the use in taxonomic assessment
764. Neural networks-based backward scheme for fully nonlinear PDEs
765. Score Reporting for Examinees with Incomplete Data on Large‐Scale Educational Assessments
766. Temperature chaos is present in off-equilibrium spin-glass dynamics
767. Impact of electrostatic potential on microcapsule-formation and physicochemical analysis of surface structure: Implications for therapeutic cell-microencapsulation
768. Solving relativistic three-body integral equations in the presence of bound states

769. Hysteretic energy‐based state‐dependent fragility for ground‐motion sequences
770. Online parameters identification and state of charge estimation for lithium‐ion batteries using improved adaptive dual unscented Kalman filter
771. Development of a cost‐effective circuit hardware architecture for brushless direct current motor driver
772. Design and analysis of a multi‐stage axial turbine for gasified coal‐water power system
773. A sharp asymptotics of the partition function for the collapsed interacting partially directed self-avoiding walk
774. Multiscale modelling of wall-to-bed heat transfer in fixed beds with non-spherical pellets: From particle-resolved CFD to pseudo-homogenous models
775. Intergenerational health mobility: Magnitudes and Importance of Schools and Place
776. Automated crack severity level detection and classification for ballastless track slab using deep convolutional neural network
777. The distribution of localization measures of chaotic eigenstates in the stadium billiard
778. Contemporary issues in reporting statistical, practical, and clinical significance in counseling research

779. High school choices and the gender gap in STEM
780. A nonlinear feed‐forward memory‐less model to fast prediction of threshold voltage in junction‐less double‐gate MOSFETs
781. Physicochemical and superficial characterization of a bilayer film of zein and pectin obtained by electrospraying
782. Gamma-Limit of the Onsager–Machlup Functional on the Space of Curves
783. The response of arboreal marsupials to long‐term changes in forest disturbance
784. Lah distribution: Stirling numbers, records on compositions, and convex hulls of high-dimensional random walks
785. Thermodynamic uncertainty relation for energy transport in a transient regime: A model study
786. Sharper Sub-Weibull Concentrations: Non-asymptotic Bai-Yin Theorem
787. Multivariate return period‐based ground motion selection for improved hazard consistency over a vector of intensity measures
788. The Impact of Teaching by Using STEM Approach in The Development of Creative Thinking and Mathematical Achievement Among the Students of The Fourth …

789. On the four-arm exponent for 2D percolation at criticality
790. Robust linearly constrained extended Kalman filter for mismatched nonlinear systems
791. A predefined‐time first‐order exact differentiator based on time‐varying gains
792. A new method to estimate the lifetime of long‐life product categories
793. Relationships of wind speed and precipitable water vapor with regional PM2.5 based on WRF‐Chem model
794. bookNumerical Investigation on the Asymmetric Flow Characteristics of Two Propane Fires of Unequal Heat Release Rate in Open Space
795. Standardized measurement error: A universal metric of data quality for averaged event‐related potentials
796. Large eddy simulation of a condensing wet steam turbine cascade
797. sampbias, a method for quantifying geographic sampling biases in species distribution data

798. Are the effects of informational interventions driven by salience?
799. Evaporation kinetics of a polydisperse ensemble of drops
800. Active layer thickening and controls on interannual variability in the Nordic Arctic compared to the circum‐Arctic
801. The Association Between Professional Learning Communities and Student Growth
802. Evidence on clean energy consumption and business cycle: A global perspective
804. Energy constraints on brain network formation
805. Rates of SARS-CoV-2 transmission and vaccination impact the fate of vaccine-resistant strains
806. High velocity measurements of particle rebound characteristics under erosive conditions of high pressure compressors
807. Freeness over the diagonal for large random matrices

