Use Case Diagram Exercise

By Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil
Last modified on April 7th, 2021

Use Case Diagram Exercise

Suppose you are asked to draw the use case diagram, Suggest the type of relation between the following problems and draw the diagram.

Relationship means Extend, include and inheritance. Suggest and draw the most suitable relationship and tell in two lines the reason to chose the relationship.

You need to give 3 answers in each of the mentioned questions.

  • When you can use include?
  • When you can use extend?
  • When you can use inheritance?
  • What is the most suitable relationship among these use cases?
  • Answer each question one by one.


  1. relationship between account and saving account
  2. relationship between login and logout
  3. relationship between login and register
  4. relationship between login and forgot password
  5. relationship between account and saving account and current account
  6. relationship between add or inert data and login
  7. relationship between update data and login
  8. relationship between delete data and login
  9. relationship between view data and login
  10. relationship between deposit fee and update fee
  11. relationship between withdraw money and update money
  12. relationship between pay deposit and withdraw pay.

Use Case Diagram MCQs


Common Mistakes of Use Case Diagrams in software engineering
Common Mistakes of Use Case Diagrams in software engineering
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