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Mechanics Research Topics

  1. Fluid mechanics
  2.  Impact mechanics
  3. Biofluid mechanics
  4. The mechanics of vacillation
  5. Microcontinuum fluid mechanics—a review
  6. Classical mechanics
  7.  EBOOK: Fluid Mechanics Fundamentals and Applications (SI units)
  8.  Biofluid mechanics
  9.  Fluid mechanics measurements
  10.  The science of mechanics
  11.  Fluid mechanics
  12.  Applied biofluid mechanics
  13.  A manual of applied mechanics
  14. On the mechanics of economic development
  15.  Mechanics of materials
  16.  Analytical mechanics
  17.  Introduction to rock mechanics
  18.  Analytical mechanics
  19. Introduction to fluid mechanics
  20.  Applied fluid mechanics
  21.  Quanto mechanics
  22. Applications of microcontinuum fluid mechanics
  23.  Principles of mechanics
  24.  Foundations of mechanics
  25.  A mathematical introduction to fluid mechanics
  26.  Mechanics applied to engineering
  27.  Digital mechanics
  28.  Handbook on experimental mechanics
  29.  Craig’s soil mechanics
  30.  Introduction to fluid mechanics
  31.  An introduction to fluid mechanics
  32.  Lectures on mechanics
  33. New directions in mechanics
  34.  Engineering fluid mechanics
  35.  A brief introduction to fluid mechanics
  36.  Springer handbook of experimental fluid mechanics
  37. Mechanics of continua
  38. Dummy variables: Mechanics v. interpretation
  39.  Measurement in fluid mechanics
  40.  Soil mechanics
  41.  Engineering mechanics: dynamics
  42.  Mechanics of composite materials
  43.  Advances in applied mechanics
  44.  An introduction to fluid mechanics
  45.  Elementary fluid mechanics
  46.  Quantum mechanics
  47.  Mechanics of composite materials
  48. A mechanics baseline test
  49.  Fundamentals of rock mechanics
  50.  Mechanics of composite materials
  51.  Fundamentals of fluid mechanics
  52. Putting mechanics into quantum mechanics
  53.  Fluid mechanics with engineering applications
  54.  Statistical mechanics
  55.  On the mechanics of fishscale structures
  56.  Defining game mechanics
  57. Measure-concept in mechanics
  58.  Statistical mechanics
  59.  River mechanics
  60.  Analytical mechanics
  61.  Analytical mechanics: an introduction
  62.  The mechanics of the circulation
  63.  Quantum mechanics
  64.  River mechanics
  65.  The elements of mechanics
  66. Rock mechanics
  67.  Computational mechanics of discontinua
  68.  Practical quantum mechanics
  69.  Advanced mechanics of materials
  70.  Basic soil mechanics
  71.  Rock mechanics
  72.  Quantum mechanics
  73.  Introduction to quantum mechanics
  74. Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics. the interpretations of quantum mechanics in historical perspective
