Types of plastic

What is plastic?

The term which is called plastic is produced when different organic polymer is heated on changing temperature and pressure and assuming different shapes and forms upon moulding.

Types of plastic


  1. Primary microplastics
  2. Secondary microplastics



The part of plastic having size less than 5 millimeter is known as microplastic.

It has two types

Primary microplastics:

Those microplastic which are originally produced of size smaller than 5 millimeter is called  primery microplastic.For example;

  • Microbeeds used in personal care product.
  • Plastic fiber used fort industrial purposes.


Secondary microplastics:

Those part of plastic which formerly are part of large piece of plastic are called secondary microplastic.



It can be included in the sub category of microplastic.it has following properties;

  • Its size is less than micron.
  • It is invisible to human eye.

Sources of plastic

Plastic is a pollution spread everywhere in our beautiful word such as on roads, in parks and generally in public places which  are commonly known as garden of plastic

How much plastic do we eat in our routine life?

Plastic are material which we eat unconsciously in our daily life. The ratio of eating plastic in our life is given below;

1 year 52,000 particles annually
1 month 4,333.3333  particles monthly
1 week 1000 particles weekly
1 day 142.85 particles per day

Effect of plastic on human body

Plastic has adverse effect on human body such as

  • It can effect reproduction system.
  • It can act as sensitizer, cause inflammation.
  • It can act as toxicological vector(give attachment site for other chemicals which increase its toxicity)