808. Highly accelerated subtractive femoral non‐contrast‐enhanced MRA using compressed sensing with k‐space subtraction, phase and intensity correction
809. Towards Material Testing 2.0. A review of test design for identification of constitutive parameters from full‐field measurements
810. Comparison of zero replacement strategies for compositional data with large numbers of zeros
811. de Sitter instanton from Euclidean dynamical triangulations
812. Linear configurations containing 4-term arithmetic progressions are uncommon
813. Tailored multilevel approaches in vibrational structure theory: A route to quantum mechanical vibrational spectra for complex systems
814. Dynamical landscape and multistability of a climate model
815. The influence of distance weight on the inverse distance weighted method for ore-grade estimation
816. Not Too Late: Improving Academic Outcomes Among Adolescents
817. Universal nonselective excitation and refocusing pulses with improved robustness to off‐resonance for Magnetic Resonance Imaging at 7 Tesla with parallel …

818. Blast in the one-dimensional cold gas: From Newton to Euler and Navier-Stokes
819. Calibration of computational Mössbauer spectroscopy to unravel active sites in FeNC catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction
820. Notes about the macroscopic fluctuating theory
821. Deep chest X‐ray: Detection and classification of lesions based on deep convolutional neural networks
822. Measurements of geologic characteristics and geophysical properties of sediments from the New England Mud Patch
823. Development of an angular-dependent potential for radiation damage study in Fe-Si solutions
824. Analysis of the influence of climate change on the fatigue lifetime of offshore wind turbines using imprecise probabilities
825. A Cahn-Hilliard-Biot system and its generalized gradient flow structure
826. Ground motion selection based on a multi‐intensity‐measure conditioning approach with emphasis on diverse earthquake contents
827. Selection in males purges the mutation load on female fitness

828. Profiles of sleep changes during the COVID‐19 pandemic: Demographic, behavioural and psychological factors
829. Workfare and Human Capital Investment Evidence from India
830. Robust bi‐level programming for renewable energy location
831. Dynamics of Annular Liquid Sheets Using Feature Correlation Velocimetry (FCV)
832. Modeling and optimization of microwave puffing of rice using artificial neural network and genetic algorithm
833. Preference heterogeneity and its equilibrium path
834. (Un-) bounded transition fronts for the parabolic Anderson model and the randomized F-KPP equation
835. A method based on encryption and node rating for securing the RPL protocol communications in the IoT ecosystem
836. Asymptotic behavior of a sequence of conditional probability distributions and the canonical ensemble
837. DFTpy: An efficient and object‐oriented platform for orbital‐free DFT simulations

838. Comprehensive evaluation of the eco-environmental vulnerability in the Yellow River Delta wetland
839. Entropy‐based intensity measure selection for site‐specific probabilistic seismic risk assessment
840. Droplet Size Distributions of Liquid‐Liquid Dispersions in Centrifugal Pumps
841. Design and Verification of the LQR Controller Based on Fuzzy Logic for Large Wind Turbine
842. Disorder enhanced quantum many-body scars in Hilbert hypercubes
843. A Coarse-to-Fine Method for Estimating the Axis Pose Based on 3D Point Clouds in Robotic Cylindrical Shaft-in-Hole Assembly
844. How principals affect students and schools
845. The band structure of a model of spatial random permutation
846. The multilevel analysis of students’ achievement: Evidence from Morocco
847. Number of solitons generated from an intense initial pulse at asymptotically large time

848. Analysis and control of agreement and disagreement opinion cascades
849. Prevaluating efficiency gains from potential mergers and acquisitions in the financial industry with the Resample Past–Present–Future data envelopment analysis …
850. Statistical Application of Regression techniques in Modeling Road Accidents in Edo State, Nigeria
851. Analysis of vortex core generation in pipe flows under different Reynolds number conditions
852. The value of redistribution: Natural resources and the formation of human capital under weak institutions
853. Effect of collective influence on the evolution of cooperation in evolutionary prisoner’s dilemma games
854. Efficient two-layer non-hydrostatic wave model with accurate dispersive behaviour
855. Hybrid technique for load frequency control of renewable energy sources with unified power flow controller and energy storage integration
856. SU (3)-guided realistic nucleon-nucleon interactions for large-scale calculations
857. Performance analysis of parallel high‐resolution image restoration algorithms on Intel supercomputer