  75.  Introduction to mechanics of continua
  76. The science of mechanics in the middle ages
  77.  Fracture mechanics: an introduction
  78. Mechanics of rouleau formation
  79.  Statistical mechanics
  80. Introduction to quantum mechanics
  81.  Quantum mechanics: a modern development
  82.  Bone mechanics handbook
  83. Quantum mechanics and experience
  84.  Classical mechanics
  85.  Mechanics of flight
  86.  Quantum mechanics: an introduction
  87.  Methods of celestial mechanics
  88.  Statistical mechanics
  89.  An introduction to mechanics of solids
  90.  Vector mechanics for engineers
  91.  Statistical mechanics
  92. On the quantum mechanics of supermembranes
  93.  Mechanics of fluids
  94.  Fundamentals of soil mechanics
  95.  Munson, Young and Okiishi’s Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics
  96.  Bones: structure and mechanics
  97.  Fundamentals of fracture mechanics
  98.  Mechanics of agricultural materials
  99.  Classical mechanics
  100. Stochastic Mechanics Applications of
  101.  Continuum mechanics
  102. Fluid mechanics revisited
  103.  Statistical mechanics
  104.  The principles of mechanics presented in a new form
  105.  Engineering fluid mechanics
  106.  Soil mechanics
  107.  Experimental rock mechanics
  108.  The principles of statistical mechanics
  109.  Statistical fluid mechanics, volume II: mechanics of turbulence
  110.  Lectures on quantum mechanics
  111. Rock mechanics principles
  112.  Quantum mechanics I
  113.  Engineering mechanics of composite materials
  114.  Applied mechanics of solids
  115. Machine learning for fluid mechanics
  116.  Quantum mechanics: fundamentals
  117.  Advanced quantum mechanics
  118. Geometrization of quantum mechanics
  119.  Quantum mechanics
  120.  Mechanics of continuous media
  121.  An introduction to continuum mechanics
  122. Mathematical statistical mechanics
  123. The role of fluid mechanics in atherogenesis
  124. Mechanics of the Mind
  125.  Mechanics of fluids
  126.  Quantum mechanics
  127.  Continuum mechanics
  128.  Solid mechanics
  129.  Similarity and dimensional methods in mechanics
  130.  Lectures on quantum mechanics
  131.  Principles of quantum mechanics
  132.  An introduction to celestial mechanics
  133.  Introduction to continuum mechanics
  134.  Quantum mechanics
  135.  Time in quantum mechanics
  136.  Soil mechanics and foundations
  137.  Quantum mechanics: An empiricist view
  138.  Engineering fluid mechanics
  139. Factors influencing the learning of classical mechanics
  140.  Fracture mechanics
  141.  Mechanics of solid materials
  142.  Non-linear mechanics of materials
  143.  The practical use of fracture mechanics
  144.  Fluid mechanics for chemical engineers
  145.  Engineering fluid mechanics
  146.  Mechanics and thermodynamics of biomembranes
  147.  New foundations for classical mechanics
  148. Understanding quantum mechanics
  149.  Rock mechanics
  150.  Introduction to mechanics and symmetry
  151.  Fundamental mechanics of fluids
  152. Quantum mechanics as a statistical theory
  153.  The construction of modern science: Mechanisms and mechanics
  154.  Mechanics of mixtures
  155.  Advanced soil mechanics
  156.  The principles of quantum mechanics
  157.  Craig’s soil mechanics
  158. An informal introduction to theoretical fluid mechanics
  159.  Principles of composite material mechanics
  160.  Numerical fracture mechanics
  161. A state-of-the-art report on computational stochastic mechanics
  162.  Statistical mechanics: principles and selected applications
  163.  Mechanics of composite materials: past, present and future
  164.  The mechanics of vibration
  165.  Automotive mechanics
  166.  Engineering rock mechanics: an introduction to the principles
  167. Modern quantum mechanics, revised edition
  168.  A guide to soil mechanics
  169.  Mathematical models in applied mechanics
  170.  The theory of groups and quantum mechanics
  171.  Classical mechanics
  172.  Microfluid mechanics: principles and modeling
  173. The logic of quantum mechanics
  174. An introduction to computational fluid mechanics
  175.  Engineering fluid mechanics
  176.  Basic and applied soil mechanics
  177. Mechanics of verbal ability.
  178.  Mathematical methods of classical mechanics
  179. Quantum mechanics for cosmologists
  180.  An introduction to continuum mechanics
  181.  Time effects in rock mechanics
  182.  Continuum mechanics
  183. Mechanics of breathing in man
