Functional Requirements of the College Management System Project

Functional Requirements of the College Management System Project

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Product Features of the College Management System

The CMS contains the following key features:

  • Admin:

Admission /Registration: This will deal with all new students to register them with their personal information/details.

Staff: Admin will add new staff/Teachers/Employees by inserting their personal information and register them.

Admin can add a new user for the CMS by assigning them a login/username and password

Finance: Admin can view and manage the financial transaction for the college

Scholarship: Admin can assign scholarships to the students.

  • Employee:

Personal information: personal details of staff (name, address, contact, etc.) will be stored.

Attendance: store and represent the attendance details of staff.

Salary: provides details about the salary of staff

Student information: Teachers can view the details of their students and provide access to the teacher to “update” and manage the student’s exam marks.

  • Student :

Personal information: This will provide all the details about a student like his/her name, address, Guardian, etc.

Attendance: This feature provides the attendance details of the student.

Marks: This will provide the marks of student internal marks in exams.

Fee: This will use to keep a record of student fees and in the future by using this feature Admin can view the fee record of any student within the college.

  • Department :

This will provide the details about departments within a college with their name and every department have its Department name.

  • Course :

This will provide the details about courses that are offering by the college.

Every course has a name and its unique name. Every course has different subjects and every subject has its own unique name.

  • Scholarship :

Types: scholarships may have different types like Need-based scholarship, Merit-based scholarship and scholarship provided by any external.

Scholarship information: Every scholarship have its own name and also have a unique ID and description about it.

Details: Details of the scholarship will be provided like :

  • Which student get scholarship
  • When a student gets scholarship
  • How much a student gets scholarship
  • On which based students get scholarship.

Functional Requirements of the College Management System

The functional requirements of this system are:

  • Register new students.
  • Record the attendance of students.
  • Record the internal marks of students.
  • Record the feed details of students.
  • Register a new teacher/employee.
  • Register a new user for the system.
  • Record the salary details of employees.
  • Record the course details and subject information.
  • Record the scholarship details and information.
  • Generate various reports for all transactions in the system.

Non- Functional Requirements of the College Management System

In this system, the authentication of the user is an important factor. In this system, user authentication will be done by login by user name and password and classified by user type. Users will get access to the system as permissions are classified for that type of user.

The system has a consistent interface so that the system is easy to use and in the interface of our system buttons and forms are used to enter data related to a specific module.

Hardware Requirements of the College Management System

System: P IV or above.

RAM: 1GB or above.

Hard Disk: 10GB or above.

Operating System: Windows& or above.

Software platform:

Visual studio 2010, SQL Server, .Net Framework 3.5.

Download College Management System Project

  1. SRS of College Management System Project
  2. Functional Requirements of the College Management System Project
  3. Use Case Descriptions of College Management System Project
  4. Download Source code of CollegeManagementSystem Project in C#.NET
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