V Model in Software Engineering

V Model in Software Engineering

V-Model Definition

V-Model is a model of software engineering. In which execution Performed in a sequence.

All the execution happens in V shape. it is also called a verification and validation model.

It is based on testing of each phase. It is the same as the Waterfall model. The development phase is planned in a parallel way. it means one side of the week performs the validation phase and another side of heavy perform the verification phase. in the end, the coding section for the coding phase joins both sides.

Example of V-Model

The General example of the V model moving down in a linear way. it looks like a typical V shape.

V-Model Structure or Design

In the V model all the phases in design in a parallel way. testing will be performed on each step.

the verification form on one side of V and validation is performed on another side of V.

the coding section at the end joined both sides.

When to use the V-Model

V-model is mostly used in a medium-size and small size organization. V-shaped model mostly used in an organization where all the requirements are easy together and understand by the developer. In a V shape model, the technical resources required and need technical expertise.

For the performance customer mostly using the V-shaped model. There is a lot of chance of risk because there is no prototype is defined before the development and it is involved in the high-risk meeting the customer requirement.

Phases of V-Model

There are different phases of V model are as follows

Basically there are two phases.

  1.  Verification
  2.  Validation

Other places are as follows

  1. Requirements 

The requirement phase is the same as in the Waterfall model. But the difference is that in this model the requirements start the development of the design. The test phase focus on how to meet the functionality and how to fulfill the requirements that we gather in the requirement phase.

  1. High-level design(HLD )

In this phase, we define the structure and design of the model.

Try to provide a solution to all the problems. We also define the overall process.

in this phase, we also provide the testing this testing is known as Integrating testing. In integrating testing, we test each part of the software, and also define how the system is working.

  1. Low-Level Design(LLD)

In which we actually define the components of the system we provide all components with their actual work. in other words, we provide the actual logic. in this phase, we also perform the testing is called a component test. In the component test, we test each component of the software. The class diagram is an example of our it comes under the Low-Level Design( LLD)

  1. Implementation Phase

In the Implementation phase, the actual coding will be performed. when we write all the code for execution .the execution will start from one side of the V where we complete our execution process. actually the execution starts from the right side of the V where we test all the stages early.

  1. Coding phase

It is the bottom of the last stage of the V-shaped model. In the space, all the module design is converted into the code. The code is written by the developer, and the developer also performs the testing is a component. the coding is also tested by the developer. It is the most complicated and difficult part of the V-shaped model.

   The Advantage of V -Model

  1. This model is very simple easy to use
  2. The highest chance of success over the waterfall model
  3. It is less complicated than the waterfall model.
  4. Testing performed on every stage and that’s why there are fewer error chances.
  5. Save a lot of time than water for model
  6. All the defects are formed at an early stage
  7. Avoid the downwards flow of Defects.
  8. Very well work for a small project requirement or is gathered and Easily understand by the developer.

    The disadvantage of the V-Model

  1. No prototype is defined before the development.
  2. It is not very flexible
  3. It is very rigid.
  4. Software is developed during the implementation phase.
  5. testing is performed on every stage when change accord in midway. It’s required to update all the testing.


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