Characteristics of polymer

when a small repeating sub unit chemically linked together to form new compound the resulting compound will called a polymer.

Characteristics of polymer

polymers are known for their following  characteristics

  1. high molecular weight
  2. Low density:
  3. Flexibility:
  4. Thermal stability:
  5. Chemical resistance:
  6. Electrical insulation
  7. Transparency:
  8. Biodegradability:

High molecular weight:

The molecular weight of polymers are high, which make long-chain and large  molecules.

Low density:

The density of polymer is low,as a result the polymers have lightweight and easy to handle.


Showing flexibility is important characteristics of polymer and are very useful where deformation and recovery are important.

Thermal stability:

Polymer can show heat resistivity when the temperature of the system rise which is an important characteristics of it.

Chemical resistance:

Polymers have characteristics of showing resistance to many chemicals, including

  • Acids
  • Bases
  • and organic solvents.

Electrical insulation:

Many polymers are outstanding electrical insulators, which made them useful in applications where electrical conductivity requires to be minimized.


Some polymers are highly transparent and have good optical properties,which is quite to used where clarity and light transmission are important.


Some polymers have the ability to torn down naturally in the atmospere, which is an important property of polymer.