Automated System Of Fingerprint Identification

Forensic Chemistry – Automated System Of Fingerprint Identification

This System (AFIS) uses modern digital technology to scan, store, and analyze fingerprints in order to identify a person and also use this data, to compare a set of fingerprints with a database of previously known prints.



  • A fingerprint is scanned by the AFIS, which then digitizes the image.
  • The fingerprint’s distinctive features, such as ridge ends and bifurcations, are then extracted from this image by further processing.
  • The resulting information is entered into a database alongside the person’s name, birth date, and criminal background information.
  • When a fingerprint is submitted for identification, the system uses a complex algorithm to compare the attributes of the print to those in its database.
  • The system will return the identifying details linked to the fingerprint, such as the person’s name and criminal background if a match is made.


Law enforcement agencies, immigration services, and other governmental organizations utilize AFIS to identify people for a variety of purposes, including

  • criminal investigations
  • border security
  • and national security.

Private enterprises also employ the technology for security and access control, as shown in the biometric authentication systems for laptops and smartphones.