External Interface Requirements in SRS

Collection of Examples of External Interface Requirements in Software Engineering.

User Interface Requirements

Show the interface between the software and a user.

Example of User Interface Requirements:

Screenshots/ screen layout of each separate part (e.g pages of a website) of a software.


Hardware Interfaces Requirements

Describe the logical and physical characteristics of each interface between our software and the hardware components of the system.

Example of Hardware interface Requirements:

1. Hardware Required:

For example, if you are working on an attendance management system with thumb identification, then you need to mention the hardware for thumb identification.

2. Supported device types:

For example, the software is developed for Windows 32-bit or 64-bit, etc.

3. Nature of the data and control interactions between the software and the hardware

For example, ATM machine software identifies you only if you provide your fingerprint or user login details to the thumb recognition hardware installed within the ATM machine.

Software Interfaces Requirements

Describe the connections of your software with other software.

Example of Software Interfaces Requirements

the software of a private bank is connected with the software of a state bank(Govt bank dealing with all banks in the country).

1. Describe the connections of your software with other operating systems:

For example, the software is developed for android, ios, windows 7, windows 8, windows 10, etc.

2. Describe the connections of your software with other libraries:

For example, if you are developing a face detection management system, then some Image-Processing Python Libraries can be helpful for you in this Machine Learning process.

  1. Mahotas
  2. Scikit-Image
  3. Pillow/PIL
  4. SciPy
  5. Pgmagick
  6. OpenCV
  7. SimpleITK
  8. NumPy

4. JavaScript libraries useful in web-based projects

  1. Wakanda Framework
  2. Ext JS
  3. JsRender/JsViews
  4. qooxdoo
  5. PureMVC
  6. Express.js
  7. Cappuccino
  8. Google Web Toolkit
  9. Echo
  10. Vue.js
  11. JavaScriptMVC
  12. SproutCore
  13. OpenUI5 by SAP
  14. Meteor
  15. Ember.js
  16. Polymer (library) by Google
  17. AngularJS by Google
  18. Backbone.js
  19. MooTools
  20. Enyo
  21. React.js
  22. Prototype JavaScript Framework

5. Describe the connections of your software with other tools or plugins,

For example, Your website in WordPress uses third-party plugins.

Communications Interfaces Requirements

Communications Interfaces are the interface that belongs to any communications functions that are required and are used in our software.

Examples of Communications Interfaces Requirements

1. Web browser:

Example 1: Opera web browsers have different versions. Opera V1, Opera V2, Opera 3, etc, We need to decide whether our website must work ok with all versions or just on a new one.

Example 2: If you are using flash effects on your web pages, then you need to mention the minimum requirements that if we want to open a web page with flash effects on the browser, then what extensions need to install on that browser.

2. Communication standards and Network server communications protocols:


3. Electronic forms:

For example, HTML Forms to get feedback and data from the user.

4. Message formatting:

For example, Audio, image, or video-based

5. Data transfer rates:

The WhatsApp user can send a file with a maximum file size of 16 MB.

6. Synchronization mechanisms:

For example,

In WhatsApp, we can save all the files from our chat box to Google Drive.

On Facebook, we can sign up by using our Gmail details.

7. E-mail:

For example, in the case of websites, email can be [email protected]  or [email protected]

  • [email protected] does require any kind of technical involvement within your website.
  • [email protected] is a domain-oriented email address, so you need to manage it on your own web hosting and need to configure all the required things.

8. Communication security or encryption issues:

For example, WhatsApp’s android app used end-to-end encryption during the chat. End-to-end encryption is a technique to ensure that only the real desired sender and receiver can read or listen message. Anyone including WhatsApp is not allowed to read your messages.

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