858. On the descriptive power of Neural-Networks as constrained Tensor Networks with exponentially large bond dimension
859. A hybrid analytical‐computational method for three dimensional modeling of thermoelectric generators
860. Experimental modal analysis of structural systems by using the fast relaxed vector fitting method
861. Category-based fractal modelling: A novel model to integrate the geology into the data for more effective processing and interpretation
862. Assessing and Classification of Academic Efficiency in Engineering Teaching Programs
863. Achievement rank affects performance and major choices in college
864. Sierpiński Structure and Electronic Topology in Bi Thin Films on InSb (111) B Surfaces
865. Morphology of Flashing Feeds at Critical Fluid Properties in Larger Pipes
866. The sufficiency of the evidence, the relevancy of the evidence, and quantifying both with a single number
867. Runs of homozygosity provide a genome landscape picture of inbreeding and genetic history of European autochthonous and commercial pig breeds

868. A control optimization model for CVaR risk of distribution systems with PVs/DSs/EVs using Q-learning powered adaptive differential evolution algorithm
869. Does More Mean Less?: Interest Surplus and the Gender Gap in STEM Careers
870. Research on partitioning algorithm based on RDF graph
871. Performance improvement of solar PV power conversion system through low duty cycle DC‐DC converter
872. Cohen-Macaulay binomial edge ideals and accessible graphs
873. Mild Solutions for the Stochastic Generalized Burgers–Huxley Equation
874. Interaction effect of green tea consumption and resistance training on office and ambulatory cardiovascular parameters in women with high‐normal/stage 1 …
875. Customised pressure profiles of made-to-measure sports compression garments
876. Optimal local well-posedness for the periodic derivative nonlinear Schrödinger equation
877. Calculating the chemical exergy of materials

878. On the Search for Tight Frames of Low Coherence
879. The fate of Meconopsis species in the Tibeto‐Himalayan region under future climate change
880. Application of genetic algorithm and BP neural network in supply chain finance under information sharing
881. Computing the orientational-average of diffusion-weighted MRI signals: A comparison of different techniques
882. Extension of ALE method in large deformation analysis of saturated soil under earthquake loading
883. Replacing wakes with streaks in wind turbine arrays
884. Decision support system on credit operation using linear and logistic regression
885. Bulk properties of the Airy line ensemble
886. Estimation of COVID-19 basic reproduction ratio in a large urban jail in the United States
887. Multipolar electrostatics for hairpin and pseudoknots in RNA: Improving the accuracy of force field potential energy function

888. Numerical analysis of air supply parameters and non‐uniform characteristics in a cover‐plate pre‐swirl system with the adjustable flow path
889. Asymptotic performance of port-based teleportation
890. Analysis of correlation between carcass and viscera for chicken eviscerating based on machine vision technology
891. Coexisting attractors in a fractional order hydro turbine governing system and fuzzy PID based chaos control
892. Shock propagation in the hard sphere gas in two dimensions: comparison between simulations and hydrodynamics
893. Industry 4.0 adoption and 10R advance manufacturing capabilities for sustainable development
894. CFD simulation of snow redistribution on a bridge deck: Effect of barriers with different porosities
895. Operational scheduling of responsive prosumer farms for day‐ahead peak shaving by agricultural demand response aggregators
896. A Hamilton–Jacobi PDE Associated with Hydrodynamic Fluctuations from a Nonlinear Diffusion Equation
897. Effect of direct metal laser sintering build parameters on defects and ultrasonic fatigue performance of additively manufactured AlSi10Mg

