Software prototypes, software engineering, advantages of software prototypes and use

Software prototypes, software engineering, advantages of software prototypes and use

In this tutorial, we try to answer the following questions;

  1. What are Software prototypes in software engineering?
  2. Advantages, disadvantages  of software prototypes
  3. When to use software prototypes

What are Software prototypes?

  • Software prototype is a dummy software. 
    • When a customer gives us the requirement, we designed the requirements and make a prototype for software.
  • Prototype gives us the feel of a maximum complete software. In some cases, it represents 100% complete software. But actually, it is not a complete software. It is just a dummy software to represent the software underdeveloped.

What are the advantages of software prototypes?

    • Customer and users are involved in all process.
    • If there is a problem in software, then customer tell us that we should change the design of the software. This leads to time-saving.
    • Reduced software development effort.
    • Helps in clearing the ambiguities in requirements.
    • Prototypes improve the;
      • Software Usability.
      • Software design quality.
      • Software maintainability. 
      • Reduced software development effort.

When to use Prototype model?

  • When we give a free end to a customer then he starts to change the software design again and again. Some psycho customers can take too much time to the software team.
  • When the software needs to have much interaction with the end users.
    • For example, following systems have a high amount of interaction with end users;
      • Web-based applications
      • Online systems
prototypes examples
Figure: prototyping model
Prototyping examples
Figure: prototype process

What are outcomes of activities of prototype process?

Activity Outcome
Prototype purpose Prototyping plan
Prototype functionality Outline definition
Prototype development  Executable prototype
Prototype evaluation Evaluation report


Some examples of software prototype tools:

  Tool Runs on Prototype for
1 InVision Web
  • Web
  • ios
  • Android
2 WebFlow Web All
3 JustInMind
  • Windows
  • OS X
  • Android
  • IOS
  • Web
  • Web
  • ios
  • Android
  • Web
  • ios
  • Android
5 Axure RP All
  • OS x
  • Windows
Test Your Understandings

1.Prototype is a fully developed software? YES / NO

Answer - Click Here:

2.Outcome of prototype functionality is ………….?

Answer - Click Here:

3. Prototype building only helps in requirement gathering and requirement design istead of software development?

Answer - Click Here:

4. Prototypes are designed to reduce the customer involvement in all the process? YES / NO

Answer - Click Here:

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