List of 10 online tools/websites for drawing UML diagram

List of 10 online tools/websites for drawing UML diagram



CACAO is one of the tools that are used for creating UML diagrams. CACAO supports UML diagrams as well as a network diagram, side maps and flowcharts too. It is basically for educational purposes, all UML diagrams such as use case diagrams, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, package diagrams, activity diagrams.

Cacoo has some features like the possibility of storing multiple versions of the diagram to track change and its ability to post a comment for the feedback on the specific diagram.

GenMy Model

GenMY model is also another tool that creates online UML diagrams. GenMy Model open up as a UML only modeling tool but from the time of now it has extended to involve also a business modeling process with Archimate.

GenMyModel users can directly skip the signup process and log in to your G+ account. GenMyModel supports some major features such as

This tool is too easy to use.


This tool is very easy as compared to other tools. In DRAW.IO is based on the free online tools. users can create and manage the drawings easily these tools. A lot of the wide and early shapes available in this tool. This tool supports free revision control and no limitation on image is without vagueness UML diagram. There are following some key feature of this tool:

  • Flowchart
  • No limit on the number of sizes
  • UML diagram.

In UML diagrams, templates are present in “software design”


This tool has the ability to run in offline mode too. But GRapholite loads a web app it takes the many time for loading between all the apps mentioned, therefore require a lot of tolerance. But on the feature side, It supports all the UML diagrams types like activity, class, use-case, etc.

It also contains all icons that are featured in UML 2.0


It also provides all the UML diagraming features. It contains the largest symbols and icons amongst all the tools. It can run faster as compared to other UML tools. It can directly save and print of UML diagrams. If you are a focus for an easier, low cost and strong, LucidChart is one such tool. The joint features make it easier for teamwork on designing flow charts and other plans. This tool has to ability or quality of designing a powerful frame and designing process has easier. There are the following features of this tool:



Group Chats

Web and App prototype.


It is one of another good diagramming tool online. With the help of this tool, you can get started diagram free on their diagramming solution. It is also used for the creation of the UML diagrams, flowchart, and Venn diagrams. This tool is also good for browsers because this tool supports browsers such as chrome, firefox, and safari, etc. With the help of this tool, you can easily edit and create your diagrams without closing the browser.

There are some following key features of this tool:



UML diagrams

Network diagrams etc.

This tool works smoothly and allows you to easily access and make your diagrams much easier. It is the best alternative to VISIO.


It is also one of the free tools that are used for diagramming software. This tool also supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. This tool provides us a very simple interface. So you can create diagrams much easy.

There are some following key features of this tool :

High-quality diagrams

Family trees

Import/export data


YED is one of the best tools that you can use free. This tool is not more powerful like Microsoft Visio, but it also provides you a greater diagram. This tool provides an easy import of data which makes this the best tool for making diagrams.


This is the offline diagramming software tool that is built for LINUX, window or Mac OS X. This tool also provides read-only links. CREATELY Is also known as the alternative tool for Microsoft VISIO because of the export and import of documents of VISIO and PDF files functions. With the help of this tool, you can easily work online or offline as well. In this tool, there is an easy sync mode that sure you that your work is easily accessible. There are the following key features of this tool :

Click creations

Inline comments


UML diagrams

Gantt chart

UO Mockups and more.

CREATELY is also a very good alternative to Microsoft VISIO.


This is simple absolutely free of cost online tool for creating the diagrams. It is very simple in use and you don’t want to require installs. It is also simply run on your browsers. You can also export the diagram as image files. This tool has a great graphical quality as compared to other tools.

There are some following key features of this tool :

*you can install the free web app.

*you can also keep your diagrams save in your browser’s storage.

*It can also support many types of UML diagrams.

10.JSUML2 Editor :

This diagramming tool provides web developers to edit and visualize UML diagrams models. This model cannot depend on any external source. The library of jsuml2 also provides an API to web developers. So developers can easily include edit diagrams on their websites as well. As you know that this tool is under development so you can expect new improvement in this tool. Examples are easily available on this tool’s website.

There are many key features of this tool. Some of them are the following :

  • statecharts
  • sequence diagrams
  • class diagrams
  • use case diagrams
  • components diagrams and more.