898. Invariant Measures and Global Well Posedness for the SQG Equation
899. A chi-square goodness-of-fit test for continuous distributions against a known alternative
900. Adaptive predictive path following control based on least squares support vector machines for underactuated autonomous vessels
901. Techno‐economic management of daily Volt/Var planning considering reactive power contribution of high penetrated‐PV solar farms utilized as STATCOM: A case …
902. Quality and quantity of price elasticity of cigarette in Iran
903. Modelling the energy performance of residential buildings using advanced computational frameworks based on RVM, GMDH, ANFIS-BBO and ANFIS-IPSO
904. Scaling of sensory information in large neural populations shows signatures of information-limiting correlations
905. Highly accelerated submillimeter resolution 3D GRASE with controlled blurring in‐weighted functional MRI at 7 Tesla: A feasibility study
906. Multi-core-, multi-thread-based optimization algorithm for large-scale traveling salesman problem
907. How Norway’s sovereign wealth fund negative screening affects firms’ value and behaviour

908. Surface defect identification of Citrus based on KF-2D-Renyi and ABC-SVM
909. URANS analysis of a free-running destroyer sailing in irregular stern-quartering waves at sea state 7
910. Overwintering fires in boreal forests
911. Humanoid navigation: A firefly based approach
912. Linking the different diameter types of aspherical desert dust indicates that models underestimate coarse dust emission
913. Continuous sensorimotor rhythm based brain computer interface learning in a large population
914. Secure virtual machine allocation against attacks using support value based game policy
915. Data validity and statistical conformity with Benford’s Law
916. An integrated approach for spatial distribution of potentially toxic elements (Cu, Pb and Zn) in topsoil
917. Method for Calculating Plastic Deformation of High Resolution and Large Contact Area

918. Stochastic finite element method based on point estimate and Karhunen–Loéve expansion
919. Another look at threshold phenomena for random cones
920. Charter Schools’ Effectiveness, Mechanisms, and Competitive Influence
921. Experimental measurements in plane Couette–Poiseuille flow: dynamics of the large-and small-scale flow
922. Multi-Objective Modified Grey Wolf Optimization Algorithm for Efficient Spectrum Sensing in the Cognitive Radio Network
923. No evidence for a core deficit in developmental dyscalculia or mathematical learning disabilities
924. A distinct negative leader propagation mode
925. Jump volatility spillover network based measurement of systemic importance of Chinese financial institutions
926. Global observables for RW: Law of large numbers
927. Effect of allelopathy on plant performance: a meta‐analysis

928. Long‐term catch trends and risk assessment of the Critically Endangered white‐spotted wedgefish (Rhynchobatus djiddensis) from South Africa
929. NMIEDA: Estimation of distribution algorithm based on normalized mutual information
930. Equidistribution of affine random walks on some nilmanifolds
931. Variance‐based sensitivity analyses and uncertainty quantification for FEMA P‐58 consequence predictions
932. Adaptive droop control for current sharing and bus voltage stability in DC microgrids
933. MR spectroscopic imaging at 3 T and outcomes in surgical epilepsy
934. Fault tolerant control for joint structure in PEMS high speed maglev train
935. Two-loop analysis of classically scale-invariant models with extended Higgs sectors
936. Surrogate-based sequential Bayesian experimental design using non-stationary Gaussian Processes
937. A moving-domain CFD solver in FEniCS with applications to tidal turbine simulations in turbulent flows

938. Influence of manufacturing orientations on the morphology of alloy 718 single struts manufactured by selective laser melting
939. Enrollment in public-prekindergarten and school readiness skills at kindergarten entry: Differential associations by home language, income, and program …
940. Closed geodesics with prescribed intersection numbers
941. A system approach to enable digital beamforming with direct radiating arrays: The joint use of precoding and sparse arrays
942. Aerobic scope and climate warming: Testing the “plastic floors and concrete ceilings” hypothesis in the estuarine crocodile (Crocodylus porosus)
943. Using logit panel data modeling to study important factors affecting delayed completion of adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer patients
944. High strain rate elasto‐plasticity identification using the image‐based inertial impact (IBII) test part 1: Error quantification
945. Ethnoracial patterns of violence in Guatemala: An empirical examination of the relationship between Mayan‐majority municipalities and homicide rates in Guatemala
946. A numerical study of extensional flow‐induced crystallization in filament stretching rheometry
947. Optimal control of oscillation timing and entrainment using large magnitude inputs: An adaptive phase-amplitude-coordinate-based approach

