Project Management Research Topics

Research Area/ Research Interest: Project Management

Research Paper Topics on Project Management for Masters and Ph.D. Thesis and publication

  1.  Project management metrics, KPIs, and dashboards: a guide to measuring and monitoring project performance
  2.  Innovation project management: Methods, case studies, and tools for managing innovation projects
  3.  The role of implementing BIM applications in enhancing project management knowledge areas in Egypt
  4.  A robust time-cost-quality-energy-environment trade-off with resource-constrained in project management: A case study for a bridge construction project
  5. Prioritizing agile project management strategies as a change management tool in construction projects
  6. An influence diagram approach to automating lead time estimation in Agile Kanban project management
  7. A proposal of project management practices in public institutions through a comparative analyses of critical path method and critical chain
  8. Innovation and Sustainability Practices in Project Management Within SMEs Context–A Systematic Literature Review
  9.  Project management case studies
  10.  Project Management
  11.  Rethinking Project Management for a Dynamic and Digital World
  12. Rethinking project management maturity models for the South African power sector
  13.  Project and program risk management a guide to managing project risks and opportunities
  14. The role of the PMO in enforcing and standardizing attendance to the needs of software project teams by project managers
  15. Project Management in Service Sector SMEs: A Comparative Study Between Portugal and Denmark
  16.  Moment of truth for walking the talk and talking the walk! Reflecting on critical success factors in Project Management
  17. Towards a project management framework for ICT projects in defence institutions
  19. Implementing Project Management Methodologies Into Mustang News’ Social Media Team
  20. Project Management for Instructional Designers: Navigating People, Processes, and Politics
  21.  Developing an Agile Project Management Course for Graduate Students
  22. Assessment of Road Maintenance Project Management in Ethiopia: The Case of Addis Ababa City Administration
  23. Evaluation of information systems project success–Insights from practitioners
  24. How Do Consulting Firms with Different Project Experience Configure Dynamic Capabilities?
  25. Critical success factor analysis for effective risk management at the execution stage of a construction project
  26. Project Planning and Management
  27.  Critical Factors to Overcome Project Scope Creep in the Oil and Gas Industry: Analytic Hierarchy Process Approach
  28. Sustainable project risk and stakeholder management for pension funds projects performance in Kenya
  29. Project Planning, Management, Monitoring, and More
  30. No Project Should Ever Finish Late (and Why Yours Probably Will, Anyway)
  31. Analytical Comparison of German Owner’s Budget Estimate and Chinese Contractor’s Bid: A Case Study for a Warehouse Building Project in China
  32. A Case Study of Knowledge Management and Organizational Culture in an Undergraduate Software Development Team Project
  33. The Project Performance Evaluation of Road Construction Project Using Earned Value Method
  34. Constructs of Project Programme Management Supporting Open Innovation at the Strategic Level of the Organisation
  35. Enhancing project delivery performances in construction through experiential learning and personal constructs: competency development
  36. Resilient and Sustainable Methodology–A Green Manufacturing Project Approach
  37.  Festival and special event management
  38.  Influence of Leadership Competencies on Transport Infrastructure Projects’ Success: A Mediated Moderation through Innovative-Work-Behavior and the Project …
  39. Project schedule risk management through building information modelling
  40. Effects of fairness perceptions on conflicts and project performance in Chinese megaprojects
  41.  ” It’s in the between”: Inter-Project Organising in Project Ecologies
  42. Transformational leadership and project success: A mediating role of public service motivation
  43.  Real-Time Project Productivity Tracking System: Practical Case in Smart Construction Projects
  44. Identifying factors affecting waste production throughout the construction project life cycle and proposing BIM-based solutions
  45.  An introduction to formal languages and automata
  46. The perspective of national ERP vendors in achieving ERP project success in government organisations: a case of Saudi Arabia
  47.  Improving sustainability of long-term amphibian monitoring: The value of collaboration and community science for indicator species management
  48. Quantifying the impact of ISO 9001 standard on the project and engineering management and success factors; A case of construction industry
  50.  Assessment of the Effectiveness of Construction Managers on Maintaining Quality, Cost and Time on Project Delivery in Delta State,(Case Study of Isoko …
  51. Investigating the nexus between critical success factors, despotic leadership, and success of renewable energy projects
  52. Using Project Production Methodology to Compare Onsite Prefabrication Steel Erection to Traditional Stick-Built
  53.  Is artificial intelligence an enabler of supply chain resiliency post COVID-19? An exploratory state-of-the-art review for future research
  54.  Using BIM as a lean management tool in construction processes–A case study
  55. Knowledge Enhancement and Mobile Technology: Improving Effectiveness and Efficiency
  57. Developing a model to evaluate the impact of initiation activities on project success in Iran by considering managing stakeholder engagement as a moderator
  58.  A Case Study on Productivity of Key Construction Activities in a Metro Project
  59.  HOLEY MOLEY, the poppycock syndrome, and academic drift
  60. An Application of Decision Support Technique for Global Software Project Monitoring and Rescheduling Based on Risk Analysis
  61.  Embracing Complexity in Sustainable Project Management
  62. Quantifying the predictability and preventability of conflicts between construction project parties
  63. Software Project Failure Process Definition
  64. Analysis of interaction among the factors affecting delay in construction projects using interpretive structural modelling approach
  65. Exploring the role of organizational support, and critical success factors on renewable energy projects of Pakistan
  66. Selecting Appropriate Risk Response Strategies Considering Utility Function and Budget Constraints: A Case Study of a Construction Company in Iran
  67. The analysis of information flow interdependencies within projects
  68. Linking permissioned blockchain to Internet of Things (IoT)-BIM platform for off-site production management in modular construction
  69.  Scrum for dummies
  70. Risk factors influencing the building projects in Pakistan: from perspective of contractors, clients and consultants
