Biological Evidence and Types

Biological Evidence and Types

A part of biological material that is found at a crime scene and can be usefull in the investigagation of the crime is referred to as biological evidence.Biological evidence include  Blood, semen, saliva, hair, skin cells, and other bodily fluids whichcan be found at a crime scene. Because it give  important information about a suspect’s identity and role in a crime, biological evidence has much importance in forensic chemistry.


Following type of biological evidence can frequently be found on crime scence.


Types of blood, including

  • and spatters, can be detected at a crime scene.

Blood evidence is important as it gives information about  person’s blood type.



Semen can be found at the place of sexual assault or where rape is happen. To identify the person, semen might be send to labouratery for DNA analysis.



Saliva can be discovered on objects like

  • cigarette butts
  • and drinking cups.

Saliva can be for DNA analysis which is very helpful in identification of the person.



The hair found at the crime scence give following information about the suspect

  • Race
  • hair color
  • and texture.

It can also be send for DNA analysis which provide information to identify a person.


Skin cells:

You can find skin cells on things like

  • Clothes
  • Weapons and other things.

It can give information thorough DNA analysis which provide a base to identify a person.