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Make a website look more attractive, user friendly and responsive

How to make a website look more attractive/User-friendly and responsive than other websites?

Websites that are not well designed are not able to get more views or visits by the customers/users. That is a study that Google actually shows as a result of different observations on different websites.

So what makes good web design?

Well, that is exactly what is describes down below….


Now a lot of people want to open almost everything on their smartphones.

Nowadays people use their smartphones to open a lot of websites because it is very easy for them to do so due to this when making a website you hold to keep it under consideration that a website should be able to open on a mobile device just as easily and gracefully as it does on a computer. This will, in turn, make your webpage easier to access by the users even when they are on the road or not near a computer. Better yet you can make a website that has two versions of for the desktop and one for the mobile device.

So, these are the things that a website developer should keep in mind, whenever he/she is going to make a website because at the end of the day these little things when combined in one website, can give you a chance to make your website tick!



The purpose of your website should be very clear and everything that a viewer needs should be on your webpage.. if not everything at least all the things that are very necessary should be should have all the things that a web visitor needs or wants to have access to.


Another important thing that should be taken into perspective is the type of colors you use in your web page.

Using good colors also help in making your website look more attractive and sight capturing …you should add more contrasting colors so that it is very easy for your viewers to read the information and also they develop an interest in the work that you do… use contrasting colors that are not very hard on the eyes and also that make the text more visible and also highlight the important parts of your text


Now let the images do the talking on your website.

A picture can speak a thousand words, so add more pictures to your website than the text…research shows that web pages with fewer pictures are less viewed than the pages that have more images and choose the right image to put on your webpage that will make your webpage look good and also attractive to the target users. And also try to add some videos to it as well because a video can also show the true meaning of your work.



It is very important that your website can interact with the users very easily so that they can find the required information quickly…use things that make information on your website more easy to see like bullet points headlines headings and other things that can make your website more prominent and to the point.


Another important factor is the loading time that a website takes.

No one likes a website that takes ages to load so try to make your web design as minimal as you can… and how can you make it quick to load?? By using CSS, optimizing images, compress to speed up loading time.



Now, this is something any website should have because having a way to navigate through the web page(s) is very effective in making your website more attractive.

It is all about making it very easy for the viewers to move between pages and get their desired information…navigation is very much important in the webpage because nowadays nobody wants to search a webpage for hours they just want the information handed to them on a silver platter so they just scroll through quickly to get what they want…so you should place the imp info where it is easy to get. And they should be able to find all of that within “three clicks” (That is the three click rule)


Now, this is a very interesting thing to keep under consideration.

Research suggests that an average person scans the webpage in an “F” pattern so it is very imp that you place the information that is more imp in there places so rather than trying to force the users to look where you want them to … just put everything where they want it to be that way it increases the chances for them to come back at your webpage in the future as well. Display the information where it is more viewed at…i.e left to right.


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