948. A real options model of real estate development with entitlement risk
949. Driving data generation using affinity propagation, data augmentation, and convolutional neural network in communication system
950. Submodular function minimization and polarity
951. Extrapolation of the dynamic stress spectrum of train bogie frame based on kernel density estimation method
952. Statistical independence in mathematics–the key to a Gaussian law
953. Small deviation estimates and small ball probabilities for geodesics in last passage percolation
954. Trigonometric series and self-similar sets
955. The impact of direct environmental, social, and governance reporting: Empirical evidence in European‐listed companies in the agri‐food sector
956. Convergence of the Peaceman–Rachford splitting method for a class of nonconvex programs
957. Just-in-time two-dimensional bin packing

958. Subject-Specific Self-Concept and Global Self-Esteem Mediate Risk Factors for Lower Competency in Mathematics and Reading
959. Prediction of gas‐liquid‐solid product distribution after solid waste pyrolysis process based on artificial neural network model
960. MLFS-CCDE: multi-objective large-scale feature selection by cooperative coevolutionary differential evolution
961. Gender differences in confidence during number-line estimation
962. Observation of a quantum phase transition in the quantum Rabi model with a single trapped ion

963. Evidence for the Innermost Inner Core: Robust Parameter Search for Radially Varying Anisotropy Using the Neighborhood Algorithm
964. Recent improvements of actuator line-large-eddy simulation method for wind turbine wakes
965. Terrorist attacks and minority perceived discrimination
966. Wealth and Child Development: Differences in Associations by Family Income and Developmental Stage
967. Monitoring spring phenology of individual tree crowns using drone‐acquired NDVI data
968. Equivalent power-form transformation for fractal Bratu’s equation
969. Ground target finding mechanism for unmanned aerial vehicles to secure crop field data
970. Global functional and phylogenetic structure of avian assemblages across elevation and latitude
971. Hamilton-jacobi equations with semilinear costs and state constraints, with applications to large deviations in games
972. Fatigue damage detection and growth monitoring for composite structure using coda wave interferometry
973. Random forest model predictive control for paste thickening
974. A new approximation of mean-time trends for the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic evolving in key six countries
975. Pullback of the Normal Module of Ideals with Low Codimension
976. The meaning of test scores

977. Automatic railroad track components inspection using real‐time instance segmentation
978. Factor analysis approach to classify COVID-19 datasets in several regions
979. Early Numeracy Assessment In French preschool: structural analysis and links with children’s characteristics
980. A shape theorem for the orthant model
981. Quantitative perfusion mapping with induced transient hypoxia using BOLD MRI
982. Improvement in energy conversion of electrostrictive composite materials by new approach via piezoelectric effect: Modeling and experiments
983. A comparative analysis of the relationship between flood experience and private flood mitigation behaviour in the regions of England
984. Harmonic distortion reduction in modular multilevel converters by novel mixed harmonic injection
985. Nucleation and growth dynamics of ellipsoidal crystals in metastable liquids
986. Life‐cycle cost optimization of wind‐excited tall buildings using surrogate models
987. Salvaging falsified instrumental variable models
988. A spin-glass model for the loss surfaces of generative adversarial networks
989. To launder or not to launder: are there positive effects for the economies of countries who launder money?
990. Development of a bridge circularity assessment framework to promote resource efficiency in infrastructure projects
991. Numerical approach of liquid carbon dioxide injection in crushed coal and its experimental validation

992. Loss of memory and moment bounds for nonstationary intermittent dynamical systems
993. Quantum differential evolution with cooperative coevolution framework and hybrid mutation strategy for large scale optimization
994. The skewness of the price change distribution: A new touchstone for sticky price models
995. Deep Koopman model predictive control for enhancing transient stability in power grids
996. Influence of site–city interaction on the response of structures considering soil stiffness, height, and number of buildings
997. Understanding school subject preferences: The role of trait interests, cognitive abilities and perceived engaging teaching

998. Large Eddy Simulation of an Ethanol Spray Flame with Secondary Droplet Breakup