  71. Could we manage our strategic innovation projects better?: Unraveling unexpected waiting times as a key project uncertainty
  72.  Modern Systems Analysis and Design (2017, )
  73. … of modeling and solution approaches for the multi-mode resource-constrained discrete time–cost trade-off problem: Case study of an ERP implementation project
  74. Reckoning construction cost overruns in building projects through methodological consequences
  75. Transformation towards a circular economy in the Australian construction and demolition waste management system
  76.  Agile Process Model as a Structural Framework for Academic Online Courses (Using the Example of a Project Thinking E-course at the MSCU)
  77. Balance between affect and outcome control or face and behaviour control for better learning: evidence from Chinese engineering project team
  78. Construction labour productivity: re
  79.  A Data Management Model for Intelligent Water Project Construction Based on Blockchain
  80. A blockchain-based integrated document management framework for construction applications
  81.  Clinical leadership in nursing and healthcare
  82.  … of Time Pressure on the Relationship between Organizational Psychology Safety and Motivation of Learning from Failure in Large-Scale Construction Project
  83.  Efficiency of Investment Project Evaluation in the Development of Innovative Industrial Activities
  84. Risk assessment of different sourcing contract scenarios in project procurement
  85. A clustering-based review on project portfolio optimization methods
  86. How Does Terrorism Change the Business Landscape for Firms?: A New Framework for Analyzing Risks
  87. Adopting scrum methodology in the project of organising a concert
  88. Understanding dynamic data interaction between civil integrated management technologies: a review of use cases and enabling techniques
  89. Developing an optimization financing cost-scheduling trade-off model in construction project
  90. Dynamic modelling of human resource allocation in construction projects
  91. Financial Aspects of Project Engineering
  92. phenopype: A phenotyping pipeline for Python
  93. Project-based work in times of COVID-19: A dynamic framework for knowledge exchange
  94. Electronic Signature System in Technology Archives Management of EPC Project
  95.  Studies to Understand The Importance of Risk Management in a Construction Project Procurement During Unprecedented Times
  96. Performance evaluation of scheduling policies for the dynamic and stochastic resource-constrained multi-project scheduling problem
  97. Modelling the relationship between Building Information Modelling (BIM) implementation barriers, usage and awareness on building project lifecycle
  98. Economic evaluation and optimization model of pumped storage project under the background of new power system construction
  99. Analysis of the Blueberry Project for Chinese agricultural SMEs: A Case Study on RBGEA’s Blueberry Project
  100. Appraisal Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS)-Belize COVID-19 Response Project-P177987
  101. Barrier identification and analysis framework to the development of offshore wind-to-hydrogen projects
  103. Design and Deployment of Capstone Project Success
  104.  Reinventing project-based learning: Your field guide to real-world projects in the digital age
  105.  The ATENA project: an international contribution to AI in Poland
  106. An artificial neural network approach for cost estimation of engineering services
  107. A practical framework to facilitate constructability implementation using the integrated project delivery approach: a case study
  108.  Nursing ethics and professional responsibility in advanced practice
  109.  Health and Safety of Construction Field Workforce Active in Extreme Weather Conditions
  110. A tactical demand-supply planning framework to manage complexity in engineer-to-order environments: insights from an in-depth case study
  111. Material selection in design for deconstruction using Kano model, fuzzy-AHP and TOPSIS methodology
  112.  Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  113. Construction management education in cyberspace: a critical review and analysis
  114. The effects of motivational factors on construction professionals productivity in Jordan
  115.  Engineering Communication Skills for Novice Engineers: A Pilot Project
  116. The mediating role of work–family conflict on role overload and job stress linkage
  117.  TRADES
  118. A fuzzy synthetic evaluation analysis of time overrun risk factors in highway projects of terrorism-affected countries: the case of Pakistan
  119. Linking knowledge enabling factors to organizational performance: Empirical study of project-based firms
  120. Marketing-Management in der Hotellerie
  121. System dynamics modeling approach to quantify change orders impact on labor productivity 1: Principles and model development comparative study
  122. Critical risk factors in the application of modular integrated construction: a systematic review
  123. … Equation Model (SEM) Correlation Between Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Work Method and Risk Towards Cost Of Safety On Low-Cost Apartments Project
  124. On the nature, origins and outcomes of Over Featuring in the new product development process
  125. Research to Determine New Program Options for Health Project Center Clients
  126.  Noise
  127. Study on UAV Parallel Planning System for Transmission Line Project Acceptance Under the Background of Industry 5.0
  128.  Green Supply Chain Management; with Dematel MCDM Analysis
  129. A thematic review on Prevention through design (PtD) concept application in the construction industry of developing countries
  130. Micro Financial Sharia Non-bank Strategic Analysis: a Study at BMT Beringharjo, Yogyakarta
  131. Quantitative analysis of safety risks and relationship with delayed project completion times
  132. Individual factors influencing contractors’ risk attitudes among Malaysian construction industries: the moderating role of government policy
  133.  Управление проектами
  134. Priority Strategic Guidelines for the Building Complex Companies of the Regions of Russia
  135. Agile as a vehicle for values: A value sensitive design toolkit
  136. Investigating underlying factors of collaboration for construction projects in emerging economies using exploratory factor analysis
  137.  … strategy for palliative care of severely ill and dying people and their relatives in pandemics (PallPan) in Germany-study protocol of a mixed-methods project
  138.  Assessment of development intervention sustainability in rural Ghana: The case of Oasis Foundation Child Labor Monitoring Project beneficiaries
  139. Augmented reality and digital twin system for interaction with construction machinery
  140. Creating new tech entrepreneurs with digital platforms: Meta-organizations for shared value in data-driven retail ecosystems
