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Software Requirement Specification | Full form of SRS in Software Engineering

The full form of SRS in software engineering is Software Requirement Specification.

The following are the parts of SRS. Understanding for each part is given below;


You must write a basic introduction to the software underdevelop.

Purpose of SRS

Document Conventions

Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions

Product Scope


Overall Description

Product Perspective

Product Functions

User Classes and Characteristics

List all the users of the system.

Operating Environment

Design and Implementation Constraints

User Documentation

List the user documentation components that will be provided to the client of the product. These components can be

Assumptions and Dependencies

External Interface Requirements

User Interfaces

Hardware Interfaces

Software Interfaces

How your software will work with other software. For example how your software will interface with windows, IOS or android, etc.

Communications Interfaces

System Features

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Performance Requirements

Safety Requirements

Security Requirements

Define any user identity authentication requirements. 

Other Requirements

Define any other requirements that are not covered elsewhere in this SRS. This might include legal requirements, database requirements, internationalization requirements, reuse objectives for the project, and so on.

Appendix A: Glossary

Define all the terms necessary to properly understand the SRS for other persons.

Appendix B: Analysis Models

Some projects SRS are mentioned in Final Year Projects Documentations.

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