HTML Basic Tags

HTML Basic Tags

In this tutorial, we will learn the followings;

  1. Buttons in HTML
  2. Paragraphs in HTML
  3. Lists in HTML
  4. Links in HTML
  5. Images in HTML.php
  6. Headings in HTML
  7. Documents in HTML

Buttons in HTML

<button> tag is used for creaing the buttons in HTML.


<h1>Welcome To T4-Tutorials</h1>




Paragraphs in HTML

<p> tag is used for creaing the paragraph in HTML.



<p><b>Welcome To T4-Tutorials </b></p>

<p>Thanks For Your Love For T4-Tutorials…</p>


Lists in HTML

<li>  is used for creating the list.

<ul> is used for creating unordered list.

Links in HTML

<a href=””> is used creating the hyperlinks to link one page with another page.

Images in HTML

<img src=” “> is used for setting the image with web page.

Headings in HTML

h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, and h6 are styles of heading.

Documents in HTML

<!DOCTYPE html> is used for declaring that the current doucment is the HTML document.

  • Starting of HTML must be with <html> tag.
  • Ending of HTML must be with </html> tag.

If we want to show something on our web page, then we must put in between the body tags.
The body can be started with <body > and can be end with </body>

<!DOCTYPE html>


<h1>Welcome To T4-Tutorials:</h1>


<p>Thanks For Your Love For T4-Tutorials</p>