  141. Corruption in the Malaysian construction industry: investigating effects, causes, and preventive measures
  142. Can lean management change the managerial culture in higher education?
  143. Obstacles of on-premise enterprise resource planning systems and solution directions
  144. Creating the Leading Change for Sustainability in Schools (Vietnam) Simulation: A Research and Development Project
  145. … Drilling Parameters Optimization Delivers Best-in-Class Drilling Performance and Preserves Bit Condition-A Case History from an Integrated Project in the Middle …
  146. Which professional skills do students learn in engineering team-based projects?
  147.  Operations Management MBAs
  148.  Success in groupwork
  149. SERIES: A Software Risk Estimator Tool Support for Requirement Risk Assessment
  150. From little things, big things grow: Facilitating community empowerment in the energy transformation
  151.  An extended robust mathematical model to project the course of COVID-19 epidemic in Iran
  152. Data mesh: concepts and principles of a paradigm shift in data architectures
  153. An Eco-System Approach to Project-Based Learning in Software Engineering Education
  154.  Leveraging university research within the context of open innovation: The case of Huawei
  155. Conceptual Model of the Stakeholders of the Modern Regional Socio-Ecological-Economic System
  156. BIM contributions to construction supply chain management trends: an exploratory study in Canada
  157. Taxonomy of risks in PPP transportation projects: a systematic literature review
  158. Causes of delay in the global construction industry: a meta analytical review
  159. How does working from home affect developer productivity?—A case study of Baidu during the COVID-19 pandemic
  160. Impact of rework on material waste in building construction projects
  161. Eastern Africa-AFRICA EAST-P175355-Sustainable Groundwater Management in SADC Member States Project Phase 2-Procurement Plan
  162. A case study on the Industrial Risk Management (IRM) post-master academic education program of MINES Paris PSL University
  163. Structural Relationship of Causes and Effects of Construction Changes: Case of UAE Construction
  164. Vulnerability and clientelism
  165. Delay causes in Kazakhstan’s construction projects and remedial measures
  166. Identification of Lean Six Sigma barriers in automobile part manufacturing industry
  167.  An Integrated Investment Appraisal of a Road Project in Zimbabwe
  168. Academic Procrastination and Online Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  169. Diversification of professional quantity surveyors’ roles in the construction industry: the skills and competencies required
  170. Risk allocation in public construction projects: the case of Jordan
  171.  Decision making in systems engineering and management
  172. Effects of employing third-party logistics arrangements in construction projects
  173. Opportunities and adoption challenges of AI in the construction industry: a PRISMA review
  174.  Nursing ethics: Across the curriculum and into practice
  175. The (ir) relevance of human resource management in independent work: Challenging assumptions
  176. Rebooting employees: Upskilling for artificial intelligence in multinational corporations
  177. Event management
  178.  An updated survey of variants and extensions of the resource-constrained project scheduling problem
  179. Accounting for value-based management of healthcare services: challenging neoliberal government from within?
  180. A Project-Based Curriculum for Computer Science Situated to Serve Underrepresented Populations
  181. Barriers to sustainable procurement in the Nigerian construction industry: an exploratory factor analysis
  182. Applying social network analysis to identify the most effective persons according to their potential in causing accidents in construction projects
  183.  Challenges to open innovation in traditional SMEs: an analysis of pre-competitive projects in university-industry-government collaboration
  184. Grenfell, austerity, and institutional violence
  185. Good intentions in complex realities: Challenges for designing responsibly in digital agriculture in low-income countries
  186.  Invasive cardiology: A manual for cath lab personnel
  187. A review of the progress in Chinese Sponge City programme: Challenges and opportunities for urban stormwater management
  188. Capturing the impact of COVID-19 on construction projects in developing countries: A case study of Iraq