Software Project Management -Components Of Software Project Management:

What is Software Project?

A project is a big task that is assigned to complete a desktop application or web application. The project has a starting and ending time.

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What is Software Project Management?

Software Project management is a management of software producing activities in such a way that software should be created within time, within budget and with less effort.

What are Components Of Software Project Management:

  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Staffing
  • Leading (Directing)
  • Controlling

What is planning in software project management?

In Planning, project manager along with his/her team plan all the activities that will be or that can be involved in the production of software.

What is organizing in Software Project Management?

in Organizing, project team is decided, organized and assign responsibilities to every member of team.

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What is Staffing in Software Project Management?

in Staffing,  Software team is selected for doing the assign tasks and training of team is also a part of staffing.

What is Leading or Directing in Software Project Management?

Leading is an ability to work with team, to motivate the team, and to lead the team in such a way that can be  fruitful and software should be produced within time and within budget.

What is Controlling in Software Project Management?

Controlling is an activity in which we control all the things involved in software production.

These can be like;

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Controlling activities if activities takes more time than assign time.

Controlling risk by risk assessment.

Controlling faults and errors by software testing etc.