  184. A critical evaluation for a class of micro-mechanics models
  185.  Mechanics in material space: with applications to defect and fracture mechanics
  186. Quantum mechanics: concepts and applications
  187.  The conceptual foundations of the statistical approach in mechanics
  188. The mechanics of the cricoarytenoid joint
  189. Complex extension of quantum mechanics
  190.  Computational statistical mechanics
  191.  Rock mechanics and engineering
  192.  Advanced fluid mechanics
  193. Towards a methodology for rock mechanics modelling
  194. Numerical methods in rock mechanics
  195. Fundamentals of quantum mechanics
  196.  Fracture mechanics: fundamentals and applications
  197.  Mechanics of materials
  198.  Soil mechanics: concepts and applications
  199.  Reinforced concrete: Mechanics and design
  200.  Mechanics of microelectronics
  201.  Quantum mechanics
  202. Intelligence by mechanics
  203.  Introduction to quantum mechanics with applications to chemistry
  204.  Introduction to classical mechanics
  205.  Fracture mechanics of rock
  206.  Lectures on celestial mechanics
  207.  Orbital mechanics
  208.  Mathematical analysis in the mechanics of fracture
  209. The craniomandibular mechanics of being human
  210.  Introduction to quantum mechanics
  211.  New methods of celestial mechanics
  212.  Quantum mechanics
  213.  Mechanics: Lectures on theoretical physics, Vol. 1
  214.  Statistical mechanics of learning
  215. Mathematical principles of classical fluid mechanics
  216. Topology and mechanics
  217.  Soil mechanics in engineering practice
  218.  Fundamentals of structural mechanics
  219. Testing quantum mechanics
  220. Microcapsule mechanics: From stability to function
  221. The reinterpretation of wave mechanics
  222.  Classical mechanics
  223. Soil mechanics
  224.  Agricultural soil mechanics
  225. Numerical methods in rock mechanics
  226.  Continuum mechanics for engineers
  227. Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics
  228. Hamiltonian fluid mechanics
  229. On optimum design in fluid mechanics
  230.  Inequalities in mechanics and physics
  231.  Fracture mechanics
  232.  Handbook of soil mechanics
  233.  Statistical mechanics: a set of lectures
  234. Celestial mechanics. Basic problems and methods.
  235.  Lectures on quantum mechanics
  236.  Applied soil mechanics with ABAQUS applications
  237.  Mathematical foundations of statistical mechanics
  238. Ice mechanics
  239.  Quantum mechanics: foundations and applications
  240.  A modern approach to quantum mechanics
  241. Perturbation methods in fluid mechanics/Annotated edition
  242.  Quantum mechanics in chemistry
  243. On the theory of quantum mechanics
  244. An introduction to biofluid mechanics—basic models and applications
  245. Unsaturated soil mechanics
  246.  The present status of quantum mechanics
  247.  Intermediate quantum mechanics
  248. Computational mechanics of the heart
  249.  Problems in quantum mechanics
  250. Parasupersymmetric quantum mechanics
  251. On the mechanics of earthquake afterslip
  252. On the principles of elementary quantum mechanics
  253. Mechanics of Elastic Structures (2nd Edition)
  254.  Soil mechanics
  255. Quantum mechanics without time: a model
  256.  Introduction to fracture mechanics
  257. Mechanics of sediment transport
  258. The mechanics behind plant development
  259.  Quantum mechanics
  260.  Continuum mechanics
  261. Statistical mechanics of networks
  262. Mechanics of walking.
  263.  Mechanics of polymer processing
  264.  Mechanics of composite structures
  265.  Engineering mechanics: dynamics
  266.  Study on rock mechanics in deep mining engineering
  267. Relational quantum mechanics
  268. Mechanics of adhesion
  269.  Glass: mechanics and technology
  270.  Continuum mechanics
  271.  Nonlinear mechanics
  272. Information theory and statistical mechanics
  273. The variational principles of mechanics
  274.  Higher mechanics
  275.  Computational continuum mechanics
  276. Miscellanea in elementary quantum mechanics, II
  277.  Concepts in statistical mechanics
  278.  Mechanics and strength of materials
  279. On the mechanics of a growing tumor
  280. The problem of hidden variables in quantum mechanics
  281.  Introduction to celestial mechanics
  282.  Applied solid mechanics
  283. The mechanics of manipulation
  284.  Mathematical aspects of classical and celestial mechanics
  285.  Introductory quantum mechanics

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