Different Methods to Show Error Messages In PHP

Different Methods to Show Error Messages In PHP

PHP Errors

We use error functions to deal with error logging and error handling.

Types of Errors:

There are two types of errors:

  1. Internal Error

These are logical errors in code.

  1. External Error

These are errors related to the interactions of your code with the outside world.

Dealing with Error:

When we have figured out the error we can use the following ways to deal with them:

  • Display the Error: This shows the error to the developer and/or user when the program is executed.
  • Log the Error: Store the errors and review them from a textual log file
  • Act on the Error: Each program will need a different type of action.
  • Ignore the Error: This should continually be avoided.

Showing Errors:

There are Four possible ways:

  • error_reporting()
  • display_errors()
  • log_errors()
  • error_log string()

Turn off error reporting:

Report all errors:

Report runtime errors:

Report all Except E_Notice:


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